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Hello as you probably know I am Alex from the YouTube channel eDrive in this video I like to show you how much the battery is loosing capacity while it’s standing only around during night time and I am not driving with the car Charged my battery up to 99 % and the I drove home for round about “I don’t know” 5 km or something and now the state of charge of the battery is 98% You can see it here You have to wait for a second. Yes it’s 98% state of charge. And now I like to try how much the battery is loosing capacity how much it’s loosing load during night time, while it’s only standing around So let’s see tomorrow Right now it’s 17:36 and outside temperature is 24°C. See you tomorrow… So now it’s 24 hours later let’s see how the state of charge, of my battery is. I will open the car, then right now on the display inside, you can see the state of charge, how many percent the battery is still loaded. Let’s see… And it’s still 98% state of charge. WOW Well, to be truth, I even did not expect that,

One thought on “πŸ”΄ edrive Electric car – battery is losing load in 24h – is it? Renault Zoe Q90 ZE 40 🚘⚑️

  1. Temperature sensor is in the right mirror, small bump at the lower side of the mirror.
    Better use CanZE and a OBD dongle in the diagnostic port to measure real SOC.
    Thanks for the video.

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