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  1. Sooo cool, Love what you do,and done so well. Happy holidays and a super new year. Can't wait to see what's next peace

  2. All of the four wheeled rides #1#3 and the Polaris three wheel very cool I want them all in my driveway 💯💯👍👍🤩🤩

  3. The Rivian is going to be a huge success. Nine years under development in stealth mode (it just suddenly appeared), it's fully production ready, not a concept. Oversubscribed orders already.

  4. The problem with the electric truck/SUV’s is no mention of cargo carry weight or tow capacity. Cool list of vehicles Mindseye.

  5. Just because something is powered by a battery does not make it "Environmentally Friendly". Where is the electricity coming from? What is the battery made of? It still has tires, oil, seats, seat cushions, and made of plastic or some type of steal? If yes then it s any more "Environmentally Friendly" than a regular vehicle

  6. When answering the question"Which one is your favorite and why? " #2 is my selection! It's got the LOOK of "movie star potential", features that are tech savvy and a price that would cause it to sell-out within weeks! Hopefully, the" Hero" will get to ride it but it might also be the "Bad Guy" …Boo!!

  7. #4 the LS218 Seems to be an impressive performer, with the styling to match !
    All at a price point that I think people might be willing to crack their wallets open for !
    Let's face it,
    0-60 in just under 2sec. is insanely quick !
    But sounds like a wild good time, and still have your clothes on !
    I am curious, does anyone else agree with me on the price point of around $40000.00 being something people would be lining up for ?

  8. Everything on this list is highly desirable but I’m smitten by the Bolenger were high technology meets old school tradition design .

  9. Keep up the good work I love KC I think she is a very pretty girl but I like the cars and the Motorcycle keep up the good work and have a Merry Christmas love you all and goodbye

  10. I wish people would stop pushing the so called Environmentally friendly electric option! Such a joke!

    It all has to be manufactured, dug out of the ground, smelted, melted, painted or molded somehow!
    Where does all of that electric power come from? Nuclear, natural gas, or God forbid, Coal ?
    What and where do we either do with the old batteries when they are at the end of there life expectancy ?
    What impact does all of this electric consumption do to the price of that electric ?
    "Environmentally friendly" !? LMFAO
    Sometimes I think we might forget their is a trade-off to be had !

  11. Ok at 6:40 that's not the fast motorcycle the fastest is still the dodge tomahawk with a viper engine and a top speed of 300 mph+

  12. A electric off road vehicle ? Heavy and out of power too fast from off road terrain. So $60,000.oo stuck in no mans land? NAH stay at the Mall.

  13. #10 I do see it making on the street. And $60k for a truck with a 400 mile range. Make it in the bucket list. #4. The lightening bike. With a price of $40k for the top model. So around $25k to $30k for a mid range bike with a that can go 180 miles per charge. While retaining the motorcycle curb apeal. Makes my bucket list.

  14. #8 is snowmachine with a partial wheel kit been around since 70's can also put wheels in the back.
    forgot to mention that if you run the front wheels and the track on dry ground it will fairly rapidly destroy the track so best to also put the wheel kit in the back.

  15. #9 A Land Rover got married to a Kubelwagen, they had a son, who in return fell in love with a fridge. I think, it was the result of that story.

  16. Is there enough material to do a series on Japanese Anime inspired futuristic vehicles? From shows like Akira, Macross, Gundam, Bubblegum Crisis, Thunder Cats, Voltron, M.A.S.K., G-Force, etc.

  17. 10. Powerful, but ugly and expensive.
    9. Looks like a lego block , but minus the fun. Oh yeah, it's expensive.
    8. Pricing available by request only… that means that only governments and millionaires can afford it.
    7. Not going into production… damn shame!
    6. The craziest part, it ONLY costs around $100,000.. wait, what?
    5. Not bad to take out on the weekend. Looks good.
    4. $40,000 to go 180 miles? You can buy a 50 year old Honda CB and get more range than that, albeit not at 218mph. Niche market fail.
    3. If I had $72,000 then this would be wedged in between my Honda and Yamaha.
    2. The Slingshot isn't bad but I don't think it will have wide appeal and people may just get something cheaper. (Can-Am, I'm looking at you).
    1. Pricing starts off at $117,000 and has a third of the range of a Honda CBR125 and the speed of a Yamaha R3 (almost). WTF were they thinking?

  18. OK is times made a voice my opinion mind's eye design is the best not only the best YouTube channel with the best in knowledge they tell you everything about the product and give you products that you don't see anywhere else it's my favorite and I have no ties to this company in anyway I love it I subscribed to liked it I'm here I clicked that bale and I'm only way to having a good time thank you guys for your presentation for everything you do we enjoy it

  19. Bring back the mid size jeep truck and sell a camper addition. It would out sale all other trucks maybe even limited edition full size for hot shot transport people.

  20. #10 truck won't make it only because the headlights don't look like angry eyes, which is what miserably angry modern humans like the most

  21. here in belgium the laws around electric vehicles namely 3 wheel electric bicycles with pedal help or 3 wheeled complete electric vehicles is not clear and lets face it every law that there is is somewhat confusing on how it's written and implemented . besides the only commercials they do here if any is around electric pedal helped bicycles no incentive to the public to look for electric motorcycles or 3 wheeled fully electric or pedal helped electric vehicles or fully electric cars.but plenty of commercials around gas operated cars tough.politicians still preach to the public to change their ways while politicians still keep their ways.they make promises they never intend to keep

  22. All these electric vehicles are cool and all, but the prices are high and the range is absolute crap. What about charging times? I know the First truck the 'Rivian' claims to get an 80% charge in 15 min, but that's a system of diminishing returns. What time frame is full charge? Until an electric vehicle can have a sustained range of say 700-800 miles and get a full charge in 15 min, it'll be hard for them to really get anywhere as a mainstream vehicle. What about security of the electrical system and absolute waterproofing of that system? PLUS, the cost of eventually replacing a battery array is insane! Using an electric vehicle will require you to put aside about $200 at every charging time to save up for the next battery array, which it what it costs me to fill my dual tank F350 after 700 miles….fully loaded.

  23. The second one looks likes neither a Jeep, nor a land Rover. It looks like an IH Scout. Just another BS car video by people who are not car people.

  24. interesting concepts, but was way to optimistic on some of the pricing. a full size electric pickup with 750 hp for $50,000? not gonna happen that cheap

  25. 0:50 …no "electric engine"…lol…it's got a motor in each wheel hub…4×4, slip-sensing, maybe even with the electric equivalent of locking differentials…

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