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Wow Nice tie the engine is actually a 143 cubic inch One of the arch motorcycle owners is Keanu Reeves you might know them for the arch KR gt1 Motorcycle, but this one is very special because it comes with a carbon frame and a lot of custom parts It has a lot of machine aluminum machined parts on it it comes with carbon fiber wheels MotoGP inspired exhaust system and Suspension made by öhlins especially for arch the thing that makes this bike so special is that there will be only 23 units available and We don’t know for sure the price it will be announced, but I must say that I think it’s over 100,000 euros the engine is so on 143 cubic inches SNS unit and Also, you may know about Souter is the company that builds swing arms and motorcycles especially Racing ones and they provided the swing arm for this Particular model the aluminium parts are specially crafted for this bike the arch makes in-house over 200 units for this particular bike so the thing is you can see the Leather work. It’s just brilliant. Everything blends very nicely and the engine comes in a black matte black finish The whole bike seems to be ready for speed. It’s insane you have a telephone LCD – instead of a usual – and And the boss seems to be a drag handlebar, so this bike is mainly intended for speed so you will be a performance cruiser There’s a lot of attention to details the wiring is very well hidden and the round headlight. It’s LED and it looks amazing

100 thoughts on “$100K+ Keanu Reeves Motorcycle Unveil & Start-up

  1. Shakes way to much. The seat almost came off. Just shows that it's to thin on the layers of carbon fiber or fiberglass. Or the aluminum panels aren't secured heavy enough to the frame. Also the single seat looks terrible and there is no option of removing the rear to make it a single seat. Keanu being a part of this company is cool decent looking bike but I wouldn't buy it. I get where there going and I like that theory but this is not my style.

  2. Absolute garbage. It's gonna fall apart being stationary before it even starts moving 🤦‍♂️ buy it for a death wish

  3. 100k and the seat falls off every time you start it up lmao could atleast ziptie that mother fucker for 100k

  4. I can see why they're only making 23 of them. S&S list the T143 crate engine itself for over $10k. But it does make 160 hp and 170 lb/ft torque.

  5. For 100000 Nothing special. I bet someone will gets it and parks it in a bedroom. Better have a bike for a 10000 and enjoy the world aproud. Bikes are for pleasure and joy. For your wall get A picasso if you so rich…

  6. good god a carbon frame and 143 Ci that thing is gonna be totally unfun anywhere but abandoned airports. but there is also the hey i bought a bike from keanu reeves so he wouldnt be so sad.

  7. I saw a different interview, this a concept that they are turning into a limited production. So yeah, I would expect all flaws will be ironed out. People are quick to judge and shoot someone down. Let's see you do better then….

  8. Me gusta el diseño pero parece que se fuera a desarmar, aun si es un prototipo, si pensaban poner el motor en marcha debieron dejar todo bien apretado 😀

  9. 1 of the best actors/men on the world 😀 wish hin the best und wish I hab enough money to get 1 of his motorcycles ;D

  10. Some people have far more money than they do have sense.
    The arch look all right I guess but there's dozens of motorcycles just as cool looking if not better.
    Personally I'll take the Indian FTR for $17,000 any day before the arch.
    The Indian is better in every possible way and at a fraction of the price.
    If I wanted something that looked like the arch I would go buy a used Buell for about three or four thousand dollars.

    I get the impression of all the people that do drool over this bike are just groupies of Keanu Reeves and not really bike riders at all.

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