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24 thoughts on “2 On Your Side: Peeling Car Paint

  1. buy a cheap honda from non- union american factories (where most employees make less than $10 an hour) and this is what you end up with…

  2. Same issue over windshield on $36,000 2015 pilot with extended warrantee. Still making payments. Had to pay over $700 , Honda paid the other half. They said people use car washes. So you can’t wash your Honda? Other cars do just fine with suds. One month over three years and paint peels off and out of warrantee ( extended warrantee does not cover it).

  3. Same exact spot on my 2015 Fit. Just got a White Orchid pearl paint warranty extension notice in the mail today. Extends to 7 yrs for 2015-18 Fit and 2016-2018 HR-V models.

  4. Hyundai, Mitsubishi, and Nissan are also have this exact same peeling paint issue. It seems to be an industry change in either the type of paint and primer being used or the application method.

  5. My 2004 odyssey hardly has any original paint left on it and back then there was a paint recall for all colors, except white. Guess what color my van is?

  6. I had same problem on 2015 Kia Sorento. It is very expensive to fix paint peeling. Even insurance company won't help me so that it didn't cause by any accidets. World is not fair.

  7. great car. Honda is having issue with car paint . I have accord and paint is peeling and honda won't fix it .the car is 4 year old
    Before you get one look for previous review they are having issue with the pain peeling .

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