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in other news two women are responsible for the deadly shooting of James Haller he is that 69 year old store manager at a Detroit O’Reilly Auto Parts Store and today both of those women were sentenced local for Sean Leigh is joining us live now this afternoon with the very latest on the verdict and a very emotional testimony there from the victims Widow yeah the two women pleaded guilty and they’re going away for a long time what really had an impact here a fraud was the widow of James Haller jr. Patricia Haller she had a lot to say inside court outside court long time court watchers say what she said had a big impact on them I want to get her yes I do yeah the wife of murder victim James Haller jr. had to be held back in court this morning by sheriff’s deputies her husband a Marine and Vietnam vet was shot and killed on the job at O’Reilly Auto Parts on Schafer last November he was 69 today the convicted shooter Shante Anderson was sentenced but mrs. Haller was sure to have the final word you don’t know what you did young lady do you understand me you don’t know what you did and I wish I could get to you to hang you in it today die hey cuz that’s what you need taking an innocent life a innocent life also sentence the other woman who stormed into that shop that afternoon intending on robbing the store evany McHugh and Ross she also pled guilty to the murder of James Haller haulers son Christopher letting the court know that he has a goal in all of this and if at all in my power I’m gonna make sure you spend every single year of that sentence to the maximum behind bars and that’s my goal a lot of emotion inside the courtroom not much emotion from the two convicted killers here Anderson getting 30 to 60 years McHugh and Ross now serving 21 to 50 years ever odd mister hollers Widow Patricia had a lot more to save right here outside of court we’ll bring you that live at five o’clock back to you Wow you certainly feel for Patricia I mean she lost her husband in such a senseless violent act Shawn we understand there was another male that was involved in this whole crime the getaway driver whatever happened with him that’s right Leviticus Butler is his name he actually ended up helping homicide detectives and the prosecution in the case so he’s currently on probation he helped out in the investigation as the getaway driver giving them some key information that they wanted Wow all right Shawn ley reporting live for us this afternoon thank you for the update

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