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cars dot com auto review I’m Joe Weisenfelder with cars.com we’re get our first look at
the 2010 mazdaspeed3 that their souped-up version on their
compact four-door hatchback now obviously the real appeal in a car
like this comes in the driving are will show you how it looks give me a
few facts now one thing you know even though 2.5 need a version of this for solar started
to appear the mazdaspeed3 still has the turbocharged 2.3 liter its 263
horsepower believe about 280 pounds feet apart which is great kinda leaves
the Honda Civic si: in the dust on one thing you’ll notice is the
intercoolers up pop here up and there’s a new larger intake here in the
hood I’m stop because there’s an elephant in
the room actually an elephant if the clown know what
they’re calling for these smiling grills I didn’t like the regular mazda3 they just did for 2010 but this
one doesn’t have a smiley him so that it and
also a deeper kinda fun air dam I mean it’s a clown
and and no one like even kids when they get
old enough to know better they had planned their freedom they fear
that like like I do now you come alongside the profiles very
similar to the regular miles the three looks alright but when
you get to the tail lights here and I have to say this look is something
I never really liked it came out a long
time ago it became a trend in a white or silver under clear lens
it’s like you when you’re can you build models you put too much testers clue like Anna and a clear plastic piece
that’s what you get %ah don’t like I’m hearing inside things
have been no dialed up like they were and the regular
mother 3 a improvements pretty much across the
board in what was already a very good interior I’ll you’ve got interesting things like
the contrast red stitching steering wheel
and also on the ship very nice but there’s one I’m starting
are gone back in time between the white taillights and the
fact that they will play nice black piano black finish that they
had for years with this kinda metal-look which I I don’t like other things and a lot to
me thank you getting away from it here they’ve added it so obviously the
fun in a car like this is in the driving I look forward to
driving I’m a fan of the current mazdaspeed3 a fan of mother in general
art but I have to say usually I let people make their own you
know conclusions about way something looks but I want an on-the-record I hottest thing
only I think this will prove to be a big big
mistake the car may be smiling putney for more car-related new Skoda
cars dot com or block kicking tires dot net

100 thoughts on “2010 Mazda MAZDASPEED3

  1. (2010 MazdaSpeed3) -> My creator is a drunk and fiend… One night he goes off crazier than usual redesigning… He tells "WHY SO SERIOUS!" and I give him a 😐 … He takes the knife… AND…… He says… "LETS PUT A SMILE IN THAT FACE!" and then I was 🙂

  2. yup most of the comments I read ppl dont like the new mazda speed 3. and yea that funny ass grill looks like its smiling WTF ? are these car automakers are drunk when they are designing cars ? newer car models are just getting uglier, for instance new ACURATL?its a disgrace to ACURA !!!!!!!!!! i saw it on the street today and it looks awful like a f…..g SATURN for gods sake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soon there will be no cars to buy, cause all of em will be UGLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AS F..k

  3. then its 2-1 for us cause i really think its fugly !!! actualy one of the ugliest front end ive seen. but hey its all a mater of taste

  4. Whats up with people saying this car has a smile? Its a car and not a person, and it does not have a face. But if you attribute human charecters to a car, then Porshe looks surprized, BMW looks grim, Audi looks like darth vader

  5. Car and driver wrote this bullshit
    Powertrain details are thin on the ground, but we doubt the current 2.3-liter turbo will reappear. Instead, we're guessing the new car will use either a 3.5-liter V-6 engine, or the same 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder employed in Europe's new Ford Focus RS. Regardless, expect at least 300 …BY JAKE HOLMES
    If ford was smart they would bring the Ford Focus RS over here to canada and the usa but nah

  6. Yes , I admit that this guy is a moron, but not all americans are stupid, ie, note the spelling, but I myself am very well adjusted and I don;t need therapy, and have a iq of 168 and im a american, so lay off the USA.

  7. The main reason ther is so many unemployed in American is because most companys have moved to aisa so they can pay people 25 to 35 cents a hr so they can make larger profits. Thats our government at fault. They let them do it, and the people have no say in the mater. And I'm not fighting, I'm stating my opionion in the matter. Don't put all americans all in the same boat. I agree that alot of people in america are morons but don"t put them all in the same boat with ones with some common sense

  8. I think the back lights are okay, the front is absolutely rediculous. It looks like a catfish in summer. The rest is pretty cool

  9. You have to be fucking retarded to come out with that design, and I'm refering to the front end. How could you do that ! I mean, that makes me wanna puck. Fuck that shit!!

  10. this car is so own. the 2010 styling is meh…but i guess its smiling and laughing its ass off as u are flying past people that paid twice as much for their car that u are just slamming on the ground like nothing

  11. Sorry this didn't work for me Mazda, i think the smiley grill should get lost even the grill on previous versions looks better. The tail lights also looks awful i think mazda needs a new set of designers.

  12. He is absolutely right. The first time I saw this car it thought it was the 08 model with a cheap Mugen replica body kit for mazda on it. I had to look twice.

    I am a fan of Mazda, and I love the previous model. The performance might be great, but it is one ugly car.

    I would say the same about the new Impreza. I would rather take a pre-owned then be caught dead in one of those things.

  13. i personaly like how it looks…idk what this guys talkin about..and i work for chevy..l0l we even got one here at our shop..hes just a hater

  14. I know. Typical of a man, isn't it? He doesn't care how it drives or looks on the inside. Just how it looks on the outside. I think it drives beautifully. And I like the metal look in the interior. It's easier to clean.

    Now that I have my Mazda, every time I see a Toyota or Honda on the road, I think, "Those poor suckers bought all the crap they were sold by advertising gurus at Toyota and Honda."

  15. jaaj just look at the front of the car it looks like a SMILEY FACE that what there talking about hope that answered your question

  16. im thinking or more likely want to get the subaru wrx but have to wait till i get the money to get it. i really like i also like this mazda but not that much

  17. Mazda needs to fire the person that designed the looks of this car! The mechanics of it are great, but that thing looks absolutely HIDEOUS! WTF was Mazda thinking LOL

  18. I can't get over that clown face. What were the designers thinking? It's fugly! Or I would have bought one.

  19. @crashroader I'm pretty sure there's less of a difference between the 2010 Camaro and the 2010 Challenger than say a 2010 MAZDASPEED3 and a 2010 GTi.

  20. @robertico7
    are u fucking reatrded a MazdaSpeed3 will beat an Civic Si and a regular mazda3 will beat a regular 1.8 civic

  21. If M3 symbolizes wildness and sophistication, Focus signifies control and brilliance.

    Check out more in w x 3. derekchou com!

  22. @jibailublabla are you serious? A focus doesn't even compare. Ford builds a shit product compared to the power and quality this car has.

  23. Again I say, don't worry about the looks of the front, you will only see the back thru a cloud of dust…..LOL!!!!

    I love the styling on this car!

  24. Here in the UK. it's the' Mazda 3.M.P.S..'. I have one in red too.. you get a lot of speed for the money..The 'smiley face' is ok/ but.what is needed for more aggresive look, is a replacement 'honeycomb mesh' type grille…I;m looking around for one. – Any ideas ?

  25. I'm a huge Mazda fan, but as much as I try I can't get over the new smiley front design. It just doesn't go with their Zoom Zoom campaign.

  26. 07 > 10….besides the hodd scoop but besides that the 07 looks way better…or was it 08, dont member but the older body model looks way sexier

  27. I traded in my 2005 Rx8 for the 2010 Speed3….One of the best decisions I have ever made….I love my Speed3…..It is good or the gas and when it is ready to get on…it gets it….FAST….I love hearing the rumbling of the tailpipes….couldn't get that in the Rx8….So don't let the "smiling clown" deceive you….This bad boy means business.

  28. I traded in my 2005 Rx8 for the 2010 Speed3….One of the best decisions I have ever made….I love my Speed3…..It is good on the gas and when it is ready to get on…it gets it….FAST….I love hearing the rumbling of the tailpipes….couldn't get that in the Rx8….So don't let the "smiling clown" deceive you….This bad boy means business.

  29. 3 years ago Mazda was doing great with the new looks on the Mazda 3s and other stuff. Now they are just adding these all these extra doodads on their same designs and they look terrible.

  30. I dont think anyone really like the Second Gen Speed 3's when they first arrived, as I know I didnt. Told myself I would never trade my first gen in for one, and as thats still true, the second gen really has grown on me. Especially the differences they made on the 2011's (really just tech package changes), but now I could see owning one. With the aftermarket support booming, this car can really be modded to look not just good as it does now, but Awesome. Not to mention power possibilities.

  31. @heartlessvietboy
    And thats why Im currently employed, to fix the internal combustion engine when it does fail, usually nothing major, just computer controlled electronics on the new cars that go south. This country has a far to deep history with the car and the internal combustion engine that it will never be done away with. Too many car nuts like myself that would not stand for it.

  32. It might be red, but that's no Ranma. That's a scary clown smile with chinese eyes and tacky tail lights.

  33. wow this guy is a retarded reviewer!! that's not a fucking review.. that's your personnel opinion!! Comparing it to a clown? are you fucking smoking something? Yes the design is a bit out there.. but really?? people like you don'T deserve to review cars..

  34. if you are not going to talk good about the car get the fuck out, a real reviewer would talk about it´s interior seats, technology, bluetooth, hp, torque, etc. not about the stiches and the car´s smile.

  35. This car is hideous. Great review Joe, tell them like it is. The front looks horrid and the altezza tail lights are gross. Personal opinions ftw!

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