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It’s not everyday that you’re given the keys to a Bentley Continental GT [4 litre twin turbo V8 ROAR] [like a fat kid in a candy store] Yo what’s up guys Today we have the Bentley Continental GT Before I begin, I got this car from sgcarbrokers.com So I wanna thank sgcarbrokers.com for making this review possible Now if you wanna buy a car, sell your car Get a car loan, car insurance quotation Scrap your car, stuff like that You can check them out , links in the description down below Alright back to this car This is the 2nd generation Bentley Continental GT And I’m not sure if you can tell the differences
between the 1st generation Bentley Continental And the 2nd generation – which is this one The 2nd generation continental because They look really really similar I think main differences would be the Headlights, tail lights and the interior The steering wheel design in the 2nd generation continental Is different from the design in the 1st generation continental So the Bentley Continental GT comes in 2 variants The 4 litre twin turbo V8 And the 6 litre SIX LITRE!! Twin turbo W12 engine Now if you don’t know what a W12 engine is It’s basically 2 V6 engines That they put together So it looks kinda like that Or something like this And if you’re curious what the ‘GT’ in Bentley Continental GT stands for It stands for Gran Tourer Gran Tourer basically means it’s a car that was designed to Go long distances comfortably And also to achieve very high speeds So the model I’m in is the 4 litre twin turbo V8 version And this car comes with 500 horsepower 660 Nm of torque It does 0-100 in about 4.8 seconds Somewhere around there And it tops out at about 309 km/h So some history for this car This car was registered in 2012 And back then Brand new I believe it was about SGD 700,000 Maybe somewhere around there Right now this car costs about By the way – it’s on sale This car costs about SGD 240,000 Somewhere around there So depreciation is about $50,000-ish Which is actually the downpayment for some brand new cars $50k is about the downpayment required
for a brand new Hyundai Tucson 1.6 Turbo ! Now let’s talk abit about the exterior of the car If you’re thinking that this car looks very bulky Yes it looks very bulky even in person It looks very bulky And it’s actually quite heavy as well This car weighs about 2.3 tons Which makes it heavier than the top of the line
Mercedes S Class S65 AMG And that car has like a V12 engine This car also has the like typical old rich man kinda look [laughs] So it doesn’t really suit I don’t know For me personally I think this car doesn’t really suit people who are younger Like in their 20s or 30s because I don’t know maybe a lot of older millionaires Drive this car? Ya it has that kind of like association It also has like a sense of British opulence about it You know When you see this car out on the road You won’t mistake it for any other car Like when you see it You know it’s a Bentley It’s only like, which Bentley? Continental GT? Continental Flying Spur? Mulsanne? Bentayga? But you won’t mistake it for a Bentayga Coz you know – it’s a freaking SUV And this is like a coupe Cou-Pay? However you pronounce it (tell us how you pronounce btw – we wanna know) [Testing this massive 4 litre twin turbo V8] Sidetrack abit – just last week I was driving the Gallardo And you know everyone was just looking at the car No matter where I drove it But in this car, nobody really looks at it It’s … subtle I guess? Or people just don’t know that it’s a SGD 700-800,000 car when it was brand new Moving on to interior – it’s a Bentley so obviously it’s very high quality Like there’s leather literally everywhere Leather Leather Leather Leather Leather Leather I don’t know how many cows they sacrificed to make the interior of this car Actually I do – I looked it up Don’t ask me why I looked up “how many cows does it take to make a Bentley interior?” But I did ! And it turns out that The interior of the Bentley Mulsanne Which is kinda like the limo Bentley Took about 14 cow hides to make the interior So you know this car is abit smaller So let’s assume it took maybe 10 – 12 cow hides to make this interior? So ya – I’m sitting in about 10 – 12 cows worth of leather If you don’t believe me – links to the cow articles are in the description down below Talking about cows reminds me that I haven’t had a good steak in awhile Maybe I should go have a steak dinner after this 2 things that I like about this car is that number 1 It has soft closing doors And number 2 : it has this seatbelt butler So when I close the door Immediately this arm will reach out to give me my seatbelt And after a few seconds it will automatically Retracts once it knows that I have already pulled on the seatbelt And if you’re wondering what this knob does It’s basically So what happens is if you push it in The airflow here will stop And if you pull it out, the airflow will continue Practicality wise I think in this car it’s about average You do get some decently sized door bins here The centre console here is quite wide But it’s not very deep But glovebox is actually quite deep Rear seat space I just tried sitting in the back and I don’t have any knee room whatsoever Its just nice If this passenger seat is in my original position [less space] [much space] But I do get some headroom so its not too bad however you can only fit 2 adults as you can see In the back here the middle is taken up by the transmission tunnel The boot space I have to say is quite good It’s very deep in And I think it makes sense, because it’s a gran tourer So you do have to carry luggage here and there So it makes sense that it has a useful and big boot Ok next how does this car feel on the road ? What’s the drive like? I have to say that the ride, the comfort It’s very plush Its just like It’s really really comfortable You get that kinda like plush feel And I think it has to do with the weight of the car Coz its quite heavy so everything is just like grounded The steering is very light as well And it’s very direct The feedback is quite good Small inputs – the car will respond And for such a big and heavy car, the response is actually, ya quite impressive And for such a big car actually I don’t really feel the size to be honest Its quite amazing how they designed this car Like I really do not feel the bulk of this car I don’t feel the weight of the car I don’t feel like it’s a very heavy car I don’t feel like it’s a big car either It feels like a regular sized car But actually it’s not – it’s quite big and bulky There’s almost no body roll Even when I go fast in the corners And the car itself is very quiet and very comfortable You don’t get a lot of wind noise You don’t get a lot of road noise either There’s abit of turbo lag But I don’t know whether it’s turbo lag or just the inertia Like because this car is so heavy It has to overcome it’s own weight first before you know it takes off Twin turbo engines aren’t supposed to have any lag So I think it has to do with the weight I think this is the ultimate GT car It’s very comfortable Its powerful You know, I can drive up to Thailand in this car man Its the ultimate GT car The engine rumble is also something that’s very The execution of this car was really well done What I mean by that is This car is a It’s not like a sports car you know It’s a very luxurious Atas kind of car Yet it has a 4 litre twin turbo V8 So And its not a sports car So you’re not supposed to hear the engine
droning all the time you know because it’s a luxury car It’s supposed to be quiet and refined And smooth and comfortable, and it is And if you wanna hear the engine rumble All you have to do is put your foot down and you can really hear it rumble But the rest of the time, the engine is really really quiet Which kinda contributes to that luxury feel So overall what do I think of the Bentley Continental GT? This is This is a very good GT car What I like about it is the design The design is You can’t mistake it for anything else on the road That’s one thing I like Number 2 the interior is also It has this kinda like, very British Kinda like of Abit old school kinda feel Like you look at the dials And you look at the interior Its like a mix of modern yet classic English – I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about But I hope you understand just by looking at the interior of this car So ya guys that’s about it for this review Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed it Do like, share, comment and subscribe Let me know what you think and I’ll see you guys in the next review

8 thoughts on “2012 Bentley Continental GT Review | The ultimate GT

  1. Super cool car, if only they made it more suitable for younger audience, an example would be having a more exciting exhaust tone

  2. great video. the continental is one of my fav cars but maybe not v suitable for young ones like u mentioned, some of them wrap the car in weird colors and it looks like a young persons car e.g nicki minaj in her pink bentley

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