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Bill Ford: This is one product that I’ve been
following every step of the way. This to me, is the most important product
we have, at least to me personally. I feel like an expectant
parent, I think, because this is our baby that we’re unveiling.
Every time we unveil a Mustang, the stakes are raised. I’m
nervous, but more than that, I’m really excited because I think
people are going to love it. Mark Fields: We’re a company with a heritage, which
to me means history with a future. Jim Farley: I think the attraction of Mustang
is about all of us being able to express themselves in the ultimate idea
of freedom. Moray Callum: It is a very important car for us.
Not many nameplates make it to 50-years-old. Mark Fields: It’s a brand and a car that has a
soul. Nobody ever had to give them the brief on ‘What was the Mustang?’ Raj Nair: A great car is a reflection of a great
team. Mark Fields: When you’re redoing an icon like the
Mustang, it’s a combination of a great honour and extreme
fear, because you don’t want to screw up an icon. Joe Hinrichs: It has power, it has speed, it has
capability. Moray Callum: The triple taillights is something
that I think is uniquely Mustang. The grille leans over until it really
lends itself to what Mustangs have been in the past. Raj Nair: Underneath all this beautiful skin,
there’s some beautiful mechanicals as well. Joe Hinrichs: This is going to be a different Mustang.
It’s going to be a better driving machine. Jim Farley: There have been many, many great sports
cars from mainstream brands, but most of them never, ever impacted
the base imagery of the company. Dave Pericak: I think that having this car, having
it perform the way it performs, it gives a lift to everyone and
all of the other vehicles that are . . . Mark Fields: It’s about the hardware, but it’s
about the passion and the emotion. That’s why I’m so excited about the
new Mustang because it represents all things that are good about

90 thoughts on “2015 Ford Mustang in the words of Bill Ford

  1. It's not a bad looking car, but it's nowhere near as good looking as the current model. Looks…generic. 

    Funny watching all those dull-looking tossers in off-the-peg suits and business shirts bang on about "individuality" having just made something so individual look so common. 

  2. looks like they tried to slim it down to more of a porsche standard. Either way, the girth and manliness is kinda gone. The body fairings makes it look like it sits kinda high

  3. Looks generic?, are you guys blind?.  I think it looks good.  An evolution of a design.  Just like how 911's evolved… Or how the GTR's have also evolved… I bet this car looks good person.  The current mustang don't look good in pictures, but when you see it on the streets, it looks so good…

  4. I am listening to OMD's "So In Love" song. I don't think there's anything that could describe it better : "It's hard to believe I was so in love with you", especially after comparing it to the old mustang models.

  5. Ford has lost its way ,really lost its way ,Im a ford kid ,Im sorry Im switching teams ,no I still like girls and more,,, this is for the lesser man

  6. "Because you dont want to screw up an icon" But thats precisely what you've done sir! That thing is on a scale of ugly only matched by that new jeep Cherokee that looks as if its eaten something sour and has a gap between each of it's teeth  

  7. On looks, it's trying to be modern sports car and retro muscle at the same time and it doesn't pull off either very well. It appears to sit too high for its width or something. Wide and squat with simple clean strong lines is what I would have expected.

  8. Specs
    I can handle ugly if it comes with performance. And the looks are starting to grow on me especially in silver/black.
    But anyway, specs.  

  9. I cut my motoring teeth on Fords, having owned such great Ford icons  as an original Granada Perana, an Escort Mexico, several Cortina's and other Granada's, couple of Cossies, but in recent years, I've been driving Jag's and Merc's because they just haven't had anything which had any appeal. The Focus RS was a good car and yes I know all of the arguments for FWD, but I just don't like it. I like big power to the rear wheels. So at last, Ford are launching something that I desire. I like the styling although I do hope that it handles as well as their other European models. 

  10. They use the term 'sports car'. Either they don't know what it means or this is going to be a vastly improved mustang. I hope the latter. I do think it has more of a sports car look than the current mustang.

  11. i think its an alright design inside and out. nothing that jumps at you. Now compare that to the new corvette ..now that was a car that i think gave everyone a wow factor esp on the interior

  12. I'm sorry but this mustang just doesn't look good I love 05 to 2014 but I don't like the new design I mean its not terrible and I'd drive one but looking back at the predecessor id rather have a 2013 or 2014 gt manual

  13. Personally, I like cars that were initially lukewarm but grows on you the more you're exposed to it. This new Mustang could be that car.

  14. Truely an ugly car..always has been..always will & for the love of god why does it have to have the ugliest wheels ever made..these 50 year old douchebags wouldnt know a good looking sports car if they saw one..Seriously FORD? These are the people you have building your cars???

  15. they are making some very big claims and comments. 'driving machine" made me slightly worried because if your marketing it as that then it better be perfect. and on styling terms i'm not convinced its not ugly or anything it doesn't seem to have its own identity, sounds harsh but take the mustang logo off the front and it could be the next mondeo.

  16. Fantastic evolution of a great design. I think they are on to a winner here. The more I look at it, the more I like it… and want one!

  17. "The Fear of screwing up an Icon" – it´s quite understandable but never the less such fears need to be dealt with to make iconic new designs – And in my eyes they did not do that. It´s properly gonna be a real good car and it´s not at all ugly, but it´s not really iconic either, which is bad for being the lead Iconic car for a company like Ford and carrying the Mustang badge as well. Performance figures will be extremely important for this car, but since it´s nearly all new it should perform well.

  18. Most having never seen this car in person, are already doubting its cred.  Wait for it to actually hit the media, lots, and test drive one, and then talk about it.   Until then, you have no credibility other than hearsay and rumors you've read.  To go off some specs and looks alone is ignorant IMO.  I love seeing new American iron that keeps the tradition going.  Whether GM, Chrysler, or Ford.  All of them are good in their own right and have a purpose. 

  19. I love everything but the front.  The front has the look of an average sedan.  Yes, this Mustang will be faster and handle better, but it will be no where near as mean looking as the out going model.

  20. I'm extremely disappointed in the body design. Looks like a jacked up cross between a Taurus and a Camaro. I own an 07 GT, and it sure doesn't make me want to trade mine in. I love the way my car drives now. If you can't figure out the temperament of you "sports" car, don't own one. Fred Flintstone can sell you something more your style.

  21. Why did they think this was a good idea to make another Pinto Mustang. Even people that don't know or like Mustangs can always tell without Ford putting a big label MUSTANG all over the car that it is a Mustang. Tail lights, front end and profile. From the first Mustang using the Falcon frame, you would never know from looking at it. Why use a Ford Focus front end. Why would it look like all the other Fords from the front. Without the Mustang in the grill, you would not be able to tell from that angle. Go back to school and find someone that Loves Mustangs before you say look what a good job we have done. I do think young people will like it, but like the Charger. If you know what a real Charger was, why would you put 4 doors on it. That is like putting 4 doors on a Mustang. Well maybe that is the plan for next year.

  22. This is just a ford fusion in the front…. dont care what anyone says. Just google the front view of both and u will see.

  23. It's finally out and it's still ugly, especially the front clip. I do like the fastback design though. 

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