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i’m mark williams for cars.com and we’re
here at the chicago auto show on toyota’s off road test course because
they’re introducing a brand new TRD pro series off road package for the tundra
the Tacoma and the vehicle we’re going to take a closer look at now the 4runner it’s worth noting that they
haven’t just significantly changed this off road package but they’ve changed the
way the vehicle looks on the outside too not the least of which the front grille
spells out toyota maybe some of you remember the FJ cruiser very similar to
that design also skid plating underneath the vehicle thicker aluminum skid plates
for heavy-duty off-roading but the big difference with this off road package
which will be familiar to some of the tacoma baja fans out there front and rear remote reservoir bilstein
shocks if nothing else that says heavy duty
off-roading capability unique wheels and tires with more aggressive treads and on
the rear suspension still remote reservoir shocks but it also offers the
X ria system which allows much more articulation in the front and rear axles
and the unique TRD pro badging is right here on the side as far as the interior
pretty basic the only changes with the pro series package a unique trd shifter
unique floor mats and red stitching in the seats both front and for rear
passengers now we didn’t get a chance to do any
serious off-roading with this yet we’re going to do that later this year but
here at the chicago auto show toyota set up a pretty cool off road
course taking people for rides so you go up some pretty steep inclines
deep water crossings some off-camera rock crawling some pretty cool stuff so
it it looks like it does pretty well but we’re not going to be able to give our
final assessment until we get behind the wheel so if you’re interested in a pro series
4 runner you’ve got your choice between three colors the new inferno red black and whites that’s it pricing is going to come out
later this year vehicles are going to go on sale and fall we’ll get a chance to
drive it this summer but for more information on this vehicle or any other
go two cars com

100 thoughts on “2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Series – 2014 Chicago Auto Show

  1. 1994 Land Cruiser's are the real deal.  Front, Rear Lockers and Center Diff.  I wish Toyota would show people how they really did it back then. 

  2. Ya and if you drive your new machine off road you void your warranty. These are purely pavement ponies..

  3. I would rather buy and modify a mid '90s with the 3.4L V6. It would be much cheaper and more capable than this $36k pile of junk. This truck is mostly show. 

  4. Is that hood scoop actually functional this time? Faux hood scoop is on the same level as a fake turbo, which they actually do make… It's a speaker that makes a fake "chirp" to give the illusion that vehicle is turbocharged. Just… Why?

  5. I had a 98 4runner with the locker and that was one of the best off road rigs ive ever had. If I would have gotten the lift on it before my ex wife totalled it.  oh man. 265, 70 R17 Goodyear M/T… Good Rig

  6. "We've added some plastic, better wheels, and $30 grand to the price.  You're welcome."

    It's still a Toyota…a giant piece of plastic.  No thanks.

  7. throw the investor out and redesign your powertrain and throttle and intake … Then You may convince someone you are competitive.

  8. I wish I could have gotten red stitching on my truck back in the day!!! OH my god! they waited 25 years before they offer the red stitching!!!!!!! I got ripped off man.

    still better than a JEEP!  LOL

  9. This is the last of its kind. Still body on frame. Glad to see Toyota still building and adding a TRD packages for their trucks. I love my 2012 4runner Limited.

  10. please start pronouncing it bilstine. the german ei is no e ore ee or what so fucking ever… in fact it would be pronounced bilshtine but… never mind.

  11. That's cute that Toyota is trying to make a real 4×4. It still has independent front suspension!!! Buy a bone stock Rubicon with both front and rear lockers sway bar disconnects solid axles and Dany 44s! My Rubicon has leather DVD Navi heated seats remote start. Oh yeah and the doors and roof still come off? And wrangler still has the highest resale value in the SUV class! Unless it's locked front and back it's not a true 4×4!

  12. I own one of the original Toyota Dlx 4wd pickups from 1990. The only thing that I had to replace was the clutch AFTER 25 years on the road. & that's only because we rode it pretty hard. To this day it drives like a charm, of course it can't hang with these big boy trucks of today. But the reliability is second to none.

  13. @Leadfoot2112 yeah the head lights look like a subaru brz, scion frs, and a toyota 86 weird that toyota also made the same head lights as a subaru brz

  14. Most of my offroading consists of log seesaws covered in expanded metal and 1/2 inch deep mud, so this vehicle should work.

  15. get your facts straight… the X-REAS system is on the Limited to make it more sporty on turns, not for articulation. the KDSS is available for the Trail which is for articulation and sway control… the front suspension on the TRD Pro does NOT have a remote reservoir. only the rear does.

  16. What a load of bollocks…….new shifter….?…..wow!……..new stick-on badges..?…..wow!……. nothing new inside..?…wow!……new plastic crappy badge that spell's out toyota …?…..wow!……..WHAT A LOAD OF SHITE!……oh, I nearly forgot…..new floor mats to hide the rusted footwells…….wow!

  17. love it, just saw the shitty Jeep version crawling around on a polished concrete floor with a handfull of dirt spilt on it hahahha Jeep wouldn't dare drive their car thru this course

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  19. My 4wd 98 Durango would destroy this thing. I was shocked how good the 4wd working in deep sand. This Toyota was on hard packed dirt with some water.

  20. Beware, incapable and unreliable!!! Save your money, total piece of junk! Loyal 4-Runner owner for over 20 years. The new ones are poor quality. This will be my last one.

  21. Xreas system junk I had mine removed on mine as it was blown cheaper then replacing for thousands

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