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Hey everybody, How to car guy here helping
you enjoy your ride. Today we are inside a 2015 Camry and I’m going to show you some
of the features of the vehicle, in case you are taking a look at this car. Or if you just
bought one, you need to know how to work some of the things. So let’s take a look at what
the 2015 Camry has to offer. If you have dual zone climate control, you
can control the temperature for the left side of the vehicle by turning the dial. You can
see it corresponds here and the right side of the vehicle. Whenever you have sync active,
right here, you can press that and it makes these numbers match, which gives the driver
the ability to control the temperature for both sides. This is good if you are by yourself,
you can use sync and you can set the vehicle cabin for whatever temperature you like. If
somebody gets into the car and they want it, to make it a different temperature than you
have yours, they can actually adjust theirs and they do not have to press sync again.
You can see when I did that I can turn it, it automatically disables sync and goes to
that temperature. Also, auto here, it works just like central air. If you have a central
air system in your house, you can press auto and it will set it to whatever temperature
is set here. So I can press auto and it sets it to the right temperature and it maintains
the cabin at that temperature. This little icon here is for your front defroster. That
is for your rear defroster and your side mirror defroster if you have the heated mirrors.
That will manually control your fan speed. Up and down. Also notice whenever I hit this
button, it disabled auto, because it makes manual mode kick in. And so it disables auto.
Mode here corresponds with the fan direction that you see on the display. And finally the
icon on the very end is recirculate and that recirculates the air inside the vehicle. That’s
really effective in the summer time to give you an almost an extra fan speed. Also in
the winter time, you don’t want that to be active because it will keep your windows fogged
up because it recirculates the moist air inside the car.
The heated seat controls are right in the middle of the center console. So you can see
when my arm is resting here on the armrest I can just reach down here and adjust the
heated seat controls. And when I click it once, if its in the off position I can move
it up as I, as I move it up, it increases the temperature of the seat.
In the center of the console, you have buttons that are along the left side and the right
side of the screen and they are going to control what comes up on the screen and also how you
are able to control your music. Whenever you press Audio, it takes it to the
audio source screen and that says Select Audio Source. At that point you can choose AM, FM,
XM. If you had a CD in there you can see that its actually not highlighted, you would be
able to play the CD. You can also play music off of a USB, bluetooth audio and auxillary.
You can also hit reorder and that will allow you to organize them in a manner that you
would use them the most. So if you wanted FM to be here, then you could actually take,
push FM and move it over to the top left and then hit OK and it saves it. Another audio
source that I had mentioned before is USB. And the way that I use a USB in the vehicle
for audio is I look down here in the console, just forward of the gear shifter. And I can
pull back this little tab and there’s a place for a USB to go and it also has an audio jack
as well. But I can take that USB and I can plug it in there, the car will sense it and
start pulling information off of it. This box will then highlight and I will be able
to listen to whatever is on the USB, the thumb drive or flash drive. And I can put, depending
on the size of the USB, I can put thousands of songs and listen to them and never have
to use CDs again if I don’t want to. From my audio source screen I can press audio
again and it will take it to the last used audio source. In this case it was just your
regular radio. You can see the artist that is on display here will actually display the
album art from the music that is playing right now. And that is because of a software called
gracenote. You can see the label right down there. That’s music identification software
that allows it to be displayed on FM radios that have the capability to do so. You can
see here that you have stations that you can memorize. Say I wanted to tune here and I
found a station that I like and I want to memorize it in this number 1-6 I could hit
and hold it. And that just memorized that station there. It’s really easy to memorize
a station. In order to adjust the sound settings for your radio output, you can press the sound
icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. That allows you to adjust the base,
the treble, the mid-range and also where most of the speaker output is. So I can move forward,
rear, left and right. And I don’t have to hit a save button or anything, it just leaves
it there, where ever I was. Also a part of the features in the audio system is a software
called HD Radio. HD Radio, popular to contrary belief, does not stand for High Definition.
It’s simply a name that the inventors of HD Radio wanted to give the software in order
to make it sound technologically savvy. That’s your little tidbit for the day. What HD Radio
does though, it allows you to listen basically stations inside of stations. So let’s go to
104.1 and that should be an active HD station. It may take a second to pop up but once it
does you can see it here. It says HD 1 and HD 2. Let’s say I am listening to this song
and a commercial comes up. I can go over to the 2nd HD station that is 104.1 and it is
still the same type of music but it is maybe not in a commerical to where I wouldn’t have
to listen to this one that just went to a commercial. It’s kind of a neat thing. Some
stations have up to 3 HD stations. You have a little keypad here that is directional.
Up, down, left, right. You also have a button in the middle that is select. The button in
the middle used as select would be equivalent to pressing and holding one of these selections
and memorizing a station. That is what this is the equivalent of on your steering wheel
audio controls. Volume up, volume down audio mode lets you go between AM, FM, USB, Disc,
XM. I can also press and hold it and it just muted the radio. There was
a little pop down there that had a muted speaker icon on it. So now there’s no volume. I can
hit it and hold it again and it allows the volume to come back up. Then I got a back
arrow right there to where I can go back to a previous selection screen in the audio system.
I can use these up and down. I’m pressing down right now and that is changing the selection
on the preset stations you see there. And then whenever I press the right on the key
pad, it scans to the next available station. You can see it move to 104.5, 104.7, so on
and so forth. And finally I have seek and track. This is where I can go up and down.
I can actually scan stations. This would be the equivalent of also going here. This actually
goes to the next available station that it finds. Using scroll up here on the top will
go to whatever station you pick manually. Also, seek and track is useful if you have
your USB source, using USB as the music source you can hit seek and track right there to
go to the next track. And also if you have a CD in you can go right there to go to the
next track on the CD. And of course that’s how you cut the system on and off.
The turn signal and headlights stalk here to your left is a pretty basic operation.
On the end of the stalk you are going to roll the end up and down. Daytime running lights
off. You can cut off your daytime running lights there. You can roll it to auto. Auto
allows them to cut on automatically when the sun goes down. You can roll it up and that
is going to be your parking lights or your accessory lights. And then rolling it up to
the very top one allows you to cut on your headlights manually. Then you are going to
go right for the right turn signal, you’re going to go left for the left turn signal.
If you are on the highway and you just need to change lanes, you can tap it up once for
right. You don’t actually have to engage, just tap it up and it will blink three times.
And you can tap it to the left and it will blink three times. That’s perfect for changing
lanes. Windshield wiper is the stalk on the right behind the steering wheel. Over here
on the inner part of the stalk you see mist and its actually a little bit of a nasty day
out here while I’m recording this so the mist function would work well today. I’m going
to push this stalk up once and it’s going to wipe once. And the other options on the
stalk for the turn signals is off, intermittent, low, and high. Of course, intermittent will
wipe in accordance to how the dial here is set on the windshield wiper stalk. So whenever
you have it set here, that means that its going to wipe more quickly. In other words,
there’s going to be less time between the wipes of the windshield wipers. And then as
I click it back it going to put a little bit more time in between the wipes and so on and
so forth. Then I have low, that’s if it starts to rain a little heavier. Then I have high.
And then you have arrow right here on the very end of the stalk and that indicates your
washer, windshield washer. So I can pull it back. Thanks so much for watching everybody.
If you have any questions or comments please be sure to leave them in the comments section
below so that I can respond to your questions. I do actually respond to questions from viewers
and I would be happy to help you in any way I can. I hope you have a great day and remember
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