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What a day! What a lovely day! In fact, what a lovely week. And I think I just found the perfect place for this bike. But first, let me show you how it all started. Guess who’s back! DriveMag Riders is back and we have a brand new motorcycle to test. This is it. The brand new BMW S1000R. And this one is the old BMW S1000R. Let’s have a look at them. So, it’s not easy to spot the difference between them because there are not so many. However, I will show you a couple of differences. Come over here. This one is standard. An Akrapovic exhaust. Also this fairing is standard. We have a revised geometry We also have brand new electronics. We have two kilos less and a couple of horsepower more. Let’s see how this Akrapovic sounds. By the way, this bike is brand new. I am the first one who rides it. It’s got only, I don’t know, maybe two km. It should get hotter than this in order to hear it. Also there’s something very special about this bike. Look at these wheels. They are HP wheels, which mean High Performance, which means the wheels are lighter on this bike, which means it’s easier to turn it. And the best part is that I’m going to spend the whole week with this bike. So, let’s get it started. Trust me. You must be very, very careful when choosing this bike because it will transform you into a hooligan. So, this is it. This was the first day with the BMW S1000R. Tomorrow I’m gonna tell you how it acts in the traffic. Man, I really don’t know how you can ride this thing in the city. It’s awful. Trust me, it’s awful. Ok, but forget about this one. By the way, this is our long-term test machine. No problem. Ok, this is our long term.. …this is our long term test machine. It belongs to our colleague, Bogdanel, who is a race pilot. But forget about this one, let’s talk about the new S1000R. It’s almost the same bike although the looks are a bit different. It feels good for the city – the upright position. I love the handlebar, it’s very wide, but I noticed that I can’t turn it that much. It’s almost the same angle as the S1000RR. That’s a bit weird. The throttle response, the quickshifter, the wheels. It looks the same, it feels the same. I don’t feel it underpowered or something like that. The brakes are very good, all the systems are the same. The obvious difference is the fairing. Ok. So, is it something that you don’t like about this bike? I’ve spotted a thing that I don’t like. It’s the dash that it’s a bit lower than I expected. I have to put my head down to see it. Ok, I see. And I would have made the turning angle a bit (later edit) narrower. It’s a city bike, although, no? You know why I like this dash position? It’s because when riding this bike is like we’re riding a magic carpet. There’s nothing between you and the surroundings. You see nothing. Ok, thank you very much. Ok, so this is day three. It’s five o’clock. It’s the rush-hour traffic in Bucharest. If you wanna use this bike as a city commuter you must know that the frame gets really, really hot. Improved electronics – sounds good. Less weight, more power – sounds better. Akrapovic exhaust fitted as standard. Well, this one really sounds good. So, how does it ride? Brilliant. You got a very precise power delivery rev it until the red line and you won’t be surprised. It’s a smooth line that goes higher and higher and you are going faster and faster. In fact, you should have a proper sports helmet on this bike, featuring good aerodynamics, otherwise you’ll fell the speed right in your neck. Unfortunately, this bike is brand new and we couldn’t take it up to the maximum rev limit. Still, it was lovely around the mid-range rpm. The dynamic suspension is on the stiff side. You got some damping presets, but I wouldn’t say it will be too comfortable. You need smooth tarmac for this bike. The braking system is brilliant. You only need two fingers to stop the bike in a moment. It’s fast and precise. It’s like a surgeon’s knife. And you don’t need to be a surgeon to control it. You also got decent gearbox and a fantastic quick-shifter. The only thing you must be aware is the frame overheating in the rush hour traffic. Besides that, the BMW S1000R is brilliant. It’s not cheap, but it comes with great value for money and it’s a top contender in the super-naked class.

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