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we’re here at the 2017 SEMA show where
wild and crazy is the name of the game and we found something very cool by John
Hennessy now Hennessy is about performance and speed but this time he’s
done something a little crazy as well and it’s called the Velociraptor 600
horsepower underneath the hood still has the 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine but he’s
modified and tuned it to the point where it’s really putting out tons of power
and torque in fact I think it’s 520 foot-pounds of torque
it’s got about a 7 inch lift all the way around
it’s got 37 inch Toyo tires custom front and rear bumpers but 6×6 so it’s a six
wheel drive two rear drive shafts two axles one set of leaf springs that
control those axles along with drag links on the front and the rear
Fox Racing shocks and a very impressive 8-foot bed to make
this probably one of the most unique pickups available now this one that
you’re looking at right now is about 350,000 dollars unless you want the
brake upgrade kit which costs you another twenty two thousand dollars now
if you’re going to play in this area then you better have a lot of money but
you know you’re going to have something very unique in fact Hennessey tells us
he’s only going to make 50 of these trucks so it’s going to be very
exclusive this is going to be a very small private club you get to be a part
of if you can afford something like this for more information go to pickup trucks
calm you

100 thoughts on “2018 Ford Raptor – Hennessey VelociRaptor 6×6

  1. Just like there performance air intakes. Over priced Garbage is there reputation. Look at the Mercedes Benz G63 6×6 compared to this crap pile.

  2. Looks cool but not worth $300k. Besides, in Alberta that thing would require a CDL due to the second drive axle.

    Can this thing be serviced at a regular mechanic or are we talking specialty dealer?

    For these reasons I'm out.

  3. The rear-most axle should have steering included to help during turning, and linked (obvioulsy,) to the front steering. Tight turns will shred the rear tires. This will also leave unsightly marks on concrete driveways.

  4. If the fit of the signature name plate 1:47 is any indicator of the attention to detail of this $350k conversion I would not go anywhere near it.

  5. We caught up with John Hennessey at the 2018 SEMA show. Check out his new VelociRaptor here: https://youtu.be/waGZNpLQMf4

  6. John Hennessey is a thief. His
    'operation' stole $5,000 worth of original parts from my 2015 Z/28 and sold
    them without my permission. I spoke with John himself, and he 'promised' to
    return my parts. NEVER GOT THEM…..HENNESSEY IS A CROOK

  7. Ford creates and others try to follow. If I had the money I’d have an f650 for the weekend and Monday to Friday I’d have the ford raptor

  8. Seriously, r u fuckin kidding me!!! I’ll buy a Dodge 3500 diesel, a BMW, and a Porsche 911 for $350K. Thank you very much.

  9. Buena marca , cosas por las cuales muchos an llegado , pero para personas como yo , son cosas inalcanzable …buen vehiculo , un sueño inalcanzable .

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