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The current Toyota Corolla
tops our small sedan ratings, because it’s reliable
and fuel efficient. But wouldn’t it be nice
if the Corolla were also a bit more interesting? Well, for 2020, Toyota has
given the Corolla sedan a drastic upgrade with
a dramatic new look, a promise of better driving
dynamics, and improved infotainment. There’s also a
new Corolla hybrid that’s expected to get more than
50 miles per gallon combined. Inside, the driver sits
lower and farther back, but gets better
visibility thanks to slimmed down windshield
pillars and side view mirrors that have been mounted lower. Nearly all Corollas will get
Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa compatibility. But no Android Auto yet though. The base trims will get the
same 1.8 liter four cylinder engine found in the old Corolla,
but it now gets 139 horsepower. The SE and XSE trims will get
169 horsepower two liter four cylinder. The hybrid has the same
drive train as the Prius but without the
Prius’ unique looks. Now that’s all good
news, but we’re especially glad to hear that
Toyota claims the new Corolla sedan will handle better
than its predecessor too. We hope it handles a lot
like the sprightly Corolla hatchback we tested, and
we’re looking forward to buying and testing
a new sedan too. Forward collision warning,
automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning,
lane keep assist, and lane centering
all comes standard. Both the Corolla
sedan and hybrid will be on sale
in spring of 2019. For more about compact
sedans and hybrids, head over to

25 thoughts on “2018 LA Auto Show: 2020 Toyota Corolla | Consumer Reports

  1. Would Toyota please upgrade to the Corolla wagon. BTW other markets also get Corolla Hybrid hatches and wagons offering 50mpg economy #SaveTheWagon

  2. Most new cars are reliable, Toyota and Honda no longer can pull off that crap. Style wise, I crapped out better turds than anything Toyota makes

  3. Corolla needs a good stretch to look better. This body style has looked the same for years. Fugly. Yes reliable but needs a whole new redesign. They should make a mini camry and call it corolla.

  4. The front is not as dramatic as the hatch, the rear is forgettable, and the profile looks like the previous one. Interior is improved. To me it came a little short. If i had to pick, I will take the hatch version.

  5. Constructive criticism: the sound isn't balanced right, the music is way too loud. It's about the same volume as the speaker and completely distracts from what he (and what's his name??)

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