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Music Playing ♪♪ Ladies and Gentlemen, our
presentation will begin in just a moment and as a courtesy to
those sitting around you and the presenters on
stage, kindly silence all mobile devices. Thank you. Music Playing♪♪ Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome
to the Hyundai media event Please welcome Chief Operating
Officer Hyundai Motor America Bryan Smith Music Playing ♪♪ – Good afternoon and
thank you for joining us. Before we get started, I
just couldn’t help sharing a little bit of exciting news. I don’t know how many of you are race fans but at Hyundai, our
competitive spirit is strong The racing world felt it last
weekend at “Koda” when our I30-N Cars, what here we
call the Elantra GT Sport took first and second
place, in the first race the TCR Pirelli World
Challenge on Saturday {Audience Clapping} Oh and we did it again on
the second race on Sunday first and second How’s that for our first race {Audience Clapping} Today we are bringing that
same attitude here to New York We’re a new Hyundai and we just might surprise you before we dive into our news,
let me quickly introduce some of our Hyundai leadership
team, that’s with us here today Please welcome Vice Chairman
of Hyundai Motor Company Dr. Wong Chu Yang Our President and Chief design officer of Hyundai Motor Group, Mr. Peter Shrier Peter. {Audience Clapping} And our President and CEO
of Hyundai Motor America My Boss, Mr. Kenny Lee {Audience Clapping} I joined Hyundai five months
ago, knowing it’s reputation as a strong competitor Now that I have an insiders
point of view, I can tell you we are driving at an even
greater speed than I’d imagined Make no mistake, we’re in a race. The speed of innovation seen
here at this show and at this year’s other global events is breathtaking like any race, this one will
have winners and losers. The Hyundai has been
training for this race since its inception From AV’s to EV’s to
subscription ownership models the winner of today’s race,
will not necessarily be the most innovative The winner will be the fastest
to deploy innovation at scale This race to put innovation
in our customers hands is the race we were created
for, it’s who we are. We push for mass production
of Fuel Cell technology to ensure we’re ready for hydrogen energy. We test autonomous vehicles
on Korea’s public roads to accelerate into the autonomous future. We work with our dealers to
embrace the ecommerce model with Shopper Assurance. You’ll see what I mean
with the products and the ground breaking technology
that we’ve got for you today. We’re here to deliver on a
big part of the product plane we announced in November. The heart of the that plan,
eight new or significantly re-engineered Hyundai
Crossovers arriving by 2020. The Hyundai Kona launched in
L.A was the first of eight it went on sale just weeks ago. And then in January, we
revealed the second of eight The Hyundai Nexo, over at CES. Our next generation Fuel
Cell electric vehicle is now on sale in South Korea and
will be available for purchase in select California
markets later this year. In February, we introduced
number three of eight. The Santa Fe diesel, in Korea. Building on years of success
on other markets, this clean diesel technology is headed
for the US early next year. With that leaves five more
Crossovers, and today, we are picking up the pace. Let’s jump right in
with the Hyundai Tucson Our compact crossover has grown
far beyond our expectations since it originally launched
in 2004. Tucson sales have doubled over the past four
years, despite heavy competition in this crowded segment. In addition to winning customers
hearts, Tucson has earned some of the industries’ most
coveted awards for safety, value and quality. Most recently, the J.D Power
Award for the most dependable small SUV. So with this refresh, we’re
gonna keep a good thing going Let’s take a look at
the 2019 Hyundai Tucson. Music Playing ♪♪ With the 2019 Tucson, we set
out to make a big visual impact There is greater depth in dimension in the front fascia surface and in
our signature cascading grill. It has a more polished
profile with new chrome trim. Other visual changes include
new rear surfacing and new light designs (front and rear) Inside an all new instrument
panel, gives the cabin a more wide open appearance. A new free standing touch
screen, adds a modern touch and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are now standard Hyundai BlueLink is standard
on 86% of the Tucson mix and delivers enhanced safety, diagnostics and voice guidance services.
All free of charge for the first three years of ownership. On the safety front, Collision Avoidance Assist is now standard. Available features
includes Smart Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go, Surround View Monitor and Qi Wireless Charging. The 2019 Tucson is ready for
new adventures when it reaches Hyundai dealerships this fall. So that’s number four in our
CUV plan. Now let’s talk about number five. One of our next
generation models, making its North American debut, right here today. Three generations of Santa Fe
have sold more than one and a half million units since
2000. The best of any Hyundai Crossover. Now let’s meet
the fourth generation Hyundai Santa Fe. Music Playing ♪♪ Ladies and Gentlemen, please
welcome design manager Hyundai design North America Andrew Moir. Music Playing ♪♪ – Good afternoon, three
years ago I had the honor of introducing the third generation
Tucson here at the New York Autoshow. It’s great to be back
representing our California Design Studio and another
product we’re proud of, the 2019 Santa Fe. The all new
Santa Fe is replacement for today’s Santa Fe Sport. And
as you can see it takes a significant departure in
design and personality. Stable, sturdy, athletic and
nimble. It makes a strong Statement, I am an SUV. It’s as comfortable pulling up
to the Valley at a five star resort as it is out in the
desert covered in dust. No one is gonna mistake it for a Minivan. Our signature cascading
grill is formed with a chain mail pattern with wide graphics for a planted stance. Slim upper daytime running
lights give a modern technical look to the front of the
vehicle. The LED headlamps are integrated into the bumper. In profile a stretched
character line empathizes the Santa Fe’s new proportions.
The daylight opening is larger with a longer lower belt line
that gives shorter backseat passengers a full view
of their surroundings. Something my kids have been asking for. From the rear, crisp lines and
a tough skid-plate contribute to Santa Fe’s capable character. Now, let’s look inside. One of
the cool things about an SUV is the way it’s able to
bridge town and country. Well most of our customers live
in City’s and Suburbs, more than half of them say they
get out into nature at least once a week. We wanted them to
feel embraced everyday by the forms and colors of nature
which we’ve integrated into the design. The instrument panel was
inspired by a breaking wave. The mesh pattern on the
stylized on the speakers is a stylized mountain range
and it’s all wrapped in materials you’d find in
the stylish living room. Parents and kids are living
busy lives at home, work and school, so the family
vehicle now serves as a living space for the whole family
together for a shared adventure. Our free standing display, put
your entertainment, comfort and BlueLink connected services
at eye level for the driver and passengers. A 7-inch
display cluster, instrument cluster displays essential
information with special color schemes for different driving modes. Our extensive list of
Smart Sense technologies now includes three Hyundai
Firsts. Safe Exit Assist, prevents the door from opening
if a car or truck comes alongside the vehicle. It’s
one more way to keep your kids safe when dropping them off at school. Another new feature is aimed
at distracted parents, Rear Occupant Alert, Sense motion
if a child or pet is left unattended in the car and sends
BLueLink alert to your phone and honks the horn. A third new feature helps you
avoid the most common parking lot mishaps. When backing out
of a space the system senses approaching cross traffic and
applies automatic braking. The Santa Fe is also the
first Hyundai model to offer HTRAC. A more sophisticated
AWD system once available only on Genesis Luxury Vehicles. HTRAC optimizes torq distribution
in real time continuously monitoring and responding
to driving conditions. A choice of driving modes let
you tailor the system to your personal driving style. Sport
Mode, for example, sends more power to the rear wheels.
With this all new generation, we’re offering our most
advanced and eye-catching Santa Fe yet. There are many more details
you’ll discover in our press materials. This is an
exciting time to be designing a Hyundai. We’re working on a
huge variety of products, from a flurry of new CUV’s to the
next generation of vehicles with Hyundai’s Blue Drive Technology. Up till now, EV’s have
largely been the choice of early adopters. But
what is the future?! How should Ev’s evolve to
bring mainstream consumers into the electric age. Our next presenter is here to share a very compelling answer. Please Welcome Natalya Edwards. Music Playing ♪♪ – Thank you Andrew. I work in advance product
strategy for Hyundai, and I have a strong, innate understanding of these early adapters Andrew mentioned. And that’s because I’m one of
them, I bought my very first brand new car in 2004 and it
was a hybrid. Back then Hybrids were pretty rare, so I would
get a lot of double takes and some people would even
try to peak inside to see if they can spot Leonardo De
Caprio. So I have a personal passion for alternative powertrain technologies and I applied it in my career. In fact,
I’ve spent the last six years learning what would it take
to expand alternative fuel adoption beyond people like
me. Early adopters are a different breed, and they want
to express that difference, which is why so many of these
today, look like they come from the future. Or from the Jetsons. But what is it going to take to actually win over the mainstream? We’ve done many studies to
find out, and in broad strokes, here is what we found. Mainstream buyers,
don’t like corky design. They want to stand out not
stick out. And most are not willing to sacrifice the
roominess, functionality, command seating and confident
good looks of their SUV. Finally, they don’t want other
stress in their lives like range anxiety; we took all of this into account create this vehicle. Think of it as an electric
converter for the masses. Introducing the 2019
Hyundai Kona Electric. Music Playing ♪♪ This is an electric
vehicle, everyone can love. And after having the chance
to Test Drive it, I’m ready to put in my order. What I
specially like about the Kona Electric, is that it brings
both breakthrough design and Utility to the EV category.
And it combines popular crossover styling with game
changing driving range. Let’s start with the looks. Kona Electric replaced the
traditional grill with an aerodynamic Cross-hatch
surface. Its charging port is located upfront for easy access. And by the way, unlike its
closest competitor the Chevy DC fast charging comes standard. The Kona Electrics’ eco-spoke
wheels under clyding and other improvements
give it a very low 0.29cD. It also gets two exclusive
colors, Galactic Gray and Ceramic Blue. Both are
on display here today. Inside, a modern interior
with a distinctive floating console and shift by wired control. It features a wide-open feel
of the Kona cabin, with color schemes unique to the electric model. But the most exciting
thing is how far it goes. With an estimated driving
range of 250 miles, the Kona Electric delivers the
best driving range of any non-luxury EV. {Audience Clapping} It also has an estimated
EPA Mileage Equivalent of a 117 MPGE . I guess you could say, we’re
pretty charged up about the Kona Electric and we
think people outside the early adopter set will be just
as excited when it goes on sale this fall. And now to pull it altogether,
please welcome back Brian. – Thank you Andrew and Natalya. So there you have it, three
incredibly important new Crossovers. The new Tucson
and the all new Santa Fe are gonna continue the legacy
of these successful models. And with Kona Electric, we
got something we’re convinced will really shake up the status quo. With its class-leading driving range and cross-over utility, it’s a vital alternative to
internal combustion Crossovers, but also to more expensive EV’s. With the Kona electric, buyers
will get Hyundai’s proven built quality backed by
America’s best warranty. And from a company that
meets production deadlines. And we’re not done yet with
our CUV expansion, we’ll be entering even more Crossovers
segments and will have more to say about that in the coming year. Right now, we need just a
moment to capture a few photos with our executive team and
then we’ll open up the vehicles for your inspection. Thank you for following Hyundai
this Auto Show season and thank you all for joining us today. Kenny. Music Playing ♪♪

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