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Hey guys, Chuck Schuman, Oxmoor Toyota, here
to introduce the 2018 Toyota C-HR. This is the XLE premium, we just got it in,
that is the first one we got on our lot. Really excited about this car. As you can see, it’s a sporty, cool looking
car, real sexy lines on this thing. Let me show you the front, this thing is aggressive,
it’s beefy looking. Still a compact car, just a lot of style a
cool LED daytime running lights here, halogen headlamps, it’s got the fog lights on this
trim. This has the Toyota Safety Sense P pre-collision,
a glassed over emblem there is a multi-millimeter wave radar in here, you got a in-dash camera
up there as well, which gives you pedestrian detection pre-collision. Dynamic radar cruise
control, auto high-beams, all kinds of cool stuff. But this is a fun car to drive. 2.0L four-cylinder engine, big beefy 18in
alloy wheels, really stylish sporty looking here. And then, look at these lines as they follow
the – I mean – it’s just cool the way this swoops up and then you got these tail-lights
that stick out that jet out from the back here. I mean, this is an aggressive stance. The car sits higher than most other cars in
this class, or around it’s class. It’s just, you don’t get down into this car,
you kinda sit in it. It sits up high, it is fun to drive, it handles really well and it’s
got a really stylish back-end as well. This hatchback back here. You’ve got the spoiler and these cool tail-lights
back here and actually, let me know you the brake lights back here – isn’t that cool how
that lights up and it just looks fantastic? I mean, a really good look, you pull up behind
one of these things and you’ll be like, ‘what is that?’. It’s the new CH-R. And you got some really
cool space back here as well for this hatchback. Those seats fold down, throw some bags in
there and take this thing for a weekend trip. This is a fun fun car and I want to show you some
of the interior features as well. And to show you that, this is one of the coolest
things about it. This back door back here, this funky handle
up here, you open it up from the top to get in to that back seat. Really cool space, 5-seater here, it’s got
the childs seats. And this is what I mean, you see how high
this sits? You don’t fall down in this car, it’s real
easy to get in and out of. Good ground clearance, this is a fun car to drive, very sporty. Let me show you some of the interior features
as well. So diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, everything is stylized, there is diamonds over here, diamonds on the side, everything is diamond inspired. You can see how this wraps around around the driver here, like a cockpit. Very stylish sporty look. There’s a lot of cool features here too, you’ve
got the safety system that I talked about, that lane departure alert, the dynamic radar
cruise control, the auto high-beams, the auto dimming rear view mirror. And this also has, you can’t see it over there,
but it has the rear-cross traffic alert and the blind spot monitoring, so in the side-view
mirrors, it will actually light up if somebody is in the blind spot, and if you’re packing
out of a space it will beep to let you know someones coming. A lot of comfort features as well, so you’ve
got the heated seats, you’ve got dual air control so that the passenger and driver can
have their temperature set to, you know, whatever is comfortable for them. And then, you also have the Bluetooth radio,
AM/FM, A-Ha app that you can play music from your phone. And then, one of my favorite features
is that it has the hold button down here, so you have the e-brake button, but this hold
button, when you put it in drive, you pull up to like a stop light and you stop, you
can take your foot off the brake and it’s gonna sit there until you hit the gas. And another cool safety feature is that you
take your brake, you’re seat belt off it automatically throws the e-brake on when you have that hold
button on there. This is just a very safe, fun car to drive,
really pretty, they did a great job with the styling to make it look sporty.I love the
steering wheel, the leather trimmed steering wheel. Just everything about this car is fantastic. I’m a very very excited about it, glad to
have one on the lot.You know, if you want to come in and do a test drive, come see this
thing in person, just come in and see us. Thanks guys!

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