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Justin: AM 2019 is officially here. Stay tuned for some of the craziest Mustangs,
wild events and find out what’s underneath this cover. Well, here you go, guys. AM 2019 is officially under way. I am so pumped. Eleventh annual AmericanMuscle Mustang Show. The Mustangs are filing in. Adam, my wingman here today. How are you feeling, young man? Adam: I am feeling so good about today. We have the song of our people being played
in the background. We’ve got so many cool things in store for
you today as we do every single year. Justin: Absolutely, man. And more importantly, guys, like the show
has the last few years, benefiting Make-A-Wish again this year. And man, do we have an awesome, awesome reveal
for Make-A-Wish. A young man named Matt and his Fox Body. You guys will just have to stay tuned for
that. But, we’ll catch up with these guys at the
end of the show, but you ready to get after it? Adam: Absolutely. Let’s do it. Justin: Let’s do it. Adam: We’re just about to kick off one of
the Rev-X by SCT dyno competitions. And Matt, thanks for coming. Thanks for being here again. Matt: Good seeing you again. Adam: Because you are a repeat customer. You’ve been here last year. You’ve got a 2003? Matt: Correct. Adam: Twin Turbo Cobra? Matt: Yes. Twin Turbo. Adam: All three guys have Twin Turbos. Matt: It’s the way to go to make power. Adam: What do you got new? What do you got updated? Matt: I actually had to replace the block,
the engine block over the winter, new drive shaft, and obviously new clutch. Adam: What are you expecting today on the
dyno? Matt: Eleven hundred, give or take. Adam: Sounds good. I’m excited. We got you already strapped down. We’re ready to go. Are you ready? Matt: Yes, I am. Adam: Let’s do it. 920 horsepower. That’s going to do it for Matt and his Cobra. Matt, how are you feeling after that? Matt: I feel good. It’s still together. Adam: All right. We’re getting set up for another competitor
to get strapped down on the Rev-X by SCT dyno. We’ve got Sam here. Sam, thanks for being here. It’s an absolute pleasure. Sam: Thanks, it’s an honor to be here. Adam: You’ve got a 2013 Boss 302. Sam: I got some Twin Turbos in there. Adam: Are you ready? Sam: I’m ready. Adam: Six hundred and forty. So, it’s not what we hoped for, but how are
you feeling after this? Sam: A little disappointed. Sam: But hey, at least I know we got some
work to do. Adam: We’re ready for the next contestant
on the Rev-X by SCT dyno competition. I’ve got Brandon here and he’s one of our
competitors. Are you excited to get your car strapped down
and see what it’s making? Brandon: Yeah. I mean, the car hasn’t been on a dyno for
awhile. I made a number of changes to it. We have an On3Performance kit. Built motor has sleeves in it. Car used to have a manual, now we have a 6R80
with a 4R200 hub. Adam: What size turbos we got going on? Brandon: These are the On3 67. Adam: We’re walking away with 1157 horsepower. Make some noise for Brandon. Justin: Just outside of Vendor Alley is the
specialty car area, and you really get a good sense of what’s going on in the specialty
car area by seeing these cars behind me. So, GT350R right there, Sterling single turbo
S197 with a Powerglide, by the way. Twin Turbo S197 on bags, GT350, S197 on bags,
and then our S550 now showcasing, by the way, some brand new Saleen parts here or Saleen,
I should say. I know a lot of you guys knock me for saying
it that way. But check it out. New S550, Saleen parts, available for your
ride, exclusively at americanmuscle.com. So, specialty car area, just a way great way
to come, see some of the really cream of the crop, in my humble opinion, but there’s a
lot of beautiful cars out today. A good spot to be. I’m here with probably one of my best friends
in the industry and probably one of the nicest guys I know. It’s too bad he’s a Redskins fan, but that’s
all right. Andy Howard, what’s going on, man? Andy: What’s up, bro? How you doing? Justin: Walk us through the car a little bit
more and that killer wheel and tire set up. Andy: We decided early on we want to go with
a ProCharger. Decided to go with the F1, figured we could
grow into it, you know, once we do a built motor and things. So, we did a triple pump, four set up. That makes some power right now. It’s on 11 pounds, it dynoed a little over
900 horsepower. Justin: That’s crazy. Well, let’s talk about those wheels because
I know you’re buddies with Damien from Bella, and a unique set, to say the least. Andy: Yeah, we went with a 17 by 11.5. He tried 12, a little too tight. But, 11.5 with a 28 by 11.5 tires. Had two track outings so far and they hooking
great. Justin: Nice, man. Thanks for bringing the car out today. It’s absolutely killer, bro. Andy: Hey, always have a great time at AmericanMuscle. Justin: Thank you. For the past two years, here at the AmericanMuscle
Mustang Show, we’ve teamed up with Make-A-Wish to raise a lot of money for the charity, of
course, to reveal an awesome car that we’ve rebuilt for a deserving young man or woman,
and this year is no different. What you’re looking at here is Matt’s ’83
Fox Body V6 convertible. It just doesn’t really look all that great,
right? Well, I guarantee you, Matt, what’s under
this cover is surely going to blow your mind. Let’s check it out. Joe: We’ve got a very special guest that I
want to introduce. This is Matthew and we met Matthew through
the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Matt just recently had a whole heart transplant
in Philadelphia. So, Make-A-Wish asked Matt what he wanted
for a wish. Matt said, “There’s probably somebody more
deserving.” And then when they asked him again, he said,
“You know what? My grandmother gave me this 35-year-old Mustang. You guys could just pull the dents out of
it and maybe paint it black, that would be great.” As you can imagine, not a chance we were stopping
at painting it black and pulling the dents out, and Matt deserves a hell of a lot more
than that. We’re excited now to show Matt what we’ve
done with his car. One, two, three. Matt: Get out of here. Stop. Stop. Come on. Justin: When this thing came to us, carbureted
V6, whopping 112 horsepower, I believe. So, we’ll see how she sounds. That’s some V6, isn’t it? So what, in place of that carbureted V6 now,
Joe, we wanna show him here? You have yourself a brand new Ford performance
435 horsepower Coyote Crate Engine, sir. So, you have the 435 horsepower, Ford performance
Gen 2 Coyote Crate Engine. And behind it is a 6R80, brand new automatic
transmission, 0 miles, tuned by Lund Racing. The rear end’s from a New Edge Mustang, those
who are familiar with SN95, front end’s kind of Fox Body fitment, so it’s tough to find
a set of wheels. Forgestar to the rescue. They’ve built us a custom set of wheels for
it. This is an F14, massive Baer brakes behind
it, because if you have 435 horsepower on tap, you need to stop, right? In a couple of words, what are you thinking? Matt: I don’t have words to describe how amazing
this has all been, and thank you so much, guys. Justin: All right, guys. One more time everybody again, for Matt, the
Make-A-Wish team. We’re going to kick off the Make-A-Wish parade. But helping me out here today, Number 72 from
your Philadelphia Eagles, Mr. Tra Thomas. Put your hands together, everybody. How are you all guys doing today? Tra: I’m fantastic. Justin: Guys, what we’re going to do is kick
this thing off. We got 2009 Mustang GT. Look at that flake in the roof. Speaking of good Mustangs, 2018 GT350. Put your hands together. All right. We got a cheering section over here. And another cool one right there, 2011 Shelby
GT500. Look at that, waving the American flag. Put your hands together for that beautiful
flag right there and that 2005 Mustang GT. Please put your hands together one more time
for all the Make-A-Wish families here in attendance, and last but not least, how about this? Guest of honor, here he comes, Matt and his
Fox Body, everybody. Put your hands together. This is so awesome. There you go, guys. So, that’s going to wrap up our Make-A-Wish
parade here, guys. Adam: All right, everybody. It is time for the Mickey Thompson burnout
competition. What’s going on, man? What’s your name? Alex: Hey, my name is Alex Stark. Adam: Alex, what do you got going on today? You got an S550. Tell me a little bit about it. Alex: All right. So, this is a V6. I’ve got BBK Long Tube headers, Borla ATAKs. I did a 488 rear end with a Torsen on it,
so it should kick out real quick. Adam: The Mickey Thompson burnout competition,
Alex, it’s all you. Make some noise for Alex. It looks like we’ve got a little bit of damage. Oh my God. Yeah. Tire on this side is completely mangled, bumper’s
falling off, fender’s got some damage to it. That’s a burnout that we like to see. Next competitor’s coming on, another S550
looking like a 5-liter this time. Beautiful looking car. This is all you. Three, two, one, let’s go. That was incredible. Pulling on our next contestant, everybody
make some noise for Corey. That sounds so good. But next up, we have no stranger to the burnout
competition here at AM, this is Fast Eddie, everybody. Take it away. Whoa. Whoa. Fast Eddie, everybody. Make some noise. Eddie, the crowd has spoken. Everybody make some noise for Fast Eddie,
our Mickey Thompson burnout winner. Justin: Every year, Vendor Alley is without
a doubt, the hot spot at AmericanMuscle Mustang Show, and this year’s no different, of course. Speaking of hot, how about this thing? 2020 Shelby GT500. Breaking news, by the way, it used to be called
red hot metallic. Not anymore. Guess what? Rapid red is now what Ford is calling this
thing. Hot off the presses, we’re giving you a little
dose of Mustang news at our AmericanMuscle Mustang Show. Again to recap here, over 700 horsepower. We’re hearing quarter mile times about sub
11 seconds. So, mid to high 10s on street tires, mind
you, on 93 octane. Five-two, big old blower on top. I mean, what’s not to love except for the
fact that I don’t own one. But, hopefully we can change that in the near
future. But, thanks again to Ford for bringing this
hot rod out and some other cool toys. Brand new RTR Ford Performance package right
behind me, and a ton, and I mean ton of great vendors behind us. So, every year this is one of the highlights
for me. Ford never disappoints. And let’s just sit back and enjoy this thing,
shall we? Adam: Well guys, I’m finally getting an opportunity
to actually come out to the car show portion of the car show to see everybody parked up,
and man, there is everything that you can dream of. Sixty-nine’s, old ’50 push rods, Coyotes,
every kind of Mustangs out here. Everyone’s a family and I’m really excited
to actually get to talk to some of the owners, get the vibe out here, see how people are
feeling it and what they’ve got going on with their rides. So, what do you say we find some owners? So, we ran into a couple of really cool cars
out here, near and dear to my heart. Some SN95 Cobras. We’ve got Keith, Autumn and Eric, owners of
these beautiful Cobras. We’ve got a ’98 and two ’94s and some pretty
unique colors too. Now, Keith, how are you guys feeling out here
today? You’ve got some really beautiful cars. Are you enjoying the show? Keith: The vibe is good. We’re meeting a lot of nice people. The weather’s really good. I love coming out here every year, looking
forward to it. And you know, like I said, we just get to
shoot the breeze and have a good time. Adam: People might be forgetting about the
’90s. They got to show some ’90s love and you guys
have lined up perfectly here. This looks beautiful. So, what do you got going on with yours? This is your ’98, right? Keith: That’s correct. Adam: So, what do you have going on? Keith: Motor’s done basic, I have Flowmaster
exhaust H-Pipe, H&R Super Sport Springs, Middle [SP] Tires, TMI Racing seats. I keep it short and simple. Adam: Very simple stuff but it’s all tasteful. It looks beautiful. The engine bay’s immaculate. And I know, Autumn, Eric, you guys have got
pretty much the same situation. I know you got a couple maybe bolt-on mods,
mostly exterior stuff. And Autumn, you’ve got grabber green, is it? Autumn: Yeah. Adam: The old throwback OE color that you
don’t really see nowadays, and it just looks incredible. So, I’m really happy that you guys got together
and were able to pull this off and it looks so good. I hope you guys enjoy the show. Justin: Kicking things off here, we’re going
to do some VMP exhibition drag racing. And you know the guys from VMP always bring
some pretty cool stuff to check out. We have Mr. Justin Starkey from VMP up here
to talk about some of the cars. Here we go. Here you go, 11.4 at 148. Keep in mind, we got a bone stock 2018 F150
versus ‘Stang mode, it’s a full bolt-on. He’s putting on a show with the burnout. Josh, he’s got the tailgate down for extra
aerodynamics. Look at that, 11.70s at 119 out of that Gen
3 Coyote. Not too shabby. This thing’s making all the steam, so let’s
see how it does. Nine sixty at 144. Fox Body car, Vortech, 302. And we have a Mach 1, looks like on a drag
pack, so I’m kind of curious to see how this is gonna go. The Fox is gonna reel him in. Got him. All right. Great race. Now’s the time to get ready for a whole lot
of noise. Got dueling jet cars. Oh, how about that? Man: Two hundred and seventy five miles per
hour. Justin: What? I can’t hear you. Adam: Guys, make some noise for the BBK Revving
competition. The way this is gonna go, guys, we have 10
competitors that get the chance to rev their mustangs. The top four who had the loudest reaction
from you guys are gonna battle head-to-head. You guys are gonna have to determine who is
going to walk away with the Smart Plug trophy. Justin: Beautiful GT350 with a little goody
under the hood. Three, two, one, go ahead. There you go. Dude, that sounded amazing. Adam: Make some noise for our GT350. Justin: Here we go, guys. You know the deal, sir. Let it rip. Adam: Make noise for contestant number two. Justin: Nice, mild-mannered looking S550 GT. Let’s hear it. Adam: Let’s make some noise. Justin: Look at this clean Roush rolling in. This RS3. Come on up. Adam: Everybody, all right. Justin: How about that? Damn. Make some noise. All right. The numbers are in. Number five and number six. Here we go. Moment of truth. Three valve on three valve. Go for it. Hit it. Let’s hear it for contestant number six. Adam: And contestant number five. Justin: What do you think? Adam: I’m hearing number five. Justin: We got a lot of number five’s in the
crowd. Let’s hear it for our winner, everybody. Put your hands together. Well again, this is the saddest part of the
show every year, putting an end to the 11th Annual AmericanMuscle Mustang Show. And guys, we hope to see you back here next
year for number 12. Adam: So at the end of the day, we had an
amazing time. So many great events. Raised some money for Make-A-Wish and that’s
really the main thing here. That’s why we’re all doing this. Justin: Absolutely. And unveiling Matt’s car was no doubt the
highlight for myself, and I think a lot of people here today. Guys, that’s gonna wrap us up again. He’s Adam, I’m Justin. We hope you enjoyed the video. Subscribe, of course, to our YouTube channel
if you like more of this content. But hey, we’ll see you guys next year. We’re outta here.

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