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Hi Everyone, This is Jiro and today I’m
going to show you something completely different as I am going to visit one of the best garage,
mechanic in Western Australia. The main aims for today interview is to get
a general overview of the owner perspectives about the automotive industry ( moving into
different direction within the next 5 to 10 years) and his preferences as well as expectations
in term of hiring the qualify mechanic. The next step would be the induction around
the workshop to show you how the workshop run and understand a daily life as a mechanic
and lastly , we are going to carry on by talking about the service fees at OK Car Center, which
is quite affordable and reasonable for all level of customers like low and middle income. Ok before moving into the main topic for today,
let the owner Jay introduce himself to the rest of audience. OK Jay can you please introduce yourself. Hi Jiro, I am the owner of Ok Car Center and
I have run this workshop for five years, so Jiro is one of my regular customers. Thank you. Ah I have been serviced my car at his garage
for more than 4 year and I know his qualify, honesty and reliable workshop. For this reason, Ok Car center has been build
their reputation and the garage is well known as one of the most trusted garage for local
people surrounding in the area. So I got a question for you Jay. What is your view about the industry within
the next five years? I think five years are not much changed, but
once started electric cars can sell in the market around 20% to 50% percent in the market. This could be changed in term of maintenance
and servicing of the car. Definitely, Experts predict the future like
5, 10 or 15 years later, most of the mechanic workshop around 70 to 80% will be closed. People that time probably could save amount
of money. Therefore, the mechanic workshop could be
declining. Is it because of the Electric Vehicles are
going to rise up? Yeath. Not only maintenance and service could be
effected, but the manufacturing companies are going to reduce the huge number of employees,
the number could be around 50% of Job cutting in the industry. The reason because the electric vehicle does
not have an engine and less compartments as it mainly has motor, battery and computer
system. Therefore, electric car does not need to do
a regular oil replacement and these electric vehicles only need to change small things
like break pad. All the basic things. It great to know that the industry trend is
moving to the direction of electric vehicle, where the electric vehicle is going to rise
up withi the next 5 to 10 years. That why the industry is going to decline
in term of mechanic workshop. Therefore, you need to keep up with the new
direction in order to compete and maintain the appearance of your business in the near
future. I also got another question, what is your
view in term of hiring quality mechanic based on your expectation? Last 10, 15 years I had been working in this
field as a labour worker and five years ago, I opened my workshop but you know the skill
the basic skill is you need a knowledge about automotive, better knowledge can be provided
a better skill and expertise in term of diagnosing the problem, which can help to identify the
specific problem. However, There is no limit within the industry,
the more you learn, the better you are and the better expertise it is so you can have
a better understanding in the industry. Keep constantly update with the industry. IF you have a good knowledge and can address
the specific problem, the customer will be happy with the service, where the words of
mouth could be spreading out to other people. Therefore, the workshop will be getting popular. That is one of the best in term of hiring
the quality mechanic and I think it would be similar to other workshops within Australia
or In WA in particular. The next step, let get Jay’s going to take
us a tour around the workshop to understand how the workshop runs and Jay will let you
know the servicing fees that Ok Car Center charges. You got two Car bays for servicing. Yeath. These are the spare cars. Customers come to workshop where they give
us a key, if it is more than two hours service and they need to go to work. We will provide the cottage car to customer
as it provides the best convenient for customer. I like the logo, what make you decided to
choose the logo? Is it because it looks so Korean. This a trade mark in Korean. First thing, I would like to give a simple
idea to customer to remember like Ok Car is easy to remember and everything have to be
OK. You got two bays
How long have you been operated Ok Car Center already? Five years already. How much do you charge for regular service? For small car, we do charge $110 to $120 for
general service included engine oil replacement, oil filter and full inspections about 30 items. Customer can get the full report after 1 hour
about the car health information. Therefore, Customer can decide whether they
can go ahead with further service or not. As Jay mentioned, Ok Car Center normally charges $110 to $120 for a general
service for a small car or four cylinders. Another question for you Jay What if I become
a regular member of OK Car center, is there any discount applicable to it? Because I have been serviced my car at OK
Car Center for more than 4 years and I know the quality of this workshop, there is three
main things that are really important from the consumer point of views. Honesty, reliable and affordable. That why the garage is well known as one of
the most trusted garage for local people surrounding in the area. Do you give any special price if I become
a regular member of the garage? We try to give a free part like free wipers. We also do log book service, if the bill is
quite big, we will reduce about 5% to 10 % on top of the bill. One more thing, what is the workshop address
and phone number can you please provide to people who don’t know. My workshop is located in Willetton, very
close to leach highway which is closed to the freeway. It may take about 15 minutes from the City
to here. What about the street name? Close to Bunning Willetton. Name: OK Car Center
Address: 1 Whyalla St, Willetton WA 6155. Number: 0401 606 537. Any enquiries are associated with the car
breakdown, I can explain to the customer over the phone and I will give an advice to reduce
the percentages of other parts’ problems. Or you can bring your car here, We will give
you a free quotation for the car.

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  1. What is your thought about the service fees at OK Car Center ? Please dont forget to give "OK Car Center "a call to book your first service , you will receive an courtesy service with a quality at an affordable price. Price ranges from $110 to $120 for a small or 4 cylinders vehicle.

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