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This is the front of a 2019 TOYOTA
LANDCRUISER 70 SERIES GXL SINGLE-CAB. Sorry for the background noise, reason being
because the radio is playing in the background, and they’re doing a couple of sales
at the moment, so I do apologise. Anyhow, let’s get straight into it. Towards the front you’ve got some standard
halogen headlights, as you can see. It’s quite nice. See the grille there,
it’s all nice and chrome. Lots of chrome here. You got a textured finish
towards the front bumper there, which can be used as a step. Got plastic mouldings around here,
where you would have your fog lights. Chrome here. The wheels. So tyres are Dunlop tyres,
DUNLOP GRANDTREK. Sorry, DUNLOP GRANDTREK AT1 TYRES. In terms of the tyre size,
they are a 16-INCH TYRE. And they are MADE IN JAPAN. They sound very solid. Alloy. So you got DISC BRAKES at the front. LandCruiser GXL. So, Australian pricing: $81,100. Here’s the sort of specs you see
on the model that you’re looking at. 4.5-LITRE DIESEL, manual. Silver Pearl, that’s the colour. 10.7 litres per 100 k’s
on your four-wheel-drive. Very old-school-style side-view mirrors. You can see that this one
doesn’t have the tray on, so, I guess it’s good so you can actually see
the actual frame of the car, of the ute, sorry. Exhaust. So, you can see here… You can see you’ve got
LEAF SPRING SUSPENSION. So there’s actually a benefit
to having leaf spring suspension, opposed to the standard-looking suspension, and the reason for that
is actually for carrying heavy weights. For example, if you put a lot of cargo,
it actually can be suspended for… it can be suspended much more evenly
and better, which is actually good. So the benefit of that is for long journeys
when you’re actually carrying lots of load, it can support that, whereas if you
actually have regular suspension, it actually would compress
and it would not be very even for the car. So that’s the main benefit of it. In terms of, like, everyday driving,
the ute will bounce around a lot. That’s why a lot of people
put some things in the boot, just to even out the weight
so the car will feel more planted. So that’s actually the little story behind it. So you can see,
you got your fuel tank. Also you got discs over here as well. Single exhaust. Tail-lights. Spare tyre. That’s the opening for your fuel cap, for your fuel tank, obviously. Love doing this. Very solid-feeling. Love the handles.
These old-school handles are very solid. I didn’t mention that
in my other LandCruiser videos. So it’s a single cab… in case you forgot. So they slightly revised the interior a little bit. So they have been making this car
for a very, very long time, this ute/truck for a very,
very long period of time. They just made some little minor updates,
in case you’re wondering. So you’ve got a pretty
standard-looking rev counter there. A speedometer towards the right. Oil gauge, fuel gauge,
another temperature gauge and a voltmeter for the battery. Standard rubber steering wheel. Your controls. They still feel quite solid. So you got one airbag here,
another one here. Some storage. Standard radio. Don’t have the keys for this one,
unfortunately. All the buttons feel quite nice. I’d love to do a radio test,
but unfortunately we don’t… Very old-school-looking
air-conditioning controls. Recycling. Hot, cold. Ashtray. Cigarette lighter. Two black buttons here. You got a 12-volt power outlet,
120 watts. You’ve got some storage here. In case you’re wondering, this is actually
a little product called SHINE ARMOR. So it’s actually a waterless wash. I’ve done a little review on this
so feel free to check it out, and you can give your thoughts. But yeah, it’s pretty cool stuff, so check it out
in case you’re interested in buying the product, and I’ll leave the details
in the description below if you are. I think you could put your cards in here. You got your low-range over here and then you’ve got your
5-speed manual over here. The seat’s a bit back, so it makes it
a bit harder, ’cause I’m quite short. Very nice. I haven’t seen this little
rubber-looking boot in a long time. Got standard… storage here. Not really much here, quite hollow. All hard plastics. Got cloth seats, fabric seats. Actually feels quite nice, even though
it is an old-school sort of material. I think the old… those Toyota Crowns,
those old ones you have in Japan still use this sort of seats type of material. Got a little sort of…
amount of storage over here. You can put maybe… Move this box out of the way.
You can put some stuff in there. You do have a little bit of space over here, so maybe you can just chuck in
some small items and stuff like that. They do fold, so you can
actually put a couple of items there. But yeah, pretty simple. Very simple car. Visibility is pretty good.
Obviously a different time frame, so you don’t have those sorts of things. But they have added some little minor things.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed. You’ve got some curtain airbags,
which is pretty cool. So a couple of modern
features they’ve added, yet still preserving
the old-school sort of look. Very nice. Got some map pockets,
if you wanna carry a map. Well, mainly back in those days. So the engine is a 4.5-LITRE DIESEL. Gotta get a bit messy here. There. Sorry. These are obviously made in Japan. Very simple to work on. Here’s the fuel filter. Very cool. Ooh. That’s a bit loud, sorry. That’s my walk-around of the 2019
TOYOTA LANDCRUISER GXL SINGLE-CAB. Hope you enjoyed this video. Sorry for the mistakes during the video
and also the background noise and all that. But if you are interested in purchasing this vehicle,
this car is available at Ferntree Gully Toyota. I’ll leave the details in the description below.
Thanks for watching.

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