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AUTO MAGAZINEMatthias Malmedie flew
on a special mission
to the United Arab Emirates.To the emirate Ajman,
to be exact.
The smallest of the emirates
is home to a very rich car enthusiast,
who lives in his own palace.The billionaire
must remain anonymous,
but Matthias is on his way
to meet the billionaire’s tuner.
Apparently he’s totally sick.
He’s got sick cars, and sick dudes, and… yeah.The tuner Mathia Bellussi
only tunes cars
for the most powerful Sheikhs.We couldn’t dig up much info
about the German-Italian tuner.
He avoids the public eye.The address leads us
to a neighborhood of mansions.
Is this supposed
to be a car tuner?
No company name, nothing. There he is! Hi Mathia.
– You’re a little late. Look at my rental car.
It’s no wonder I’m late. Rental car? Yeah,
it’s some kind of family car. That’s okay.
Well, at least you got here. Do you have a workshop?
– Yes. It’s a closed door workshop,
so no advertising. It’s not open for everybody.
Just VVIPs. And it’s right there. I have a very special toy here,
worth around three million euros. Is there an airplane in there?
– Yes, almost. You could call it that. Open up.
– Jalla. I’ll show you. You can’t see in. It’s mirrored glass. Three million euros?
What on earth could it be? I don’t believe it. That’s freakin crazy. Maserati MC12.
– Corsa. Corsa!
– So only 12 cars produced. Good god!
– That’s right. No matter where
you open a garage door in the UAE there’s a crazy car behind it..
– Yup. Who does it belong to? It belongs to
a very special person here. You can’t give us a name?
– I can’t, that’s why I said, “a very special person.” I adjusted the software for the temperature
and gas conditions. It was purchased
just about two weeks ago. Now I can deliver it. If you’d like, I could… … show you something in the palace.
I think you’ll like it. We’re allowed in the palace?
– Yes, you’re allowed. Sure.
– I’ll let you in. Are you in? You bet!
– Jalla. Let’s go.Your chances of winning the lottery
are much higher
than your chances of seeing
a Maserati MC12 Corsa in the wild.
Worldwide, there are only two
that are licensed for public roads.
In order to call this baby his own,the owner had to shell outthe equivalent of two
Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesses.
In other words,
about three million euros.
The 12 cylinder with 745 hpis based on the powertrain
of the Enzo Ferrari.
Except the Enzo seems mass produced
compared to this Maserati.
The owner won’t risk driving
the expensive car on the streets.
The beauty is getting
a piggy-back ride to the place.
Even just getting it loaded
is spectacle enough.
There’s no way
he’s going to drive it over that!Oh yes there is.
Chill out, Matthias.
For the price of the MC12 Corsa,
you could probably get… 3,000 of those trucks.In Germany they’d make sure
to wrap and protect the car,
but in the Emirates they just
throw it on the back of an old truck.
Matthias finally got some information:
They’re headed to the “Black Palace.”Okay. Jalla, jalla, Mathia.Here we go.You show up at a tuning workshop, one of the biggest Sheikhs
is his client, and now we get to go to the place! It’s just… I feel like I’m in the wrong movie. Mathia is warming up the wheels.Mathia has his dream job:he’s the exclusive mechanic for,
hold on to your hats,
a 29-year-old billionaire.There’s the palace! No way!
That’s where it got its name. The palace is black.Matthias has seen a lot,
but this absolutely takes the cake.
I’m going to flip out.
I’ve never seen anything like it.The man of the house isn’t home.But that shouldn’t be a problem,because his tuner Mathia,
is allowed to do whatever he wants.
And the Palace guards?
They’re totally chill.
Hi. I’ve got a camera team with me.
They want to film inside a bit, okay? Thanks.Both cars are allowed to enter.First they drive through
a 740 acre front yard.
Now I get it. That was just the lobby,
and this… … this is the main house.Not quite.Okay.This is just the guest house.The main house is much bigger.Like right out of
One Thousand and One Nights.
Mathia, it’s amazing.
– Here we are. These three cars alone…
– Right. SL 65 Black Series, SLS Black Series…
– Yes. C-Class Coupe Black Series…
– Yes. And check out the plates? This one: “Dubai 30.” “Dubai 4444444.” They’re more expensive than the cars.
– Yes, they are. What does “Dubai 30” cost?
Take a guess. About 1 million euros.
– 1 million? It’s a status symbol.
– This is 1 million euros? Just this is worth 1 million euros. And how much
does a SLS Black Series cost? 300,000 euros?
– Yes, about 300,000 euros. And that’s
when it’s chock full of extra power. Thanks to your tuning?
– Yes.Just the ideaof even laying a finger
on a Mercedes Black Series
makes us tremble!Mathia took the SLS-Powertrain,
a naturally aspirated engine,
and gave it brutal mouth-to-mouth
in the form of a powerful compressor.
way more than 790 hp.
In order to have fun with his treasures
whenever he wants,
the billionaire built himself
a racetrack behind the house.
He’s got an airfield!
This is like an airfield! That’s right.Now Matthias gets to play on
the billionaire’s private test track.
This calls for the SLS.Donuts just by tipping the gas pedal,spinning wheels till 110 mph…This is so freaking intense! I think it sounds a bit like a rocket. It definitely drives like a rocket.It’s no wonder,
with over 738 lb·ft of torque.
The performance never ends!Now things are moving fast.Matthias has to clear the track
for the Maserati.
See you in a second.Mathia warmed up the MC12.Yes, floor it! Floor it!A quick system check
still has to be done.
He disappeared into the desert sands.Even though the Maserati
costs 3 million euros,
Mathia isn’t interested
in treating it with reverence.
This is a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Even in a GRIP-Test-Driver’s lifetime.Before the MC12 disappears
into the collector’s holy halls,
Matthias gets a chance to drive.I couldn’t stop smiling if I tried. Everything alright?
– Peachy. The car is ready. Everything works.
No alarm bells are going off. The air-ratio,
I mean, air-fuel-ratio is good. I think it’s okay.
You can drive it now. Be happy. And you’re sure
this is okay with the Sheikh? Yes. If I was the Sheikh,
I wouldn’t give me my cars. Okay, first gear. Let’s go! I don’t believe it. This is just a dream: Mattie Malmedie
in a Maserati MC12… Corsa! There are only 12 in the world.
That’s it. Okay, let’s do this. Crazy! That’s incredible.The 12 cylinder
hits 8,000 rpms so quickly,
that Matthias
can hardly shift fast enough.
Man, this is one badass car!
It’s incredible! You can feel every ounce
it doesn’t weigh.It’s got 745 hp
to move barely 2870 pounds.
That’s not even 4 pounds per hp.Matthias even has a license
to burn rubber.
I never would’ve dreamed that Mathia
would let me drift a bit too. He said, “Matthias, drive.
Do whatever you want.” Okay. That was another piece of supercar-automobile-history which is now
being etched into my brain. This level of happiness
is impossible to describe. One more full acceleration, and then we’ve got to give it back. Holy moly, Captain! This country is incredible. This country,
these people and these cars.One thing’s for sure:
GRIP is definitely coming back.

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  1. Der MC 12 war einmal schnellstes Auto mit Straßenzulassung. Bei 755PS sind etwa 370Km/h Endgeschwindigkeit möglich. Bye Hans.

  2. An der Kiste fehlt alles für einen der 12 Corsas….

    Keine verbreiterungen, der kleine Runde Heckspoiler… der Corsa hatte einen, der in der Mitte montiert war und aussah wie Omas Bügelbrett….
    Falsche Schürzen etc.

    Sagen wir mal so….
    Es ist einer der „normalen“ 50 MC12
    Es sei denn das ist der MC 12 1/2 😀

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  4. Ich liebe Sportwagen! ABER 1 Million für ein Kennzeichen ist einfach extrem amoralisch. Wieviel Leute von soviel Geld geheilt, versorgt und ernährt werden könnten. Einfach widerlich solche Summen fürs eigene Ego zu verbrennen.

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    Ich schweife ab.. Achso, Auto.. Gut.. für 3 Millionen bekommt man viele LKW's mit Pringles vollgepackt. Da ich jetzt genug Werbung für Pringles gemacht habe können die mir ruhig ein paar Dosen zuschicken :-)..

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    Arabien (Abu Dhabi): Nichts, fahren Sie wieder

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