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♪♪♪ Narrator:
4 Seasons Transportation provides safe, reliable
and barrier-free transportation to school-aged children
with a range of behavioral, cognitive
and physical challenges. Working closely with the schools
and families it services to understand
each child’s needs, 4 Seasons fosters a relationship
of trust and compassion between the child and driver, so children arrive to school
calm and ready to learn. Brooke Garcia:
Allowing passengers,
guests and students the ability to
transport to and from their programs, schools,
doctors’ appointments. It’s being able to
provide a service to uh, Calgarians and Canadians to uh, be able to be successful
in their day to day life. Narrator:
The company takes great care
in hiring the right people to transport guests, providing a comprehensive
training program for it’s drivers. Brooke Garcia:
From the time we hire our people
our drivers and attendants, we’re really focusing
on the soft skills. Is somebody compassionate? Are they adaptable? Do they have the ability to
relate to these students even though that may not be something they’ve
lived through before? Narrator:
Eight years ago, Brooke Garcia
joined 4 Seasons as a driver and one of eight employees. Today, Brooke is the
owner and president, growing the company to 300
employees serving 1,000 students per school day. With goals to
continue expanding, much of Brooke’s work is
focused on affecting change in the industry by supporting school districts
and government programs, and ensuring
opportunities are provided to children with
special needs. Brooke Garcia:
I um, fell in love with this, this wasn’t my plan,
it wasn’t my intention. We’re providing a
needed service for the special needs community and um, you know at the same
time it’s a business that I love Narrator:
The City of Calgary is
pleased to recognize Brooke Garcia and
4 Seasons Transportation as the recipient of the 2018 Calgary Award
for Commerce. ♪♪♪

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