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What do you say? It doesn’t have crocodile leather?! Hey guys! Today we prepared a cool little video film about Proximity Keys. Let’s go! Just kidding! It’s really windy outside and we don’t have a microphone yet. So that’s why we’ve prepared a little
comedy sketch film instead about five types of customers. Let’s go! “Oh, no, no, no… it’s a little bit too expensive. Сan you go like a little bit lower? Type number 1: the
bargainer. I understand this is already a cost, but like I’ve got to pay stamp duty
and I’m.. I know you could do better Natalia, please, come on”. Type number 2: the one with the difficult wife. This rarely happens in reverse. “I love this
car, Natalia, but.. you see, my wife.. she’s.. she wants black and half leather. But you’ve got the opposite and she’s really fussy, and I’ll talk to her. But like…” They come weird. Does it come with? Hold on I have a list. Type number 3: the fussy and rather choosy customer. Okay, dual memory seats, auto tailgate, a speedy one touch, a moonroof, crocodile leather,
a cool box, ten inch. Type number 4: the one that’s thrilled with everything. “Test Drive? Nah, all good. I love the car so much! Thank you.
Oh, what you said earlier on the phone about the scratches? All good. I’m planning to make some more so don’t sweat it.” Type number 5: the stressed. Sometimes they have kids, but sometimes they’re just tired. One time I’ve had a customer that came at 10 p.m. to pick up. And when it was time
to go he got in the wrong car. The funny part was that that car that he
tried to take was 20K cheaper. “Don’t touch anything! You watch your sister! Hi Nat, I have arrived. Sorry I’ma bit late.. traffic, kids, you know how it is.. Um..
Right. So, I’ll just sign here I guess uh-huh.. Oh, that’s where you were to sign. Um, good.. brackets, cross it out.. right. Thanks. Um… Don’t touch that, do not touch that! Go.. Come here right now!” So there you have it, our five most common types of customers. This was just a joke. If you see a
reflection of yourself in some of these videos, don’t worry, we still love you. Anyways don’t forget to like, subscribe, share, comment, ring the notification bell. See you next time.

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