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– You know when you’re with
your significant other, you’re waiting at the door, okay, and wondering how just, how
does this always happen? She said five minutes ago 35 minutes ago and its not like you’re counting,
but you’re just wondering, how come you’re standing
there, hot as (beep) because you got your coat on and you’re waiting to get in the car. She comes down the stairs and you ask, “You know honey, you said five minutes ago “an hour ago, why is it taking so long?” And she says, “Hey, I
can’t leave the house “without this stuff, okay?” But you talk smack, but
you know sure as hell that she packs everything that you need because you forget just about everything. When you get older you
actually just turn into more of a child when it comes to planning that’s why you get a significant other. Anyway, you can’t judge,
because guess what, there are things that car guys
just can’t live without too. I’m Alex, @ALEXFI on Instagram and today we’re going to be talking about five things car guys or gals
just can’t live without. I am going to trigger most people in the Midwest here, but I’m not sure how California and all those cool states with the warm weather actually do it. But the first thing that car
guys simply can’t live without is 93 octane gas. Okay, so, up here in the
north side of the old Midwest, it just doesn’t exist. Because that (beep) is
impossible to find around here. Now good old Quick Trips
have 91 with Ethanol. Random BP’s used to
have 93, but they really just don’t even believe in 91 anymore. Then you got that rickety-ass gas station, that has no lights on,
that has 110 octane, but you’re not entirely
sure if you just might get stabbed in the kindey if you stop by. Now I like to party just
as much as the next guy, but not that much. Okay, 93 octane becomes so damn needed when you start really getting into tuning, because a lot of companies,
that’s just what they tune for. They tune for 93 octane. Now, next up would be carbon fibre. Okay, now listen, we
can convince ourselves that buying carbon
fiber parts is all about weight savings and all that, but really 95% of the time, it’s
really just for looks. I don’t understand why,
I don’t understand how, it just is neat, okay. You got your one by one weave,
you got your two by two, you got your forge, you
got all of it, okay. Carbon fiber just never seems to be like a bad thing as long as it’s authentic and it fits your car appropriately, okay? Have you ever tried explaining
to your significant other or maybe even a parent,
that you spent $2700 on a carbon fiber rear
diffuser and front lip? They stare at you,
(clears throat) wondering. “Is this what my upbringing
taught you, son/daughter”, okay. And then they lie and then
they say they’re proud of you, because they figure if you
can spend that much money on a car part, you sure have
to be doing well in life. Doesn’t matter, carbon fiber is the go to for pretty much everything
and that’s okay. But don’t worry because you
won’t even make it that far because you’re going to immediately try to cut off the exhaust or do something to immediately make it loud as (beep). Catalytic converters? (buzzer sound) No, no need. Sorry Cali, Wisconsin, we don’t need it. (blowing sounds) What, what is that? (laughs) Test pipes, mufflers, (blows raspberry) get those out of here. Headers, let’s see what
sort of weird brands pop up on Ebay and we’ll
just slap those bad boys on for the time being because
we want it to sound cool. Literally making a car
louder, or just sound different than stock, is not
just a want, it’s a need. Especially with a car guy or gal. I mean you just can’t go wrong with that. And that’s just something that everybody always seems to do. Another one would probably be wheels. Now we’re not trying to
toot our own horn here but when you’re a car
guy, even one on a budget, 99% of the time that budget is
gonna go towards dope wheels. At the end of the day they
make any 30 year old’s car look 10 years old. I mean its a good thing to do it kind of spruces up the
life of your car you know. It’s just how they go. I’d say another one is
a manual transmission. Or some ability of a manual transmission. Even you have an
automatic, car guys or gals just can’t get away from
a manual trans, y’know, even if it’s one of those
flappy paddle options. The ability to control the car with all, you know, the little
shaft in the middle bit is totally worth it. Even if you have a 90 horse power Miata. Still totally a blast. Like just having the bang and the, (imitating car sounds) like pretty much, you do
it, I do it, we all do it. When you guys have slow cars, you know exactly that’s
what it sounds like. That’s exactly what you do,
and it’s totally worth it as you’re going onto the
on-ramp at 55 miles an hour. Are you maybe ready for a speed round? Okay, good, all right, all right. Let’s get ready, ready? Buckle up, buttercup, let’s go. 10mm socket, can’t find it
ever, can’t live without it. Somehow every time you need it, it’s gone. Even with cars that shouldn’t have a 10mm, because that’s just how it goes. Debt, let’s be honest, you’ve done it, then you see the meme of
the bank owning stuff. Who cares? Tell people you’re building credit and then slam it on the ground. Plus, have you seen how
much carbon fiber is? Or three-piece wheels? That’s why like Affirm
even exists, brother. All right, backing in an parking lot. You gotta back it into a parking
lot, it’s just how it goes. You just put it backwards
because it just looks better. What are ya, a pleb? You’re not gonna put it in normally. Back it up like an eloquent scholar so you can stare back at it appropriately while you go into Target
with your significant other and question why they even
brought you in the first place because all you’re gonna do is spend time on the internet
looking at car parts, because Target sometimes
is a little boring. All right, nobody’s got time to go through 62 isles of stuff. I don’t even know what Target sells, but apparently it sells
everything that you don’t need. Okay, quick wax. Nobody has time to detail their car, until it’s time to detail their car, which is pretty much 15
minutes before any car show, or cars and coffee, ever. How, why? We suck at planning and we know it, okay? It doesn’t change the fact that companies made a product
that literally caters to the car enthusiast
that sucks at planning. And last but not least, ramen. Let me tell you boys and girls. You can make ramen a
feast, if you choose to. And I’m gonna tell you
a little secret, okay, let me tell you a little, let me tell you a little secret. Grab your frozen
meatballs, tapatios, ramen, salt packet, scrambled eggs, okay. Tupperware the ramen with
water for three minutes with the noodles inside, okay,
then you take your meatballs, separate microwave, two minutes,
paper towel on both sides, then after you’ve taken the two minutes then take the Tapatio, place
on top of the meatballs, flip them upside down, put them
back in the actual microwave another 30 seconds. Then take your eggs, scramble dry, then take your ramen bowl
that now should be done, drain the water out,
apply new colder water, cut the meatballs, add
those, take the eggs, add in, whip a little bit, you wanna
scramble those bad boys up, then take the salt packet, add in, mix, add ramen, mix again and voila. You have your high sodium, ramen diet and it cost about 74 cents a meal. If your wondering how I know that, I went to college. For four years. I lived off that, all right? So what’s something that you think car guys or gals can’t live without? Drop a comment below and let
us know, and of course guys, if you’re looking for aftermarket wheels, tires or suspension, be sure to check out
fitmentindustries.com. And if you’re not gonna do
that, then at least subscribe. We have a full build
giveaway going on right now. And we’ll be doing another wheel giveaway just in case I messed up the dates. But guys you’re gonna want to check out fitmentindustries.com if you’re looking to
get entered in to win, a full wheel, tires, suspension
build or, a wheel build, or you want to pick up a cool new dad hat, or you want to get some
wheels, tires, suspension, there’s like seven sales plays. Pretty much just go check out the website, we got a lot of cool
stuff going on out there. Okay, I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, we will see you later. Peace!

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  1. What’s the one thing you can’t live without? Drop a comment below!
    and don't forget to add your car to the largest online fitment gallery https://www.fitmentindustries.com/add

  2. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA BWAA HAHHAHAHA ………..Guess what here in texas 93 octane is EVERYWHERE were i live beat that……..ANDDD summit racing is literally 30 minutes from my home 20 if theres no traffic….beat that kids lol XD

  3. I been watching the everloving shit outta your videos for about 6 months now, and decided to check out the website. And now I got a question.

  4. Just yesterday I backed into a parking spot with my car, because I just had to… it also happened to be a Target store…

  5. Damn I’m lucky Michigan must be the Midwest’s outlier. We have 93 everywhere and a gas station w e85 is never more than 10 miles away

  6. Cut up some hotdogs into that ramen. For a gourmet experience, add in some dried mushrooms (give em a quick rinse, first).

  7. I’m thinking the spare Gorilla lug nut key. Used it after the tire shop installed new tires and put rims on the car with the air gun. When it is time to rotate tires the damn Gorilla key will snap. I always keep 2 keys.

  8. Every car person literally needs a dream car that car that got them into the car scene to start with ya know that one they saw one day and thought “holy crap that thing’s cool” and started looking at other cars and learning about cars because of it

  9. Imagine paying more for the manual version of a desirable car.

    This comment was brought to you by the who cares what transmission this car has this car it's still awesome gang.

  10. The moment when you live in Germany and the standard octane is 98 (102 when you want the premium stuff from bp's daughter company aral). Is 93 octane even good for your engine?

  11. I hit redline every time i get on the highway. the feeling off passing 6k as i merge on the freeway at 55mph 😂😂 i need a faster car.

  12. i run 98 octane on my evo 2 cuz jdm. they tank 100 octane there in Japan, so the cars from Japan are optimized to run high octane only

  13. hey alex share some more ramen recipes i'm finally getting my first car i already started saving money by having a ramen stash built so i can always have money for parts

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