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20 thoughts on “7 Dead After Pickup Truck And Trailer Hits Motorcycles In Randolph NH

  1. The one direction you think will never get you, the head on wrong lane drivers. Maybe the guy had a heart attack or some medical reason,

  2. Its sad this isn't bigger news only cause there is no actual video of the accident.
    No footage = not marketable material for the masses and news corporations

  3. Another reason for Video Dash Cams to be standard equipment on Motorbikes…. at least the video would be there for investigators to determine the cause. God go with the survivors and accept those coming to Heaven. Terrible tragedy…

  4. Sad but one woman man bleeding out she put a towel by his leg how about a shoe laces around leg to stop the bleeding what is the real story why pickup crash into motorcycles, cell phone , had a medical condition, fell asleep what , this is a horrible tragedy a day of relaxation with your buddies ends in death and military men to die this way by doing something you enjoy riding motorcycle I own a motorcycle in Dallas area too much traffic to ride some days too many distractions now days especially with smart phones may you bikers rest in peace

  5. Everyone who has ever ridden a motorcycle, or considered riding one, needs to decide if the risk is worth it.

  6. Yet another "wonderful" drug addicted immigrant brought into USA by dumbass liberals. . .all in the name of changing the voting demographics.
    They must be overjoyed that he mowed down 7 potential Trump voters. . . and that is exactly how they look at it. . .not that these men were veterans with families.

  7. get ur facts right u dont need a cdl to drive a pick up truck with teailer or box truck is ur under 27000 lbs all u need is med card only law he broke was killing them people

  8. Yep foreigner who should have had his cdl revoked before this. If even given one at all. Democrats in bed with FMCSA and ATA allowing those who barely speak english. Even tho in their lawbook us driver have to follow, it is clearly stated english! Does not help dude is on drugs and got caught before for it. CDL rules the license was to be revoked then and there.

  9. This was a terror attack those guys were targeted there is no way that much damage was not intentional

  10. Not an accident, it was murder. A hired hit. The perps know the cops won’t investigate it as a mass murder, but only as a car accident.

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