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100 thoughts on “7 Stupid Mistakes Beginner Motorcycle Riders Make (2019)

  1. Last time I rode after drinking I nearly put my front wheel in the back of a 69 Plymouth convertible, while wearing bathing shorts a tank shirt and flip flops. I decided that was it. No more riding after drinking and I always wear full gear. I'm glad you went through braking, I'm so tired of the HD idiots telling people not to use the front brake and they'll argue with you about it.

  2. I thought the opening scene was an example of an ironically clueless rider, turns out it's the video producer. WTF.

  3. PPE, ATGATT = "Anyone who doesn't ride the way I do, is doing it wrong. Let's make legislation to get them off the road so everyone will have to ride the same way I ride." You ride the way you want buddy, and I'll ride the way I want to ride. Learn some manners, and quit being a "know-it-all" fascist. You reek of being a 'newbie rider' telling seasoned riders what's right and wrong.

  4. Sorry I can't watch, I have plenty road rash scars from riding in t shirts and jeans in my youth. It hurts, a lot.

  5. Also just because you have the right of way does not mean you wont get hit . Unless you are physically unable to be hit you are not safe. Watch the rear view when you are at a light , idiots on a phone will kill you .

  6. 8th, coming to Germany on the Autobahn, renting a fast bike and finding out, that the people still drive faster with their cars then you, and you crap your pants by more then 100mph, and dont understanding the drive on the right rule…. etc.

  7. Now when you take a corner and your above 35 if u pull your handle bars left you will go right ! Do it all the time you can actually go through a corner with a lot more control and stability! Same thing if you turn right obviously lol!

  8. If coming in a turn faster then you feel taking it! Just lean the while holding speed, no deceleration or acceleration. A sport bike is more capable then a none track day rider!

  9. Good list,all very important. I’m a New Jersey rider and you absolutely need to keep your eyes open and the bike in top shape. It’s your life do all you can to to stay safe. And One other thing in addition to taking corners safe, another part of that is always ride with in your own limits. Leave the show off shit alone.

  10. Don't ride in Arizona when it's 113 degrees…… Just had a crash several weeks ago, took a wide right over a 6" inch curve into a Saguaro……

    But before I felt dry lips, short breaths, and dizzy and simply passed out on a curve at 35mph……. But by wearing a good Nolan helmet, good Alpinestars Gloves, and my Tourmaster jacket which has shoulder pads, and elbow protection and wearing my riding boots……. I woke up in intensive care with an internal body temperature of 109 degrees and a blood pressure of 80 over 60 ……… funny thing is I was a block away from my house in Scottsdale after a ride from Casa Grande near Tucson…… an (8) hour drive day in 113 degrees……. That day we broke a new temp. record by the way ……

    But with my equipment all I got was a small rash on my left ass cheek…… and my jacket looks like it got dragged behind a car ……. and my helmet on the right side is destroyed, paint, material (fiberglass) is visible and I would have lost my face without it…….

    I went to work the next day and my bike only got $2,000 in damages……… Broken fairing-plastics and a few scratches on my BMW K1600GT ……

    So wear your gear PPE ……. Thanks for the video…..

  11. Great video bro but you should have mentioned in the end when you're talking about tires never put the fix a flat in there! I just bought a bike off somebody who said he had new tires I found out there was Fix-A-Flat in there he try to fix a slow leak! No good go get the death wobble

  12. That 3:19 frame – just curios about the details of the accident. This looks like he was braking with his left foot at 160 mph, then when he finally stopped, his leg was also chewed on by a group of grizzly bears.

  13. Seriously. Stupid mistake number 8: being distracted because you are talking to a camera while riding. Love your vids, Dan. Hate to see you wreck because of that and don’t even try to tell me it’s not a distraction.

  14. Dude I found your video for the first time today, I was looking to buy a new motorcycle, Now I’ve subscribed and you got be at conjunction Junction what’s your function, Laugh out loud amongst the other thing you told me

  15. I like how you are calling out the truck driver for using his phone while you are making a live recording AKA also talking into a device just like he is…

  16. Jesus, I just managed to stop that hidden frame at 3:19 (took several tries on my phone), but man… Can't unsee it now x_x Jesus…

  17. Please remember that if wearing gear is hot, you will sweat. Stay hydrated, maintain your electrolytes too. Be aware of heat stress and heat stroke. Have fun, stay cool
    BTW, I'm a ferret, NOT a rat

  18. What about pot ? I have a friend that smokes 6 joints or more a day , drinks a 12 pack a day , he"s been riding for 40 years , and both times he almost died on bike accidents , he has been sober , true story , I could not believe they would give him a
    Beer a day in the hospital because he drinks too much at home, and is right when he got out of Icu

  19. The issue I have with motorcycle jeans is the fact Kevlar lined jeans don't breathe. 100 degrees with 85% humidity is a great way to go tits up dehydrated, if you are wearing clothing in those conditions that don't breathe. I'm open to suggestions, but there isn't a single product out there that both offers protection, and won't contribute to a heat injury I've found when we are talking about leg protection.

  20. I've been riding on the roads of life for 40 of my 56 years on earth. I still watched and enjoyed your video. Very good tips and I appreciate what you do for new riders! Semper Ride, Gunny J. OUT!

  21. Don’t ride angry, sad, emotional. upset, after you drink a cc of coffee or alcohol (seriously or you may be suspecting of dui), and after you smell like or smoke weed.

  22. Can't watch this guy any more. He brakes his own tips on safety while he's riding. Here's a tip for him that he missed. Don't ride early in the morning when the drunks are still on the road.

  23. Hey like your post. I’m new to riding with a big 2002 Honda goldwing. Had small accident tuning left out of my driveway and wiped out breaking my left lower leg. Bike is up for the winter, in live in Michigan, so I hope I will be ready to get back on the bike in Spring. Looking for a training program near my home to get more confidence while riding. Keep up your great post.

  24. So i have been riding for two months and I'm not one to be overconfident in any of my abilities, but yesterday I was in a parking lot and I was going super fast doing figure 8's. My pegs were scraping on the ground each turn. Pretty much I'm a motorcycle God and nobody is going to convince me otherwise!

  25. Just one comment about tires. Check them regularly. if the temp drops by about 10 deg then the tires will have less psi in them and so in cooler winter weather they will be running with less air in and that could mean one is fighting the machine and not know why. A mate of mine bought a bike recently and told me, three weeks later, that he was fighting it on corners as it didn't want to go round them and after an hour on his bike he needed physio for a bad back and muscle problems. The problem was simply that he was running his bike on 21 ps on the front and only 18 psi on the rear. Stuppid bugger, but that was a reminder to check the tire pressure more regularly. If its been sitting for any length of time in a garage then check them before your go out or it could mean that this is your last ride.

  26. Been riding for over 40 years the biggest problem I see on YouTube today is people riding motorcycles trying to make a damn video just saying

  27. I don't make any of those mistakes been riding since 10 yrs old I know how the dirt roads and asphalt can treat you if you don't respect them.

  28. I started riding about 4-5 months ago and I have been riding nearly every day since, with full gear. I've gotten really good with shifting, braking, and turning. I have never dropped my bike or had any accidents because I was very cautious. Now, the past few days I started wearing less gear and have been taking more risks(speeding, quick lane-changing) because it was so fun. As a result of that I have had way more close calls in the past few days than I did in all the months I've been riding. I was getting cocky without even realizing it. This video, and many other of your videos, has reminded me to put my full gear back on and to ride like my life depends on it because it does. Thank you

  29. You talk about safety but look at your lane position. It’s to much to the right side of the lane. Own your lane so others can’t come in to it.

  30. I ride 70% dirt and gravel roads, foot down is a tool to use in that environment, but I also wear dirt bike motorcycle boots when I ride.

  31. 10:58 "Motorcycle tires are ridiculously overpriced." I also thought that was true until I watched Fortnine's Tire Comparison video and began to understand the complexity of the engineering that goes into an average motorcycle tire compared to the average car tire. A good motorcycle tire in 2019 is actually an impressive piece of technology, and worth the money it costs.

  32. Mistake #2: taking a caffeine pill while making a motorcycle safety video..#3 putting your bike in neutral while at a stop light…DanDan,review this video, you made so many mistakes you've talked about in other vids, the caffeine pill has you distracted….you are better than this

  33. I have ridden without a shirt in the early 70's and still do when it is very hot. My T-shirt, jeans and boots is plenty for most rides. I can not tell you how many 100's of miles I have ridden with shorts and runners in the past. If you can't ride you'll crash. If you can't avoid that car coming at you you'll cash. Today's riders do not take responsibility for their own safety and expect some gear to save them. Many of us old school riders have been doing it safely long before these kids were born. Yes I have ridden at speeds over 100 mph when it was safe to do so and I am still within my skill level.

  34. Hahaha good video. Love your energy man. Just replaced an absolutely bald rear tyre. Can't believe the exact same new one has a tread which is about 6mm deep. No wonder it was unstable. I ride a small bike 70% off road 30% on road 5 hours a day as a job. I like to have a larger bike as a commuter but had a break for about 3 years (tip: if you want a cheap commuter, just buy a cheap commuter. Don't waste 3 years working part time on a 'project', especially something old and rare) and when I returned to commuting on a mid range bike I was alarmed how dangerous applying my work riding technique to street riding was. Too much rear brake. I had to relearn that and it was interesting. Showed me that you apply different techniques to different bikes and situations. Get to know your bike. I don't have a problem getting off my work bike and getting straight on to my commuter and changing my riding style, but those first few weeks were interesting and very humbling. Stumbled across your video looking for something else. I have been riding for a long time, but I still learned some stuff or at least was reminded to think about it. I live in the same region as Mick Doohan and I remember him saying in a safety video that was recorded just after he retired that he was still working on his skills and still learning. I really liked that because anybody who really enjoys riding bikes does just that; keep trying to do that thing better. If you're concentrating on image, you're concentrating on the wrong thing and totally missing the point of this activity. If anybody reads this who is thinking of getting into bikes, don't think that you need a huge bike. Great if you're going to go riding every weekend and highly recommended in that case but if you're just going to use it getting around the streets get something light and agile. There are so many fantastic options out there now.

  35. You had me there got to play at slow speed of .25x to check the photo at 3:19
    Skin is peeled off so bad. Rip ur toes off. 😱😨i wonder if this person lost it all. Pretty scary.

  36. You should talk about how tires have 100% traction, but it's divided, braking, turning, and acceleration. Those three cannot exceed 100% of the tire's performance, you can rob Peter to pay Paul, but if you exceed the envelope, you do down. Preferably not getting asphalt or vehicle poisoning.

  37. I don't understand the bald tire issue. Not that I will do that, but technically the tread on the tire is for dispersing the water, not for traction. You should get the same traction if you don't ride in the rain. Race tires are completely bald. I also don't understand why you call this "a beginner mistake". If you ride your motorcycle till bald, I don't think you are a beginner anymore.

  38. You're in Tucson? My niece and her husband live there. My nephew is part owner of a charter school down there. Other than the crime rate, I love aTucson! If you're heading south on the 10 and turn right as you enter Tucson you head off towards West World. That road is where the movie, The Wraith staring Charlie Sheen was filmed. West World is of course, where most of the later Cowboy Movies have been filmed.

  39. You shouldn't ride with caffeine jitters; caffeine exaggerates stress responses that are produced by challenges in a specific task, like riding a motorcycle. Caffeine amplifies the effects of whatever stresses we are currently experiencing, and negatively affects our decision-making.

  40. The action of looking left and right to see if your clear of traffic .. is what we call .. head checks, as it implies.

  41. 4:51 all I heard was ‘The asshole will grab your foot’ 🤣 😜 I’m sitting here thinking, I’ve never had an asshole grab my foot before. I have had an asshole grab my ass though 🤔

  42. The warning about looking at intersections made me think of a principle. The fact that it was the other guys fault doesn't undo the pain you feel.

  43. I only put my left leg and foot out when I'm coming to a stop and only drop my foot to hold my bike up at a stop. I usually slow down and wait for the light to change to keep from having to stop at a light so I rarely have to put my foot down, I trail brake a lot when slowing up for a light so I don't even have to walk the bike and in my opinion they should make trail braking mandatory to know and show how to do in the test to get your endorsement.

  44. Look left, look right, but i wasn't told to look left again, that is a great tip i just learned at the age of 30!

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