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morning baby, it’s a beautiful day outside,wanna come out? today’s the day we’re filming the van tour! It’s like 8:00 I’m gonna make
you lemon water, coffee welcome to our Wandxr bus! We’re Jimmy and Sabrina Horel and after you guys requested it a lot we’re doing it… our
van tour! the last few years we’ve been wandering in a 1973 vintage Veedub bus we
restored it completely ourselves, knew absolutely nothing about renovating
buses but we just knew we wanted to get out there and wander there was a lot of work and we learned
so much off of the internet we made a little home on wheels we’ve driven about
60,000 miles 43 states in the u.s. 7 in Canada and this is only the beginning
pretty soon we’re leaving to Baja and the adventure will continue… you guys may
have noticed our shirts after a lot of requests were finally coming up with our
merch so if you guys are interested check out wandxr.co/shop we
have a bunch of different designs guys and the coolest thing is that
they’re made from our own photos so if you look really closely you can see
seepy in Austin. Hell yeah, this is our bus! They can be a beautiful reminder to you every day when you wear it yep! the goal of this project is to give
back and with every purchase you make at WANDXR, we give 10% back to the
planet to people and to animals because we believe that we live in a world where
everyone should thrive and if we all just gave back a little and if we all
helped the world would be a better place we basically just wanted to find a way
out of the system and find a way to make money doing something that we love life
is too short and we should live in the moment of the world’s a better place
when we do things that we love so our way through photography and through
videos we want to give back to you guys and inspire you
and show you that dreams can be alive and the world is a beautiful place and
everyone should get out there and wander two years ago we could our jobs and
started self-funding this nomadic lifestyle where photographers and video
makers for all of you who asks us how we make a living on the road and I actually
just wrote a new e-book called how to afford van life for those of you who are
interested I will include a link down below really helpful Ebook for
everybody that wants to start a van life and know a little bit more in depth of
the cost of living in a van and different ways to make money on the road
so check it out our website wandxr.co as well as those cool-ass t-shirts
so come on let’s check out our crib welcome to our bus! this is our living room it’s where most
of the action happens it also happens to be our kitchen and our office our
bedroom. All at once! this will probably be a pretty short tour because as you can
tell we don’t have very much to show but we wanted to invite you guys in and show
you a little bit of how we live in this tiny home I’ll show you a little bit how
it works we’re gonna start with the kitchen this is our stove it’s a two
burner stove and it runs off a little propane canister then we plug right
behind it and we recharge it every couple of weeks I love this little table
we built on top so we can cook outside our cutting board so there’s two hinges
on the bottom side of each thing and a small little wood thing here where it
connects and it stays up and it holds everything inside here we have utensils
plate pan and pots really the bare minimum because we don’t
have a lot of space we always carry with us the nutribullet super small it fits
in our cabinet and we make all of our shakes we even make hummus really convenient. I’ll leave a link down below for you guys if you guys want to check it
out we have coffee mugs one pot one tea kettle and a nonstick pan it’s basically
like playing Tetris to make it all fit became a game for us to put the dishes so this is my favorite part of the whole
house our fridge we like to keep it stocked with tons of plant-based stuff
you know where everything in here is completely vegan we have some yogurt
some hummus some milk creamer different types of vegan meats this is one of my
favorite some vegan hot dogs by filled rose to absolutely love it we have this
light life breakfast sausage which is amazing for breakfast like I love making
breakfast burritos or eating it with some pancakes vegan pancakes and
scrambled tofu we have this diaya cheese which I love it melts so nice we have
some more sandwich cheese we love our vegan cheese so much
tons of soy milk and almond milk for protein shakes two creamers because I
cannot live without my coffee and some water basically pretty simple and in the
freezer because we have a freezer to you guys I love being able to have a freezer
in the van I can keep my fruits frozen and when I need to make a smoothie
they’re always there for me and yeah absolutely love it
I don’t know how some people live in vans without a fridge or like even with
just a nice box I couldn’t do it we couldn’t do it especially eating vegan
like we have to cook a lot of our own meals so it’s important that we always
have groceries and you know a reliable source of energy to power up our fridge up here you made this like tiny little
storage space to keep some more food surprise surprise this is what I like to
keep our snacks it’s super convenient because if we’re ever driving and I’m
hungry like I can just reach over from the cab area and get us like a protein
bar or something we have these complete cookies ,they’re vegan they’re maybe
not the best thing for you too we don’t try to eat a lot of processed foods we
try to eat mostly raw plant-based diet but sometimes you just need a cookie you
know so might as well make it a complete cookie full with protein we also have
different kind of tea I have my vitamin b12 supplement the only supplement I
take on a vegan diet but we also have a coconut oil which I use for everything I
use it for cooking for my hair for my skin for everything guys coconut is
where it’s aughts we also have some granola some wheatgrass powder and
protein bars We’ve been putting off our van tour for the
longest time because I always felt like our van is not ready there’s constantly
things that we’re like adding and changing and I’ve always just had this
vision of having art all over our walls so recently I just added a lot of these
prints of our own photos and we’re selling them on our website too
portion goes back to the planet animals and people so if you guys are looking
for some new wall art or just ways to decorate your dorm your
apartment whatever like check it out I’m sure there’s something that you like
something that can inspire you make you feel good yeah I hope you like it this
is our sink. It works with a very simple system it’s a seven gallon water tank
that will go up to the faucet with an electric water pump just gonna turn it
on and voila! we got running water and then the water falls down the drain into a
five gallon water tank and then we empty it every so often we honestly don’t use
this thing very much I don’t really know how necessary it is but it is nice to
have like that running water if we’re ever cooking if I’m making pasta or
still cut oats coffee like it’s just really easy to turn on give the dog some
water and post it just kind of like makes it feel like home you know the
fact that we have a complete kitchen in here it’s pretty cool I love waking up
in the morning just fresh out of bed put some water on my face you can actually
find everything all those water tanks are easily found on Amazon water pump by
the way you guys when you’re building a van it’s extremely useful to have Amazon
Prime this is not an ad for Amazon Prime but like we relied on it so much and
we’re building our fan because when you’re looking for parts trying to get
them shipped like from other parts of the world or whatever like sometimes
should we can take two to three weeks or more so with Amazon Prime you get
everything you need in two days and that’s why we yeah we recommend using it
for sure we have this storage here and we keep some more food here because you
know the fridge and all the other cabinets are not enough we have things
like rice cakes some vegan muffins tortilla chips we usually try to eat
really healthy but right now we’re camping it’s the weekend so you know YOLO
we have things like protein powder it’s all vegan some coconut water
of course and this is also where we keep the inverter so everything that we plug
in goes through here our fridge our laptops powered by the battery the
auxiliary battery and also by solar power on top of the van 200 Watts we
also have a blog post showing you guys how we set up our solar panels and you
know we have a youtube video so make sure to include those links too. So you guys
I got this question all the time and I’m honestly super excited to show you
where I keep my clothes a little bit of background on us when we met we
backpacked for a year in places like Africa Australia Europe Asia and we
lived out of a backpack just one backpack one camera a laptop bag and
that was it so getting used to like living with very minimal space and
minimal clothes it was our thing and we were already willing to make that
sacrifice so compared to this living out of a
backpack leaving in a van is like having a mansion we have tons of space for our
clothes and my sweet husband built me this closet here’s what I like to keep a lot of my
coats and dresses which I thought it was a necessity and a very important idea
but the truth is that everything just kind of wrinkles up at the bottom and
when I take it out it so looks like shit but it is nice to have the extra storage
space and it serves me well we also like keep stuff in here like this curtain
that we use to hang here like before we go to bed or when we’re just trying to
get some extra privacy it makes it like a little room we have random shit in
here like lights and scissors and yeah whatever we need obviously my closet is
super small and this is where I keep most of my clothes okay so here’s where
I keep all my socks sports bras underwears all my blouses and like
little gym shorts and stuff are in here here I have like mostly jeans and
sweaters I also have a huge bag of bikinis in there there’s a tent
somewhere in there and all my sweaters I kind of just fold up and keep them here
check it out guys my new favorite sweater I can’t wait to wear it I’ve
been saving it for filming so that I don’t get a dirty and you guys can get
your own sweater if you do like just tag us on Instagram and we’ll shout you out
in our stories I can’t wait to see you guys wearing these I’m so excited this
is where I keep my clothes I keep all my shirts in this big box from Amazon
– just like Sabrina’s and I like to keep my pants shorts and all workout clothes
in this bag and it looks small like this but Sabrina actually fit in there her
whole body in there I also have a lot of random stuff like a ukulele I have a
backpack I have tools books for the van rice cooker yeah rice cooker I have an
oil pan that I use every time I do my oil change that’s pretty much it and
this is where we keep all of our shoes so you guys can probably see a little
bit better from the top Jimmy’s shoes take up a lot of the
space but we just work with what we have I have big feet
so my shoes look like they take more space but Sabrina has more shoes than I
do though. LIARS (laugh) okay let me show you that little table it’s super cheap made
out of PVC pipe and old plywood that we kept from the build and this is how it
works basically kinda copies the Westfalia system it swivels like this
you can open it and set up your pizza while you watch a movie right here if
you want a little desk while you work on your editing you ready here
Sabrina likes to put it up on the sink because it’s super easy for her to chop
up some vegetables and you know just cook and otherwise we like to put it
just like this up when we have guests over
super easy bigger table for everybody to eat it’s cheap it works yeah works for
and the best part is this back and you’re ready to go in this little
cabinet here this is where we keep a lot of our hygene stuff so we have things
like perfume and cologne body wash soap basically all of our toiletries are here
right here is our junk drawer like in every houses we have things like walkie
talkies books headlights cords to charge lights and
all the junk things we all keep in our house basically things that don’t have a
space anywhere else we put them there nice little playing card deck and guys back
here I know this looks like a huge storage place but it’s actually where we
keep our spare tires so most of the space there is just for the tire now
let’s show you guys the cab area we did a lot of work ourselves we did
all of these panels Jimmy cut the wood he made what is it called I made a
sample and then I used the same sample for both doors 1/8 plywood from Home
Depot we also got some fabric and I worked with the seamstress so like so
these panels if you look closely to the van like nothing is perfect there’s like
tons of stuff that’s wrong with it and it’s probably because we did it
ourselves we made these seats which they were great until they started to like
you know peel a little bit the vinyl here is starting to wear off I
spray-painted this when we got the car painted we added a new radio inside that
has an auxiliary in it it looks like an old school radio but it’s actually like
a pretty cool and we can plug our phone in and jam out when we’re on the road we
spent a lot of time driving here Jimmy does most of the driving because he
likes it and yeah you guys I know like I space is super small so there’s not a
lot to show you but we just hope that this could show you a little bit more
like how we live in such a tiny space I honestly never pictured myself living in
a van up until a few years ago so the fact that we do it is pretty neat and we
want to show you guys that you can do too I’m glad we get to show you after we
lived in it for almost two years because now we know how it works and we’re happy
to show you how we do it we have the mandatory dream catcher okay this thing
has gone everywhere it’s probably seen more places in the average person just
throw so much shaggin wagon in that groovy car man! we redid like the upholstery here
to give it like a nice white fresh feel kept a classic look and all the rearview
mirrors and headliners and Sun visors we have heater and AC here that doesn’t
work but it is air-cooled so if you just turn this on in the summer the the wind
when you’re driving blow in the cab area yeah yeah what else we have blinkers
that don’t work we have a speedometer that didn’t work for a long time we have
a wipers that also don’t work very well we have a water pump you know like when
you’re like using the wipers it also doesn’t work very well yeah that thing
that doesn’t work very well glove box glove box where we keep all of our
sunglasses because we always need sunglasses when we drive we have a cup
holder here an e-brake that also doesn’t work very well
yeah there’s not really a lot to show you but it’s just enough so last but not
least let’s show you guys a little bit of our backyard / trunk / garage /
whatever you wanna call it it’s not big or fancy but that’s really enough for us
to enjoy a sunset a little dinner with my wife
so obviously you guys our band is not this empty I wish it was because it
would be nice if we just had this face for a trunk all the time but what we do
is like when we set up for the day like now we’re just camping here we move
everything to the front so if you look at the front right now it’s a total mess
but the important part is we have space where it matters this is our little
lounge area we love watching the sunset from here if you guys follow us on
Instagram you’ve definitely seen like those classic trunk shots like beautiful
views it’s what we live for and it’s not the biggest we would definitely like
something with a little bit more space we’re jealous is like those really big
trunks but it’s the feel it’s the Volkswagen feel the grooviness in the
hippie vibe just sweating out of this van and that’s what I love the most. it’s sweating? I don’t know how you guys say it here but you’ve heard it
before and I’m telling you again hippies never die we’re taking over the
world one van lifer at a time ah so amazing this is why I live in a
small space check it out you guys so we’re getting ready for bed and now
all of this stuff is in the front we do this so that we can have all the space
in the back so that Austin can sleep on the floor so yeah this is pretty much
everything we own and we still try to be really clean and discreet because a lot
of times we’re staying in cities or even just when we’re camping we just
really like to keep it clean so let’s make the bed Austin are you thirsty, you want some water? we like to keep this area pretty clean because Austin sleeps here into the bed
we have some towels on the floor like literally we use these so much
because we just spill water all the time and yeah it’s really handy to have some
of these in your van here we have our dirty clothes which like we keep it in a
big bag but like it’s annoying to take it in and out of the cabinet every day
to fill it up so you just basically leave it here until we can’t take it
anymore we have a gallon of water and of course Austin’s balls so yeah time to
make the bed Austin is sleepy because he was playing
all day and so is seeping because her name is literally Seepy god Seepy you’re just
so cute you look like a tiny little doll why my little puppy now it’s time to go
to sleep yeah we’re just ready for bed it’s
pretty late and I think all we want to do is watch the rest of Star Wars and
eat some potato chips so that’s probably what we’re gonna do it’s also Saturday
Jimmy’s gonna drive me in bed and we’ll just enjoy the rest of the night with a
dog typical Saturday night vanlife and we really hope you guys enjoyed our tour pretty good snack roasted red pepper
hummus and some vasa how do you pronounce this stuff wasa?that’s a wasa
crackers so as you guys know we usually do most of the filming ourselves but
this time we got super lucky to meet Rav who’s a youtuber himself makes great
videos and photos you guys should definitely check him out and he gave us
a big hand on this video you’re able to get so much more perspective than we
usually do and I hope you guys enjoyed it it was a pleasure guys to help you
guys out what you guys do what you do you guys are an amazing little hippie
couple actually are very talented when it comes to filmmakers and it was a
pleasure for me to get to actually watch you guys thank you guys so much and
happy birthday tomorrow yeah thank you all right you guys so that’s it for a
van tour I hope you enjoyed it it’s pretty small but that’s all we got
yeah I hope you get to know much more about the Wandxr bus and what we do and
what our purpose is and hopefully you guys can help us along the way and help
support us I know you wanted a guitar brother. Tomorrow is your birthday it’s not much it was given to me
I’m just giving it to you oh you’ll get a better guitar one time you
know if it’ll be good for photo props and stuff like that so sweet
thank you so much all I ask is when you get you’re a real great guitar then just
pass out and get that one to somebody else that wants to learn it’s incredible thank you
so that you guys that’s so thank you so much. You’re very welcome guys. That’s it guys! I’m hungry

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