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Some people don’t have the money to purchase
a new motorcycle when it hits the market. When you desperately need a ride, and you
don’t want to buy a new bike from the factory, you can always assemble one in your garage. Producing a bike at home can be a tricky business. It takes so much effort to assemble the motorcycle
which will be functional and safe as well. Also, you need to bear in mind that you have
to register your bike, which means that you would have to buy the frame and engine parts
together as a kit. But not everyone is doing these. Here are 8 of the best and craziest homemade
motorcycles. Number 8. How about a bike that is made of wood? It may sound crazy, but this is a functional
two-wheeler with an operable engine. Moreover, the seat looks quite comfortable. Although it doesn’t get straight As for the
design, this bike is really something special. Number 7. The Mini Dodge Tomahawk may look ridiculous,
but it is a real deal. You don’t want to mess around with this motorcycle. It is a perfect street drag racer, and it
is a blend of different parts, but hey, can you make a better bike? Number 6. The world largest motorcycle is actually homemade. People standing next to it are as tall as
tires, and it is really hard to operate this one. Just imagine a monster truck on steroids and
without two wheels. That is really something, and it takes courage
to ride this kind of bike! Number 5. s bigger always better? Someone decided to equip this Kawasaki with
a 48-cylinder engine. With it, the bike looks ridiculous, and it
sounds like that as well. Also, it is very difficult to drive and might
not be the smartest decision to take it on the streets. The noise is hard to withstand, but considering
that this is a homemade motorcycle, we have to pay our respect. Number 4. In the world of superheroes, Batman definitely
has some of the coolest rides. His Batpod is a piece of art, and Batman’s
fans created the replica of the popular two-wheeler. It looks just like the ones in the films,
but it is quite challenging to steer, and we do not suggest you try to go fast with
it. You are not Batman, remember that. Number 3. As we go on with our homemade motorcycle list,
we run into another replica. This is the AKIRA bike replica created by
Neo Fukuoka. The red motorcycle with the futuristic design
is something everyone wants to have in the garage. Although the engine runs smoothly, you cannot
actually take it out on the streets. Number 2. We have seen the biggest bike and now is the
perfect time to introduce the world’s smallest motorcycle. This handmade bike is quite astonishing and
much harder to make than the large version of the two-wheeler. Curiously enough, this bike is fully operable,
but if comfort is what you are looking for, you will be mistaken to assemble one of these
in your garage. Number 1. Created by Zack Norman, this electric motorcycle
is a serious bike. It has everything a bike needs to have, and
it set the record as the fastest electric motorcycle. To build an electric bike in your garage and
set the world record is quite an achievement.

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  1. I like how short and to the point this video is. Content creators should learn from you. nice job. you gotta a thumbs up from me.

  2. Here in California the Highway Patrol will put vehicle ID numbers on frames and engines that are made at home or bought after market. It is like a sticker.

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