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From being attacked by a possessed woman on
the subway to being attacked by a racist rant on the bus, we look at 8 disturbing public
transportation incidents 8. The Mugging A man on a San Francisco railway bus was making
a lot of noise, so much that a teenage boy told him to be quiet. The man must not have
liked to be told by a younger man to “be quiet”, so he took out a knife and held
it to the boy’s chest. The man told the boy to give him his shoes.
He then held the knife up to the boy’s throat and told him to give him his cellphone. The
man took off with the boy’s cellphone. Luckily, the boy was able to keep his shoes. The boy wasn’t hurt, but the man was never
caught. 7. Right Foot In yet another public transportation incident
in San Francisco, crews inspecting the tracks of a transit train made a startling discovery
in the early morning hours… a woman’s right foot! The foot was later determined to belong to
a woman who was struck by a train a month before but survived, although she lost her
lower right leg. The police didn’t suspect any foul play
when the foot was discovered. 6. Transit Tirade All Lindsay Li wanted to do was take the bus.
Instead, she was disturbed by a woman in front of her who suddenly spun around and began
to call the Chinese-Australian every racist name in the book. No matter how much she cried for the bus driver
to stop, the bus continued going down the road. Nobody came to the frightened girl’s
aid, either. The racist, unstable woman continued with her racist tirade on Lindsay, who didn’t
do anything but decide to ride the bus. Lindsay did manage to record a 90-minute video of
the woman’s tirade and post it on her Facebook. Police who viewed the video said that the
woman looked and sounded like the same one who gave a Chinese-Australian couple the same
kind of tirade in a park. 5. Possessed A young woman on a train in Edmonton, Canada,
began to display unusual behavior. She grabbed at her hair, then suddenly attacked the man
sitting next to her. Letting out a shriek, she grabbed him by the neck and struck him. After the brief assault, the young woman walked
away but the man followed and shoved her several times. She kicked him, and another struggle
began. Security finally came and took control of the situation, escorting both the young
woman and the man off the train. One of the bystanders commented that she looked
possessed, and many believed the video of the incident – yes, there’s a video – was
a hoax. It was later determined not to be a hoax, as security confirmed that it had
really happened. 4. Strangers on a Train A 13-year-old girl in Washington, D.C., rode
the Green Line train when a 37-year-old man sat next to her. Almost as soon as he sat
next to her, he unzipped his pants and began to touch himself. Understandably shaken, the girl went to leave
when the man put his hand on her and asked, “Why are you leaving so soon?” She pushed
passed him and, once the train stopped, jumped off and told one of her family members what
happened. After reviewing surveillance footage, the
police were able to identify the man and arrested him. 3. The Girl on the Subway (from Reddit user
uglyhag) A college freshman in New York was riding
the subway. She noticed a girl about her age struggling to lift her baby carriage in the
car. After helping her, the girls talked throughout the ride. The young girl repeatedly looked at different
guys and pointing out how creepy they seemed, and that “girls had to stick together”.
The student was uneasy but shrugged it off as a mother being paranoid with her baby in
tow. When it came time to get off, the girl asked the student for help in getting her
carriage out. As soon as the student bent down to lift the front, she saw that the girl’s
baby was really just a doll. Scared, the student ran away with the girl
chasing after her. The student ran up to a group of men, who stayed with her until a
police officer came by. The girl had left. 2. Far Away Admirer A woman was on a train to London to visit
her boyfriend. During the trip, the boyfriend texted his girlfriend saying that a man just
sent him a message saying how stunning she was, and that he was lucky to have her. Thinking
it was some kind of virus in the train’s Wi-fi, she let it go. Soon after, her boyfriend
sent her a screenshot of another message – this one from a different man. It said almost the
same thing… that he was sitting across from her at a table on the train, and that she
was stunning and made his trip go by a lot faster. The woman had no idea how these two men had
gotten her name. After getting off the train, meeting her boyfriend, and going back to his
place, she decided to reply to the second man’s message who claimed that he didn’t
mean her any harm. However, he went on to say that he had gotten her name off her rail
card – which was on the table – while she was in the bathroom. After calling him out on his creepy behavior,
the messages stopped just as quickly as they began. 1. Bus Beheading One night in 2008, a carnival worker by the
name of Tim McLean was taking the Greyhound bus home from work. During the ride back to
his home in Manitoba, a fellow passenger named Vince Li – a schizophrenic – took a seat
next to Tim, who nodded off with his headphones on. While Tim slept, Vince took out a huge knife
and began to stab him. The bus driver immediately pulled over and evacuated the rest of the
passengers. The bus driver and two other men tried to rescue Tim, but Vince slashed at
them. Vince went on to decapitate Tim and held his head up for the other passengers
to see, then continued to mutilate Tim while eating his flesh. The police arrived and arrested Vince.

100 thoughts on “8 Most Disturbing Public Transportation Incidents Ever

  1. I remember a case long back where some crazy man in a subway who had an axe under his coat hit the person sitting infront of him… Dont know if its true but there was alot of talk about such incident at my school

  2. My one aunt who lives in Calgary would have been on that bus featured in the number one spot if it wasn't for her running out of her medications and having to see a doctor for them. She was coming to Ontario to visit my grandmother. My grandmother said if she had been on that bus my aunt would have been traumatized and ended up in an asylum from the ordeal, she has a sensitive psyche.

  3. One time I was on a train and one old lady was on the other side of it and when I looked away and looked back she was 2 sets way from me and I got off the train and the lady followed me for 2 minutes and then I called the cops she ran away and was never got

  4. I was riding a train on my way from a party ) morning after) and a guy looked at me from across the train car and started wanking. Eeew!

  5. I had a weird one at the trolley. This guy came & was talking total shit. I don't know if he was high or insane. He said he was going to Washington & tell all them buggers off.

    I think Hanibal Lecter takes the cake, or should that be head?

  6. any thing unfair, racist, sexsist, or antisemetic just pisses me off alot i could go on really long rant about it

  7. My sister's friend was the cousin of the youngman who was murdered in the number 1 spot on this countdown and the man resonsible for the beheading used to be in the mental health hospital an hour from my parents' home so I know about that incident quite well. Vince Li plans to change his name and is requesting to be allowed out in public without a police officer watching him or a mental health employee making certain that he has taken his medication. The man did murder an innocent individual but with the animosity people have towards Vince Li for what he did, I would worry for the mental health employee who would be with him in case local citizens attacked Vince Li in anger for what he did.

  8. the girl on the train was on a drug called flakka it's like that thing that happened in florida to the guy on bath salts it a "portal" to the dead the media calls It theirs a video about it

  9. well it wasn't on a 🚆 but I was sitting next to a stranger and you know how 5 year olds are and I was five and he started talking to me and he was creepy and drunk and that was scary 😭 because he wisperd in my ear and I ran to my mom and the bus was still moving and my mom said what's rong and by that point I almost peed my self and I started to cry and I'm still mad and scared of sitting next to strangers after that. bye✋

  10. another greyhound story;
    a man and his son were taking the Greyhound bus together. This man gets on a couple stops later, and rode the bus almost the entire way. They all rode the bus wuietyl, when the guy pulled out a machete and beheaded the boy and his dad.
    That happened either in my city, or in a smaller surrounding town close by

  11. Good video but it would have been much better if you had shown short video clips of the incidents.

  12. #1, I heard about that story while riding the Greyhound in Canada; the guy was recently released in February 2017.


  14. num 1 has been released from hospital already even tough he killed someone ridiculous he should get life in hospital for that

  15. the weirdest thing I seen was a girl missed her station so she had to get off and catch the train back. hmmmm.

  16. Hey Dolan I live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and I know that the "Possessed" girl on the train was actually high on drugs that made her go crazy. The #1 Beheading story on the Greyhound bus, 110% TRUE. Not only is it true but Vince is now OUT of prison/mental asylum and living within the Alberta, Canada area. I want to give his address and let the world know but I'm sure I'll get in shit for that. Especially if he got murdered or some shit. Anyways just so everyone know all the crazy shit that's been posted about Canada is True. Creepy eh and I still won't take ANY sort of public transportation, last time I was even on a city bus was probably a good 4 years ago.

  17. It's Nixxiom!! … Why do you put on such a strong voice, you don't sound that deep even when you do VO for that nightelf DK.

  18. "luckily he got to keep his shoes.." huh? nuh uh honey..go right ahead with these shoe show cheap os, you ain't going no where with my phone! lol

  19. one time when I was just 8 and my brother was 3, a stranger gave us these weird Japanese candy and my mom took them away when we got off the bus.. she said not to trust candy from strangers._.

  20. "From being attacked by a possessed woman on the subway to being attacked by a racist ranting on the bus" Not much variation there, huh?

  21. All these people hating on Nixxiom…
    He isn't trying too hard. That's almost like his regular voice. Check out his YouTube Channel and you'll see. Stop hating on people that you know nothing about.

  22. yeah… probably shouldnt have watched this at 2:00 in the morning, I'm gonna go watch a funny video or something before I go to sleep

  23. The worst form of youtube torture is when a top ten exclaims that the topic has a video and then not show you the video

    That has to be one of the most annoying pet pieves in human history.

  24. how come most of these happened to women? I feel really bad for them as well as anyone else who's had that bad a time on a normal day. the last two where just creepy.

  25. Once when i was in 5th grade this 3rd grader touched his… ya know… so i told some ppl … he was listening to me and said "nobody's ganna believe you"… funniest bus ride ever XD …

  26. The person who beheaded that guy on the bus was apparently let free… It makes me slightly uncomfortable knowing he lives only a town away from me.

  27. nothing on a train but on a bus a woman sat next to me and she seemed drunk/on drugs everything was fine till everything fell out of her bag including her phone what was the first thing she pick phone maybe? nope a dildo then she shouts out i drop my dildo omg how embarrassing everything fell out including my dildo i was like and yet your sat next to me shouting it then she turned it on and began to touch me with it then tried to touch a guy across from us with it he shout don't touch me with that then she kept offering to fight him soon as i got of that bus i ran fast as i could

  28. i remember hearing the greyhound bus incident from my parents and family. Shit, my family didn't want to ride a greyhound ever again.

  29. This crazy people and their past got them fucked up and sometimes is the area u live in and disgusting people you know or knew in the past or maybe a symptom like schizophrenic or dark past this world men 🔥🔥🔥to handle

  30. People Vince is why people think schizophrenia leads to violence, which is actually rarely the case. I just felt that needed to be said. Nice video, Planet Dolan! You guys always make the best count down lists!!!!

  31. Holy shit that last one. That's the stuff of nightmares. Imagine being a passenger and seeing someone cut a guys head off and hold it up for you to see like that and then start eating his raw flesh. Fucking hell that's the kind of thing that would haunt you for the rest of you life. Probably have PTSD from seeing that one thing.

  32. That's the only time I've heard any of the PD/DD videos not mention the province when referring to a city in Canada.

  33. Okay, creep-on-the-bus story:

    I was in my early 20s living in Los Angeles, and I had to take the bus later than usual one night. I had my arms loaded with groceries, so I found a couple of seats in the back where I could keep from crowding anyone with my bags.

    This really gross guy with a fuzzy fat face and thick glasses came back and sat across from me. I had a book, so I started reading and ignored him.

    After a few minutes, I heard him breathing hard, and looked up to see him staring at me with those glasses all fogged up, licking his lips, and just going at it on himself fully exposed.

    I shrieked and jumped up, but I couldn't gather my groceries and get away from him quickly. I didn't know what to do, so I threw my book at him. Of course, that didn't stop him.

    I started to try to get out into the isle, just leaving my groceries, when this biker-looking guy came over and put his hand on my shoulder.

    "No, man. Don't go," biker-guy said. "He wants ya to WATCH!"

    I was horrified, and I stared at biker-guy who was laughing and pointing at the greasy, little bus boinker. He looked at me and winked and added, "He REALLY wants ya to watch!"

    Then he started shouting, "Come on everybody! This guy really wants us to see this! It's great! Get it, buddy!"

    I couldn't believe I was laughing, but my hero stepped across and started handing me my groceries while taunting the guy.

    "Aw, no. Don't stop! We want to see! GUYS!!! Get back here and see this shit!"

    He helped me get my bags into another seat, and then the little creep jumped up and ran off the bus, but biker-guy shouted out the window at him, "Don't feel bad, little fella! Good try! You're gonna hit THE BIG TIME! You'll see!"

    It was the best and funniest rescue I've ever had, and anytime I hear anyone use the phrase "the big time," I have to decide whether or not to explain why I'm laughing.

  34. Holy poop, number 5 actually happened in the exact same city I live in! Also, I happen to have a weird public transit story that happened just a week before the end of Grade 9. It wasn't that disturbing, it was just weird as heck.

    So, my class was on a subway transit system to get to a swimming pool. And you know how as soon as you reach a station, the intercom would say "Next stop, (SOMETHING) station!"? Well, the intercom must have been broken that day, because instead of the usual computer voice playing, a noise that sounded like an extremely loud fart would play for 10 seconds straight! Sometimes it could go for as long as 20 seconds! So every time we arrived at a new station, we'd basically be hearing 10 seconds of earrape computer generated fart.

  35. #1 THERE IT IS!!! Vince was believed to have been possessed by a wendigo, which is traditionally a Native American legend: a wicked spirit who possesses people and causes them to cannibalize.

  36. It's one reason I don't like taking the Greyhound bus anymore, that happened in Canada, spooked me ever since…though I did take a bus to Seattle. Two ex-cons got on and the bus driver got into a fight with them. That's it for long run buses for me.

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