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Introducing the model year 2016 Indian
Springfield. Named to honor the original home for Indian motorcycle. The new
Springfield is a pure touring motorcycle. The Springfield allows its rider to
focus on the open road without unwanted distractions. The Springfield has the
most essential touring features but it’s versatile enough to get stripped down
into a cruiser or become a loaded touring model with genuine Indian
motorcycle accessories. Premium Indian motorcycle features come standard of
course but this hard bagger also out handles any other bike in its class and
delivers a comfortable smooth easy ride constructed on a brand new purpose-built
chassis that Springfield steering geometry has been engineered so it’s
easy to maneuver at all speeds. Whether fully-loaded and two-up or cruising as a
solo rider. While the Indian Springfield is minimalist in its approach to touring
it’s also comfortable and practical. The new handlebars and long floorboards put
the rider in a relaxed position that’s ideal for all day riding. The new
custom stitched black leather seats offer the perfect blend of cushion and support
and the passengers get to customize their riding position with standard
adjustable floorboards. The quick release windshield provides outstanding wind and weather protection with a classic style that allows riders an unobstructed view
to enjoy the surroundings. The hard saddlebags hold enough cargo for 2 and their remote locking and unlocking, using the bike’s key fob, add security and
convenience. The saddle bags are protected with rear tip over bars that
complement the bikes new highway bar. The Springfield’s new chassis is
engineered to hold an Indian motorcycle accessory trunk. The roomy lockable
trunk is available color matched to the bike and it features an integrated
padded passenger backrest. Chrome apehanger handlebars, grooved and straight exhaust tips and the chrome pinnacle collection add to the classic styling
allowing the rider to personalize the look and fit of the bike.
The proven efficient thunderstroke 111 engine provides outstanding power for touring and the Indian Springfield has a full complement of premium yet standard
Indian motorcycle features including anti-lock braking, cruise control, keyless
ignition, highway lights, cast touring wheels with touring tires and a tire
pressure monitoring system. The all new Indian Springfield delivers an essential but still premium riding experience. It can be accessorized for true long
distance during for 1 or for 2 riders. It has the comfort and cargo capacity touring riders demand and the performance and style that are genuine Indian motorcycle.
Enjoy the ride.

47 thoughts on “A Closer Look at the Indian Springfield – Indian Motorcycle

  1. Took delivery of my 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse 2 weeks ago here in Perth Western Australia
    Thankyou Indian Motorcycles for a truly magnificent machine
    cheers 😊

  2. Looks nice but not for me.  I wish Indian would make a old school/barebones bike without all this modern tech/computers

  3. I test rode this bike today….fantastic! I have a chieftain now, and without the weight of the fairing the handling on this beast is amazing. I am waiting for a call about $$$ for a trade. Don't ride one if you don't want to buy! ha ha…C'mon Indian give us more paint options than solid red and black.

  4. Very glad you shortened the rake. Should be really easy to throw around without the added weight of the Roadmaster

  5. Oh my. The Dark Horse is no longer my favorite. When I go to test ride (and buy), it will most likely be the Springfield.

  6. I would love it if Indian made virtually this same bike, but with leather saddlebags, hefty springer front end, and a spring solo seat. Am I the only one who wants these features on a bike?

  7. My god…….. yall at Indian make me so depressed such a beautiful looking bike…….. I could never afford one….. I was just able to scavenge enough to get my vstar…. unemployment sucks ass……. bikes a bute keep up the good work……… Maybe one day……… 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. Look don't get it twisted, I love what you've done so far resurrecting the name and it's looks, but and here it comes.
    Sorry Polaris, but those Road Bars don't cut it.(Don't sweet it they don't on HD's either)
    No one wants to drop a bike, but if it occurs you want protection for both you and your machine. Anyone who's had to dump a bike, knows the expenses involved.
    Look at the original Indians. The Crash bars were good for a 1/2 mile slide on blacktop or concrete with NO damage to the rider or the machine.
    At $21,000 + the least you can do is protect the items that come on the Bike. Higher and wider in the front and rear protects,the handle bars,and all the things on the end of them, theses aren't free to replace. You throw a set of hard bags into the mix.and you're looking at a few grand to repair. I asked a dealer if it would be OK, if in the dealership I could just lay the bike over (SLOWLY),1st up was the hard Bags. I set her right back up and told him when you work this out call me.I had cash in hand,and had to walk away.
    I'm worried that the cost of insuring this bike is going to just start and keep climbing. As more Insurance company have to shell out more and more,due to a simple design flaw/or money saving design.
    Lastly, I was wondering if Polaris is thinking of putting out any like the 841 of the WWll era, or a 3 or 4 inline w/shaft drive. The 48 to 53 Indians had frames set up to throw in every engine they had ever manufactured, from the 80" RoadKing Chief,the Standard stock 74",the 61"Scout the 1000cc inline 4, even the 30:50(500cc)Jr. Scout engine.
    Please don't pull a Beull and lose a cylinder and to make a 550, there's nothing sadder than that thought process.
    Thank you in advance for your time.WB

  9. I like Harley's, and even rode Hondas in my half lifetime (30 y/o). I think both are in a little bit of competitive trouble, though. The 2016 all white Chief Classic is my dream bike. Those fenders on Indians are just too bad ass to pass up. That torque and shifting, too. Boner. I graduate college this fall and i'm going to pick up a Chief Classic. Keep at it, Indian!

  10. I had a Harley heritage and loved it, but one major drawback was the ground clearance. On tight corners I regularly dragged the floorboards. Also the suspension felt really mushy, that in itself wasn't bad because it was comfortable and I could easily do 600-800 miles a day. But the mushy had a lose out of control feel at higher speeds. The Springfield looks to have better ground clearance. I think I need to rent one for a weekend to see if I like it.

  11. I do hope they will come on and make good. I don't care lot for the fender on the front, But that's me…. The Fat Boy Is paid for, So I'll just keep riding it…..

  12. Just a little Too much, Indian had it's time back in the good old days, Thank you for What you did Indian. And i'm Sorry we're messing up your motorcycles today

  13. Im really interested in this bike over the Road King, but I hesitate as I wonder if Polaris will dump Indian ,like they did to Victory, when the going gets tough. After all its just another division to them whereas Harley is Harley and nothing else.

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