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Claims Fraud is essentially any claim
that’s falsely represented, dishonestly. So it can be a policyholder, it can be a
third-party. It can be a property claim, could be an injury claim. It can be a genuine loss
that’s exaggerated or it could be entirely bogus bogus loss. The API report that last year insurers
detected over 980 million pounds worth of fraud. They also
said that they believe the industry missed over £2 million worth of
fraud. 2013 Aviva detected £110 million pounds of fraud on about
17,000 claims. What we’re detecting is that, in value
terms, over 70% of our detected fraud is now committed by
third parties. And third party motor injury fraud is by far the biggest
threat. we’re investing a lot in the detection
of organized fraud so we now have a 225 people in our players for intelligence
team who now have over 5,000 injury claims attached to croon for wings space we want more prosecutions so it’s
the police deep prioritizing fraud secondly madera prosecutions we want
adequate and proportionate sentences so currently in the case of motor injury
fraud which is forced was causing real accidents putting innocent motorists at
risk in in harm’s way diverting emergency services ambulances police any
resources to target bogus events we want proportion of consequences to their and
two claims worth tens of thousands of pounds and too often community service
orders and fines we think inadequate and thirdly we want legislation to strike
out fortunate third-party claims so currently even if a third party deliver
a bit in fraudulent exaggerates an injury claim often by tens of thousands
of pounds he’s still able to recover is generally loss so really this there’s no
deterrent there for him not to have a go so we want legislation to strike out
those claims

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