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welcome back to the channel guys been a
minute since I posted a video and also been a couple weeks since you’ve seen
this bike on the channel so what I’ve been up to lately I’ve just been kind of
recharging for the next project coming up and also get my my health in order
that really sick over the past couple months so I’ve just been focused on that
but starting to feel a little better now and ready for the next project which you
guys will be seeing the very soon so anyways what we’re doing today is we’ve
got a few upgrades to do on the CR my birthday was a few days ago
and a few cool things showing up in the mail so that’s what we do and Bolton
that stuff on and also just as a thank you to you guys for your continued
support I’ve got some big stuff to give away towards the end of the video so
stay tuned for that now the first thing I’ve got which I’m very excited about is
a new cylinder head this is from fat head I know I barely ran the one that’s
on here right now it’s also a fat head but the older-style
but Lucas sent me the newer style for my birthday I know he spoils me but I was
really pumped about it because of the newer design and he also did some custom
engraving here so put my name and the prime logo so really excited to get this
thing bolted up try it out and we’ve got stickers all the o-rings and an extra
dome so got the whole complete kit here Lucas has really been stepping it up
with some new designs coming out with new models and of course the custom
engraving which he offers to the public so very trick stuff he’s got now to get
the new head mounted up we’ll need to drain the coolant pull off the upper
motor mount plates spark plug raided her hose and cylinder does so let’s get to
it now to make things easier I’m gonna pull
off the seat and gas tank as well and I’ve also got something else I want to
install under there too now it’s going to be a heck of a lot
easier to get to the upper motor mount the radiator hose spark plug and
cylinder head nuts now the cylinder-head nuts you’ll
definitely want to loosen in a crisscross pattern it’s kind of like a
star pattern – sure you don’t warp the head or the cylinder all right now we should be ready to pull
this thing off of here so while the heads off I thought it’d be a good time
to check out the break-in on the top end I notice there was a little bit of
vertical lines and cylinder you get a better angle on it here so those lines
there you can’t catch it with your fingernail but it looks like that is
what’s called burnishing so basically probably went a little bit too light on
the break-in it also could be from the coating on the piston it’s a vertex
piston and the skirts are coated that’s completely normal but yeah those lines
you can’t catch them with a fingernail pretty much just on the surface so
probably should have gone a little harder on the break-in but when I write
it next I think all that should break in pretty good other than those lines
everything else looks good so time to slap the new head on and then whenever
you’re replacing a head you want to make sure the gasket service is perfectly
clean I just wiped that down with acetone let’s go ahead and compare the
new style head versus the one I just pulled off there looks like a little bit
different dome design here and then it’s got the holes for the locating pins
which is nice old one does not and then the top side is completely different I
like the look of this one a bit better it’s got a little different design with
the nipple or the radiator hose and then also I’m a sucker for custom stuff so
engraving along with the Fathead and grading on top it’s pretty sweet not
that there’s anything wrong with the older style head but the new style head
is a bit of a step up so you can pop out the dome and switch them out if you want
higher or lower compression and then the domes are engraved on the inside to
differentiate between the higher and lower compression so this is a hf 21
which I believe is the stock compression ratio and
and we have a extra dome I have an H 22 that’s a bit of a step up I might have
to run race gas with that one but let’s look at the difference between the new
style and old style dome so the newer style has a flat top
squish band the older style is kind of sloped toward the center now the newer
style dome with the flat top squish band is supposed to perform a bit better so
what this interchangeable dome literally only takes 15 or so minutes to change
the performance of the bike pretty slick deal and of course these heads are all
billet aluminum and anodized so definitely built to last
let’s get these o-rings set up on the new head looks like they also include
acorn nuts and all the washers so pretty much everything you’d ever need now if
you have any issues with getting the o-rings to stay in place during
installation use just a dab of grease don’t want to use too much grease
through unfortunately I don’t have those locating pins for this head we have to
order those up and slap them in next time I pull the head off but other than
that I think we’re ready to party now we just gotta tighten this baby down in a
crisscross pattern and then torque it to spec which is 20 foot-pounds god I love
the satisfaction of that click something I noticed with the newer head
as well is you can use the original motor mounts at least on this model
compared to you with the older style how to use a custom set of motor mounts so
just a little bonus there last thing to do with some torquey so the bottom nut
is 40 foot pounds and the top are 20 foot pounds now the other thing I was
talking about installing is a works connection our meter so the other our
meter I had in this bike didn’t really work out it was the wireless one so I
give this when I try this one is kind of a manual type one wraps around spark
plug wire a little more reliable yeah this thing is pretty sweet it’s got a
lot more options than the previous model of the works connection our meter I’ve
had in the past so it works as a clock and total amount of hours on the bike
it’s got a resettable maintenance timer so say if you want to track the amount
hours on your top-end you can go ahead and reset that once you replace your
top-end also shows RPM so it works as a tact to and then once you’re done riding
it shows the max rpm so lots of cool features this is not a sponsored product
just something I paid for with my own money and something I choose to run so
to get this thing installed we’re gonna do five wraps around the spark plug wire
so there’s five coils around tighten it up a little bit and then throw a zip tie
on it that turned out nice and clean snip off the zip tie and then you want
to save this little wire tie from the package that way you can kind of
organize the wires down here got the wires all organized this side here next
to the clean and I’m gonna mount the power meter up here near the gas tank
alright now we ready to get this beautiful gas tank along with shroud and
seat back on the bike now to mount the our meter up here near the gas tank I’ll
be using a optional works connection mount nice solid aluminum piece this
utilizes the hole for the gas tank there let’s give it a shot man that looks
super clean on there hard to beat that set up so I’m gonna throw a coolant back
in the bike fire it up and test out the new head and our meter let’s turn this
exhaust fan on and fire up the bike once the bike is off you can see the max
rpm it reached flip through here see what else we got time no hours recorded
quite yet and that’s pretty much it so yeah it looks like it works really good
so far so I will drop a link down below to the our meter and the our beater
mount that mount works on pretty much any bike out there makes it super clean
set up and then I’ll link the fat head cylinder head as well you guys got to
get your hands on one and I do have a discount code to save you guys some cash
on one of these heads so use the code cam 10 that’s CA m10 and you’ll save 10%
another little thing I did to the bike was with the front plate so in previous
videos I was talking about how the cycler stadium plates kind of wear into
the coating on the fork and you got to do something to protect it so previously
I was using some vinyl tubing but instead of that I use some clear vinyl
right here on the fork now if I would have been thinking I would have
installed the sticker all the way up so that way it would have covered it either
way this works out and the fork is protected from anywhere from the front
plate so the vinyl I use the stuff here 3m product that’s the part number I’ll
also link it down below too now before I announce to give away for this video I
need to go and pick the winner for the previous giveaway so that was for a
refund on your prime of X order as well as a free number plate and front fender
to restyle your bike so let’s head over the computer and figure out who the
winner is all right I’m here on the random generator got all the names
plugged in let’s go ahead and pick a random name just going through and
sorting them right now alright who is it we have Scott little so his order number
on the website is 4666 head over here plug that in 4666
go Scott little and see what he ordered he ordered a old
407 bracket and go ahead and refund them completely for that order so he’s
getting that hooked up free let’s refund him the 2875 that he spent
all right that’s refunded and he is gonna be getting that front plate and
front fender for free as well so thanks for entering the giveaway guys
and congrats to Scot little now for the giveaway for this video really exciting
stuff guys I have two extra heads for the cr250
please shut up geez so they fit 2002 to 2004 cr250 got the old one off this bike
and then Lucas also sent over another head grab it for you guys here it’s got
the Fathead engraving on the side this is the newer style head with the cam
strong and a logo on there as well engraved so it’s got the stock dome as
well as a another higher compression dome so I’ll be giving away these two
cylinder heads all you have to do to enter is go down below in the
description enter in the giveaway so you just enter your info like your email
address your name that’s it please only enter if you have a 2002-2004 cr250 and
you could only enter once the way the system works is if you enter more than
once it’ll take all your entries out automatically so if you play it there
and you actually have AC or 350 I would be happy to hook you up with one of
these heads and for you guys that don’t have a 2002 to 2004 C or 250 you want a
sweet head for your two-stroke head over to fat head racing com2 check out what
lucas has he has a bunch of stuff for KTMs Kawasaki Suzuki Yamaha Honda’s and
if you decide to order get some custom engraving done and if you want to save
10% on your purchase use the code cam 10 to save 10% once again pretty killer
deal now for these heads if you win you’ll be getting the stock dome
along with a higher compression dome the acorn nuts and copper washers we got the
o-rings and stickers this is on all the o-rings I have extra sets that will
include these heads so you’ll be getting them exactly as they would come from
Fathead thank you so much for watching everyone
I would recommend keeping your eyes peeled on the channel we’ve got
something very exciting coming your way within the next few days

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