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Tap the bell icon on the YouTube app And never miss out on unique stories From 101 India I think it’s important to preserve and curate one’s history and heritage Because it gives some kind of a reference point To future generations to start building their own stories On this outing of Magnificent Motorcycle Men We’re going to discover a fine vintage In the BSA M20 A 500 cc single-cylinder side valve four-stroke engine That put out 13 bhp Which was considered quite a lot back in the day The BSA M20 was considered one of the longest-serving motorcycles in The history of British military motorcycling Which had about a 126 thousand In active service Across all theatres of war during World War two Post the war these bikes found themselves lying in collectors garages or in junkyards catching rust and dust Till some passionate bikers found these bikes and restored them back to their original glory This is a story of two Magnificent Motorcycle Men And their journey towards restoring a piece of motorcycling history My name is a Adhiraj Singh Khatipura from Rajasthan I restore vintage bikes and jeeps I own a 1941 BSA M20 These old motorcycles are found In junkyards, big junkyards, small junkyards Old mechanics’ workshops In collectors’ garages Old homes, havelis And we basically bring them in parts You find one part somewhere You find the other parts somewhere else Takes about a year, a year and a half to bring everything together and build the whole motorcycle from scratch We found this one with my father’s Very old mechanic His name was Guruji And he was the only one in Jaipur Who could fix imported bikes And my father was after this bike for ten years So before guruji passed away My dad struck a deal with him And bought this bike So we could restore it and bring it back To it’s old glory I’m outside SRG repairs which is Kailashji’s workshop Kailashji is Jaipur city’s most Prolific bike restorer and Mechanic Let’s go meet the man and Find out more about the BSA M20 My name is Kailashchand Sharma My fathers name was Damodarlal Sharma Very few people would know him by that name Because everyone would call him Guruji and he was famously known as Guruji The bike I am standing with right now It is known as the BSA 500cc This is the 1942 model A lot of people know it by its short name The M20 Earlier these bikes would be sold at army auctions That’s how people could get them They stopped importing this bike in 1957 Prior to that you could import the bike Adhiraj’s father and mine knew each other well My father gave Adhiraj’s father his own M20 He had the bike himself for around 40 years To complete the restoration of Adhiraj’s fathers bike Took me a whole year And all the parts I fitted into the engine Were all imported I only used parts made in England What I like most about the BSA M20 Is the 3 gallon fuel tank for long range The Smith speedometer The Jaegar ampere meter The headlight comes in two different variants One was used as blackout Which was helpful during wartime And the civilian one came with a Lucas beam Which you can see here Coming to the suspension It is a girder type fully adjustable suspension Which could be set for road or off-road use It’s got an air filter box Which was made for the desert specifically It goes on top of the tank So your air intake is much cleaner When you’re riding it My favourite vintage bike is the BSA 500 M20 The reason for it is the powerful engine and sound It’s so unique because Even at a speed of 5 -10 It can run on a single stroke or two Because each stroke is very long You can call it a 5 horsepower Or a 500cc Both are correct Because back in the day A vehicle’s power would be compared to that of a horse When I am prepping a bike what I’m thinking of Is how a doctor would treat his patient That is how I treat my bikes After I finish working on a bike When I see it running on the road Or when the owners come back and ride it It gives me great joy That I brought a dead vehicle back to life The vintage era has made a comeback and it doesn’t look like it’s going to go anytime soon Because the current generation is more aware That these vehicle’s have to be carefully maintained For a long time Tell us what you thought of our fine vintage The BSA M20 And what you thought of Magnificent Motorcycle Men By leaving us a comment below And hitting like Also if you like Magnificent Motorcycle Men And want to check out more such videos on 101India.com You can do so right here Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel And follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram And remember, The success of our future Lies in the preservation of our past Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram And remember the success of our future lies in the preservation of our past

100 thoughts on “A Fine Vintage: The 1941 BSA M20 | 101 Magnificent Motorcycle Men | Unique Stories From India

  1. Instead of some useless music you could have included the original deep noted exhaust sound coming out of it's silencer for which BSA M 20 is so famous of!!

  2. If I want to purchase this bike what will be the price?? I am interested about this bike instead of Royal Enfield actually I am from West Bengal. Please tell me at this contact cell phone numbers 8017341832 or 8900394153.

  3. I feel proud to say that, My Grandfather have 3 bikes at 19th,one BSA (I don't no which model was that), one AREAL, and one TRUM (spelling mistake …..please ignore)

  4. I admire Indian culture , so creative and intelligent . In what other country from so far away – speaking an entirely different language could speak English so well !

  5. Hey! I just started up with motorcycling last Feb. Bought myself an Avenger Cruise 220. Since I started riding it, I started enjoying the rides. The thing is, when it comes to having some knowledge about the bike, I lack in it so much. I have tried asking some people on how and where to acquire an in-depth knowledge about my bike so that I would know about how everything works and is fixed, but to no avail. I also wished to learn how to build a bike from scratch and that as well seems to be impossible.

  6. Bro, those exhaust notes were far more important than that useless background music ….
    Quite disappointed with your that mistake …

  7. The bigest fault wid this vdeo is that the guy is talking about legendary long stroke of bsa motorcycle and they r playing loud music .so im still waiting o hear the stroke …idiots

  8. I live in USA and work in Business environment. You are an excellent presenter. I hope to learn from your presentation skills. Great work.

  9. My grand father had a BSA Road Rocket 650. Some years back my Uncle he sold it to an anglo indian a vintage bike freak vintage bike..but now we all feel sad and feel nostalgic

  10. Front fender isn't the one as the original, Headlight is from a BSA bb31, tank as well never came with a badge however happy to see it alive running, your mechanic has rather a original bike.

  11. How did these iconic motorcycles like triumph..bsa…norton got into old junkyard and mechanic shops…? ..where these motorcycles imported in post independence days ?
    Please reply

  12. When u have enough money and enough time, then only these type of restoration they will do and get famous…. Anyone with money can do this. This is no wonder

  13. If you wanna do a video on Norton 16h 1942 and the Norton Dominator 650ss the british motorcycles , I can help you with the motorcycles .. I own them .. 👍

  14. iI liked your video, thanks very much, it reminds me of the time my friend Ray and i passed our bike tests on two M20s during my last posting in the British Army at 3 Div Airhead Ordanance Company at Luggershall south England in 1976, we became the despatch riders for the base, we had some really good times on the M20s and we broke them a few time doing stunts but luckily didn`t get into trouble he had a Honda CB250 and i had a 250 Suzuki RamAir which was knackered and i bought a Triumph 750 `export` model from Motorcycle city in Aldershot having just made it there on my Suzuki, good job Ray was with me on his bike, and on the way back to camp the back wheel neary came off the Triumph,very scary.
    It`s good to see these bikes being restored by enthusiasts like yourselves, it keeps us oldies happy, thanks again.

  15. awesome bike ,,, i love it -> meri jaan meri bike h bullet 350 cc, 30 year old but – me modification krwana chaahta hu my contact no. 7582854210

  16. This bike have gear on right and brake on left it is common but only in ROYAL ENFIELD STANDARD only not in others. But good looking.

  17. मे नेपाल से हु मुझे आपके ईश भिडियो मे जावा भि नजर आय लेकीन आपने जावा के बारेमा कुछ बताया नही आँप मुझे मदत करले तो मे वो जावा खरीदना चाहाता हु आँप मुझे ऊस मेकानीक अवर ऊस ग्यारेज के मालिक से सम्पर्क करा दिजीय मे आपको बहुत सुक्र गुजार रहुगाँ

  18. Nicely done. I have a postwar M21 and a wartime 16H. I prefer them to OHV bikes of the same era. They have a certain charm, as long as one is not in a hurry…..

  19. Hello sir superb 😘 bullet.hamare pass BSA b31 bullet hay hyd may hay.It is still in good condition since 1946 model.

  20. Aapki bakwaass ke beech gaadi ki awaaz bhi Suna dethe, useless Morons !! What I thought of this video is that you should attach it to an anvil then tie both to your neck and jump off a cliff , thum log na bass crude oil bannane paidha hote ho !!

  21. I have a Norton 16H 1940 which I am trying to restore. The frame and other body parts are in tact while I need a lot of parts for the engine. Can someone help?

  22. Awesome nostalgic i used to own a BSA 650 gold star at 18 years now i am 55 thanks for the great trip went back to my teenage memories wish i could get some old vintage bikes to ride again with those pilot shape glasses and the open helmet old is gold thanks keep the good work going on and share more videos you made my day.

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