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How Automobiles Work

thanks to the rapid development of brain
networks as well as international railway lines
nowaday trains are able to travel thousands of miles across state lines
and reach foreign lands or distant places but did you know that trains can
also reach the islands in this video we will show how a train is able to travel
across the sea thanks to the aid of a special ship and to do that we will see
one of the world’s most peculiar train ride get ready because we’re going to
travel across the strait of messina by train the strait of messina
is a narrow strait between the eastern tip of sicily and the western tip of
Calabria in the south of italy a natural whirlpool in the northern portion of the
Strait has been linked to Shilla and Charybdis two Greek monster which
according to legend were responsible for the sinking of many ships across the
strait of messina this narrow stretch of sea has always represent an obstacle but
due to its small width of only nine point one miles many people have tried to
cross it over the centuries the JAES CEO who is travelling on an
electric train from Rome to Palermo is approaching the terminus at Villa San
Giovanni which lies just a few miles from the large port of the city of
reggio calabria here’s some rail operators provide to separate the
various carriages so the entire train is divided into several convoys we had the
chance to talk about this procedure in our previous video about electric trains
when we explained how the train bogies are distributed on each carriage
differently when every single carriage is equipped with two bogies a quick
disconnection of the train cars is possible in any station as well as a
more simple maintenance work during a train breakdown when the Train is
divided the various convoys are carried to the wharf of the near harbour here a
unique event takes place one at a time the convoys are embarked in a ship which
is fitted with the railway tracks the wharf as a ramp and a linkspan balance
it by weights that connects the railway to the ship properly allowing for the
water level to rise and fall with the tides train cars are carrying inside the
ship with the help of special locomotives which provide to place them
symmetrically on the onboard trucks in order to avoid any imbalances and
therefore an unwanted tilt of the ship during the ride the train carriages need
to be strongly secured with tie rods especially when the ship runs into heavy
water more than ten years in industry supplies have led JAES to become a
qualified partner for some of the most important railway companies providing
its technical support over a wide range of industrial components necessary during the production process of these incredible machines during the boat ride passengers are free
to disembark the train grab a coffee and walk around on the ship after only 20
minutes the ship arrives at the port of Messina in Sicily here the Train is
reassembled and leaves towards the beautiful city of Palermo where the
giants offices are located if you found this video useful please let us know by
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