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How Automobiles Work

It opened up my opportunities for work when
I had to change careers, when I lost my vision and lost my license to drive. I thought, I need to find something to do
that I can walk to that is close enough to my house, or ride my bike. When I found out about the public transit
and that it does all day and door-to-door, I started looking outside of my neighborhood
for a new job, and it did open that opportunity. So now I can do what I want to do, where I
want to do that. And I am going to say Grand Island is kind
of a melting pot. We have a lot of immigrants that come to Grand
Island. With Swift out here, you know, we have a lot
of manufacturing in Grand Island. Those folks might not have a driver’s license
because they are newly immigrants to the area, so they are trying to learn, you know, how
to take the driver’s license test, and again, the affordability of a vehicle right at first. So, for us, we can get them to work and get
all their needs met, so it is huge for people. It is a valuable resource for our community. It keeps people working. It gives the opportunity to go outside of
your home and continue to work if you are unable to drive. The more people we have in our community working
and contributing to society, that just betters our whole world. My heart really goes out to the people we
serve in a medical, or people with physical disabilities that have medical issues that
need attention quite frequently. And we just really enjoy serving them and
helping them in the best way we can to get to their destination for an appointment, treatment,
or an operation or whatever it may be. I do use a wheelchair, so it makes it really
convenient to get around town with the bus system. I think independence is the key word. You are able to do for yourself. You can call a bus, they take you where you
need to go. You do your shopping, you do your work, whatever
you’re doing, and then they get you home. The kids. You can not believe how many kids we take
to school. You know, parents that have to go to work
early, we will go pick them up and take them home, or take them to an afterschool program,
whatever. That’s kind of what sets us apart, because,
the best advertising is being in a school, because then you will see one mother say,
oh my gosh I saw you guys at the school, could you pick up my kid? We take kids to dentist appointments, all
kinds of things. I am on disability and I can not drive, so
I go everywhere with public transportation. It is way more affordable to people that are
on disability and people with low income. I ride the bus about every day. I enjoy it, talking to the bus drivers and
visiting. You go somewhere on the taxi and you might
be waiting an hour to get back on. So the bus it better. The bus is good. We are getting more and more phone calls from
people who are starting to discover what we do here. We are actually getting more full and getting
more busy. And last year, we won the award for having
the most growth. And it is amazing how many people do not really
know this service is out there. A lot of people think it is more of a handicap
type of service, and it really is not. There is a gentleman in Alda Nebraska who
had advanced Parkinson’s disease who we would bring in here. The other day we went out and got him and
his wife, and I took them to the VA hospital, that is where he is at now. His wife could not do that with him and take
him home without our services. He is a veteran, and I felt pretty nice about
going to get him and taking him home, because he needs it. There are people that get on the bus every
day and sometimes they are having a bad day. We are just there to, it is all about our
attitude and our perspective, how we look to those people. And we depend on them for our jobs, and they
depend on us. Once in awhile, there are friendships that
are developed. And it is just great to be able to help somebody
that comes in a crisis situation. Our hearts are full of compassion for each
individual. We take them one by one, and really feel that
it is necessary to have this service, because without
it, these people would not know what to do. Our schedule is full. We just do not have enough buses out there
to haul everybody. That is really what it boils down to. So I don’t think there will ever be a stop
to our service because there’s such a need for it out there.

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