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as adventure riders we have to bring a
lot of baggage and a lot of luggage with us but passengers aren’t luggage they
need to be a dynamic part of our ride adventure riders and passengers function
as a team and that starts with just getting on the motorcycle traditionally
it’s the rider that takes charge by holding the motorcycle as the passenger
struggles to climb up and around the luggage and the rider is awkward it’s
cumbersome and the riders burned in energy trying to hold that bike upright
but there’s a better way to do this what we’re going to do is mount off the high
side of the motorcycle and the passenger mounts before the rider there’s two very
significant advantages first of all the bike is more stable and is less likely
to sink into the ground or to bend the size same to fall over because as the
rider steps on the outside they help unload the side stand the second
advantage is there’s lots of room for the passenger to work with so the bike
is already leaning away they can step in to the balance of the motorcycle using
the riders foot pegs once they’re into position they simply can sit down find
their position and they’re ready to go some passengers may never have done this
before or just prefer the bike to feel more stable the rider places their hand
on the end of the handlebar and uses their body weight to stabilize the bike
using no energy whatsoever this allows the passenger to use the rider foot pegs
step up and across the bike is stable and this is where their dynamic roll
begins using body weight the passenger can lean to the outside helping the bike
come off of side stand and away we go being an adventure passenger has far
more interactive than just riding on the street I have to stay engaged I need to
be watching ahead looking for the gravel for sand for Hills for turns I’ve got to
know what the riders gonna do and be ready to work with them as a team they
should never feel me on the back my body and what I do should make it easy for
them if Christina here is rolling through a corner and she needs to lean
the bike underneath there are counterbalance I need to lean and
counterbalance with her get in line I need to know exactly what she’s thinking
we’re a team we have one mind and one goal if she’s standing up I’ve got to
stand up so I know what’s going on she has to understand what I’m gonna do and
I have to know what she’s gonna do it doesn’t happen overnight it takes
practice it takes teamwork that can take training but it’s rewarding it is so
worth it and so enjoyable to experience things together as a team

85 thoughts on “Adventure Motorcycle Passenger Secrets (Pillion Tips)

  1. LOL. Nice intro with the pouch… And the drone view.
    By any chance, with those glasses she must have a favorite anti fog; care to name it?

  2. Great Video… help me a lot…. simple, short… I would like to see more recommendations for a passenger. I love to ride with my partner in life, but we are both inexperienced rides…. thanks..

  3. I couldn't have agreed more… My pillion experience has helped me so much to be a better, sharper and a more considerate rider…
    I wish this video was longer though… Got me interested!!!

  4. Great video! Now… I just can't imagine how would the passenger stand up, care to demonstrate?

    I mostly ride solo.
    Thank you!

  5. Thanks great video. I’ll show my wife. We’ll practice soon. Today was my first day riding in the rain. Home safely. Thanks to videos you and other riders produce.
    Thanks KLR James

  6. Awesome. My dad finally got himself a bike yesterday after many many years of wanting to get back into it, an earlier model Triupmh Tiger 955i, we went for a ride yesterday it being my first time pillion but I have done a small amount of riding as well. My dad is much much smaller than me, hes about a foot shorter and 60kg lighter so it was a new experience for him as well and my god was it just the best experience I've had in a long while! I'm so happy for my dad and excited for our adventures to come 🙂

  7. Good tips and Video, Great to Christina riding like a pro since we all rode with Shane Watts in Lebanon. You guys Rock!!

  8. This is a real important topic, I was always looking for such a topic for how the pillion can get over an adventure bike with all the luggage attached… Thank you so much for covering this topic.
    Also plz see if it is possible to make a video on adventure bikes and short rider…

  9. Ha! Bret, Terri and I are super stoked about this topic! I think we were the inspiration from this weekend. You gave us some great direction and after Terri (bad knee) got herself mounted on the GS, I tried to mount up in the rider position and I needed some work on my balance. We worked on it on Sunday and it went a little pear-shaped, but we're working on it. We really appreciate you spending time with us this weekend on it; it was the highlight of the show for us.

  10. Passenger first mount is the way I used to roll. I'm glad it's being suggested as the best way to go; And I'd recommend the same thinking for street only rides as well.

  11. Hmmm, I'll have to give this a try next time I take a pillion. Seems challenging to me to board the bike from the "wrong" side.

  12. Thank you so much for this video, there is not much information about adventure biking with passenger, seems as adventure riders are all lone riders. I would like more videos involving this topic.

  13. Very interesting, I would love to see a video with even more details about the passenger interaction with the driver.I heard talk about it but never seen a video about it.Good job like always on your videos.

  14. Great vid!
    It would be really helpfull to shoot another one to disclose more about various typical and non-typical situations during riding with passenger!

  15. Great video, albeit a little short. Could you please post your gear list? I know you're wearing the Sand 3. I'm shopping for gear for my wife. Thanks!

  16. Great tip on the mounting – unexperienced will even understand the center of the bike better that way and might have less fear that the bike will drop down with them.

  17. Oh, thank you so much for this video! I was searching passengers adv riding tips so long with no results. Hope you can make some more videos. Like: how should passanger stand while me standing, how to feel balance, How to hold better in balance and so on.

  18. Would love to have more videos about pillion riding, I'm not sure what advice to give to my wife when things get a bit gnarly, stand up with me, be dead like luggage. Standing up she might not be able to predict what I'll do and do the opposite.. Would be great to hear from someone who has experience..

  19. My girlfriend used to fall asleep until we started tackling the dirt roads. Now she loves the alt route instead of the boring highways. Gonna try that tip about sitting the pillion down first

  20. WOW. That is some beautiful background scenery. Complemented with some great tips. Thanks MotoTrek. Keep being inspiring. 😊

  21. Great tips! For the last three years, since I started riding with my GF, she always climbed up the wrong way, as you describe, and a KTM 1190R with bags is a high mountain to climb up. We didnt know ant better than that. THANK YOU !!!

  22. What a great, new spin on ADV riding! Not much out there for tips on riding off road two-up. I'm sure it's quite the challenge but like you said, I'm sure it can be quite rewarding. Now this is a way of bonding with ones special someone I'd like to try. However, I can also see it leading to a fair amount of screaming… Guess I've found another quality way of screening for the right woman!

  23. More great advice! Love your videos. I was a bit worried when I saw the gal emerge from the bag, but was happy to see you climb on the back as the passenger. I am often the pillion rider when my wife is piloting. Important to know what to do as a passenger.
    Keep up the good work.

  24. Bret I have seen in this and other videos that you seem unconcerned with the amount of weight that you are putting on the side stand. Are they really that robust that they can withstand that amount of weight?

  25. Interesting, I like that method for a passenger getting on a bike. I will have to try it on my RT. I have a passenger who stands off the centerline a bit when getting on the bike and thankfully she is small enough that it doesn't pull me over much. If we were loaded up it might be a different story. This should help that.

  26. Bret, had I heeded this video every time, I could have avoided a broken mirror, a heated discussion and a tired, cranky pillion. I'm glad to have watched it and knew this would be an effective solution. It is our standard loading procedure now.

  27. Wow, I never thought this to be a possibility. Thanks so much. When I get a big bike I will try as you showed.

  28. Tip #1: Get your own #&$* bike! Hahaha. Just kidding! Great vid as usual. Would love to see how two-up riding standing works.

  29. Does anyone use this technique? It worries me that everything depends on the rider balancing several hundred kilos on their right leg/foot while kicking back the side stand with the left, especially on slippery surfaces.

  30. Thank you! I've been looking for a technique that wouldn't require the driver to have both feet flat. As a new rider, I intend to get more comfortable with driving solo first, but this is a vid to re-watch when the time comes.

  31. You are the BEST on providing so may valuable tips, I live in California and like to know how to register for your classes on how best to ride heavy bikes like my new 2019 BMW GS1250A.

  32. Nice play… i love how the dialog set me up to expect Christina to be the passenger. Love it… well done.

  33. My girlfriend and I could really use more info on this topic. You mention standing up and leaning together but there are no mechanics presented. One thing I would REALLY like to be able to do is stand up and ride with her on the back but she says it's a no go. How does it work? It's not even shown here.

  34. I would love to see more tutorials on rough terrains with passenger! Posture, weight balance, hand position of pillion, sand and gravel etc., etc..
    Thanks for great content!

  35. Hi Mototrek. I'm a fan and subscripber but I think this one is really bad advice.

    I've been trying this tip on my last trip with a fully loaded F 800 GS. My passenger always felt she was left hanging dangerously waiting for me, and finally on the 4th time the bike tipped over the side stand when I was getting on.

    Moreover, the side stand was not built to hold that much weight, and this could really cause some permanent damage to the bike (besides, of course, tipping on the ground).

  36. Hi I have been watching your channel for some time now and I have really learned a lot thanks keep up the good work.
    My wife goes all most every where with me on the back of my bike ( 1200 GS ) and we ride well together on pavement. I have yet to go off road with her yet. My question is. Is how different is riding off road with a pillion from riding off road on your own ?
    Do you both stand up on the pegs and the passenger do the same as the rider ?
    should she just lift off the seat when you are coming to a large bump/hole or do you treat her weight as luggage and ride as if you were solo ?
    A video on this would be awesome.
    Thanks in advance Drake. UK

  37. Hi Bret, excellent videos – thank you for doing these for us. I always strongly recommend to friends that ride motorcycles with a passenger to have an intercom in rider and passenger helmets, not only better safety by warning each other of pending events like "I need to accelerate quickly" but also makes motorcycling far more enjoyable to the passenger and builds better team work. A point that seems to be missing from this video.

  38. Lost count of the number of bags I have opened and I have yet to find a cute strawberry blonde inside any of them 🙂

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