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my name’s Richard Sexton and this is the first time I’ve ever been to the Holley carburetor show in Bowling Green Kentucky I brought a Nash 55 Metropolitan Pro Street car this is the project that me and my son and a friend of mine helped me build and so my sons name is Kenny Sexton the friend of mine is the neighbor Dan so he helped me build the chassis for this car I’ve done ninety percent of the work myself my son painted this car it’s the third car he ever painted in his life so we are very proud of it 2800 pounds with a full tank of fuel and me sitting in it got the 327 with ten and a half over double hump heads with the biggest valves we could get in it so the car is a built with about 425 horses in it all motor with good tranny in it I think it’s one of the cleanest ones thats ever been built the car is clean under the hood everybody says its the cleanest slickest Metropolitan they’ve ever seen billed in any show they’ve been to I asked Metropolitan it actually started out with
the hudson the first year and and they were built in England they were shipped over here for American Motors for Hudson and then American Motors bought them out and they built them for nine years and then they titled them for ten years and they were never manufactured after that so what was the last year the Nash would have been manufactured 1963 this car is the only car is the only car that’s ever been built that I can take the left hand door and put it on the right hand side of the car
people don’t know that the door skin they can take the door skin off of this one put it right over on the other side all you have to do is re-cut the door handle hole

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  1. Awesome build!! I was wondering if it's possible to get the schematics as to how to make a frame for a Nash metropolitan. Or how can I reinforce my subframe? Thank you

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