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How Automobiles Work

I’m Valentina, okay I am pleased I read, it seemed like a AUDI had seen on the ad you placed. Yeah, I left the AUDI at home Andy: What do you work? Vali: I work in I.T. and Im Married! Andy: I have a Bitcoin Factory I like to invest in Bussinesses and let managers take care of them so I can do YouTube. Is this you on YouTube? You seem a little chubby at the face I Like cars very much, thats why i have so many… Are you Serious? These are all your cars?
WOW Because I put the brake too sudden and had a car impact I going to maroon 5 concert.. As you age, one year represents a less percentage of your whole life. Thats why you think time passes faster as you age. When I will do this I will be happy, When I will do that I will be happy. What’s your name? Mihai I’m Andy Hello! I mean, I’m surprised that at your age you know about M5 Look, she does not think she knows about M5 Do you know about M5? You do not know, do you? Not The M5 are special BMW cars that are extremely powerful I know BMW makes powerful, fast cars Do you know what Mercedes power division is? So at BMW is the M division, MotorSport And Mercedes is the AMG division Unlike the M models And he knows how to stop himself Depending on the front car, you know? Yes Did you hear about this? Not And read the only speed limit see? She knows 90 is the limit here Now that I’m at the 50th mark The room is going to read and it’s going to turn into 50, did you see? I mean, she has a special camera with which she reads the traffic signs That you always know what legal speed you have If I have money, I’ll take it too When I get bigger I think it would be best to keep you informed, after you have informed yourself, then you can make a decision Yes That’s how I do when I get a good idea about something and then I decide What is Romania on which continent is it? Europe Look, this is Europe You know the six continents, right? That down here, what is it? To stay! Oh, it’s America And here’s North America Si Miami? In Florida This is Florida here And I guess that’s what you know … Australia Orasu Let’s say Buzau After that country that is Romania, after that the continent that is? Europe Do you know other planets? Mars, Jupiter, the Sun .. But if you move away? What is it now? It’s a Solar And if you get away, what’s the matter? galaxy Correct! What is our Galaxy? And then if you get away? The universe I mean, it means all the galaxies Yes That’s what I understand Do I have to leave you here? Yes Yes Yes Yes! Do you know what the answer is? Let me tell you 100 thousand years

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