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[MUSIC PLAYING] Front row parking. When we talk about
museums in America, you know, we’re talking
maybe turn of the century– Couple 100 years– Yeah, Civil War period. But when you talk about
museums over here, I mean, he can have like a bicycle
with stone wheels on it. [KNOCKING] Hey, are you Mike? MIKE 1: I am. My name is Mike too. How you doing? Barry sent us over here. This my buddy Frank. Nice to meet you. Thanks for having us. This guy opens the door. He looks like a
little professor. He’s got the round glasses. We’re pickers. I don’t know if you
ever heard of that. We buy and sell a lot of stuff. Here’s a list. I don’t know if–
– Some of the stuff we– Barry let you know that’s
kind of stuff we buy. I’m a bicycle guy. I heard you’re a bicycle guy. Oh, did you hear that? Yeah. [LAUGHS] That’s the
word on the street. Yes, I think it’s on the
word on many peop– yes. Somehow, bike nuts
recognize one another. I think you can spot
them at about 100 yards. Can we come in? – Yeah, of course you can.
– All right. Thank you–
– Thank you. Yeah. MIKE 2: So we kind
of walk in like this. Oh, wow. Hey. We get in the house, and
it’s packed, you know. Whoa. MIKE 1: That’s fairly
normal procedure. That’s a normal
procedure around here? All right, wait. I started collecting
when I was four. And I just maintained this
interest all through my life. So how long ago did you
close your museum, then? I’ve been trying to
reconstruct it on a small scale here for about 13 years. The museum is not
currently operating. And I have essentially retired. But I still maintain
the collection as a cabinet of curiosity. At my Hampton Village
house, I have a garage. And there are some smaller
objects there, which you might be quite pleased to see. I’d love to see
any of that stuff. Could we go check them out? – Yes–
– We go to the garage? Yes, absolutely– All right. Whenever we’ve picked
museums in the past, we’ve always done well
on their overflow. I’m talking storage
sheds, garages. So when he says
he’s got a garage, I’m thinking,
ch-ching, overflow. MIKE 2: Let’s dig in. When’s the last time
you were in here? About 12 years ago. I like to hear that. Oh, we’re OK. Whoa. Whoa. [LAUGHS] Dang. We’ve seen walls of
junk before but not an English wall of junk. Mike. FRANK: Look how
far that goes back. This is stuff just
cram packed in there. This is what we’ve
been looking for. There’s a
motorcycle handlebar. Whoa. The heck is it? I see this huge motor
mounted above the front wheel with a chain drive. Be careful. Look at that thing. Look at that thing.
Look– Watch out.
This is falling. Where the front fork on it? Mike, what kind of bike is this? This is a Turner Byvan. Turner Byvan. Byvan– two-wheeled van. MIKE 2: What is that? MIKE 1: That’s a fuel tank. Oh, my god. This thing is so awesome. I can’t wait to see it. As soon as I see
that motorcycle, I realize that is
what I’m here to buy. Now, all we got to do
is dig this thing out. –cause they only made four. Oh, they only
made four of them? And I’ve got one. Oh, ah– ah. FRANK: Here we come. All right. No way. We roll it out. And it’s just the most funky
different, exciting thing that I’ve seen in a long time. I have a love
affair with this. And if I could get it
into my bedroom, I would. Some people might
think he’s a freak. I’m not judging. I’m into the same thing. I’ve got a 1914
Harley next to my bed. Well, that’s marvelous. That’s the first thing
I see when I get up. Marvelous. I can understand why he’s
completely in love with it. It’s got to look. It’s got the design. It’s got all the elements
of what a collector wants. I have interest in this. I would pay 20,000 pounds
for the bike the way it sits just like that. MIKE 1: Yeah. I think that is a
very good offer. And I’m sure that
many people other than myself would jump
at such an opportunity. So essentially, no. MIKE 2: I tell you what, Mike. I’d come up to 25,000. MIKE 1: I don’t wish to
always see it in here. But I think the best
thing would be for me to say that I will
certainly contact you if I decide to sell the thing. And I will give
you first refusal. But–
– You know what– –not wishing. I would be honored. I would be honored if you did. That is awesome. Thank you so much–
– Thanks– –showing it to us too. Thanks for bringing us Good, thank you. MIKE 2: With this deal,
we died with our boots on. We tried, man. We tried. 25,000 quid doesn’t do it. But we did the best we could. We did the best we could. But sometimes you need
to know when to say when. All right, my friend.
– Very nice to– – Thank you for the opportunity.
– Thank you. – Thanks for showing it to us.
– Thanks a lot. – Thank you very much.
– Thanks a lot. MIKE 2: Who knows. Maybe the phone will ring. He’s like, hey, this is Mike. Things change all the time. You still want that
bike and guess what– we’ll be back over here.

64 thoughts on “American Pickers: Very High Offer for Rare Motorcycle (Season 10) | History

  1. this why i believe the show is scripted that guy hasnt even seen that bike in over a decade and he didnt want to sell it heres what is going to happen hes going to die of old age and if he has no kids it will go to the scrap pile with all the other junk.

  2. I love American pickers, but this show definitely doesn't work in the context of my country, just the overly-brash, loud tone, doesn't fit with the English setting, and I hope that rare British motorcycles and other things that they 'pick' don't get exported to America, that would be tragic.

  3. I respect this guy for not selling his prized possession… there are certain things that money just cannot buy.. if there is something that gives you so much joy and happiness, money, no matter how much, can never replace that.. I do feel bad for him as he realizes that he’s getting older and someday he will part with his possessions permanently when he passes.. he seems to realize that he might have a chance to pass this down to someone who will love and cherish it and take care of it as he did, and get as much happiness and enjoyment from it as he did, and this is what is most important to him… the money is not really even part of this equation.. it’s more of knowing that when you leave this earth, you can rest easy knowing that someone had picked up where you left off, and will continue to respectfully care for the things that brought you the most joy as you have cared for them, and will be around so that others may enjoy them too… this is true character, and it’s good to see it in action, but sad to see this gentleman go thru this.. if Mike does acquire this, I would be very disappointed if he ever sold or traded it for any reason, ever… I know the rules of business, but this is something different and I believe he knows this…

  4. Wow that's pretty lame of him to have them drive him to his garage, dig that bike out of his garbage heap, and not even take an offer for 25,000 pounds lmao

  5. That was rude of Mike and Frank, they left the old man alone to put back all the junk they took out to pull out the motorcycle just because he wouldn't sell it.

  6. Drive him out to the storage and pull out 1/5 of it to just say alright good luck and walk away hahaha what a waste of time for everyone. Including all of us….

  7. I have a love affair with this, so much so I have it packed into a garage full of junk and haven't seen it in 12 years, typical hoarder.

  8. that guy 25,000 lb, come on cell that pile of s*** to him are you stupid I just I hear these people and they're just so stupid it's sad no one else is going to offer you that kind of money for that pile of s***

  9. After they left, Mike gets a call.
    UK Mike "hi Mike, this is Mike!"
    US Mike "yes ,Mike (sounding super exceited"
    UK Mike " you know the motorbike that you pulled out from my shed?"
    US Mike " yes yes yes"
    UK Mike " well someone's got to squeeze it back in, its not going crawl back in itself."

  10. I don’t understand, why do all these people ask if they wanna see their “garage” just to not sell what’s in it?

  11. These guys are honest. What more can you ask of a person?
    Now the pawn stars are crooks and dishonest. Big difference.

  12. One episode 5 or 6 unopened sheds for years with all kinds of stuff. Ok we'll get an old oil station sign and a bicycle. Can't stay any longer. We have to be 300 miles somewhere else by 5 oclock. They had the mother lode and can't wait to leave. Its tv but pretty stupid

  13. That Cat is setting on some kind of inheritance or trust fund cause he don't need the money. Bet he owns whole block and collects righteous pounds every month off all those Flats.

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