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100 thoughts on “An uncultured swine plays Grand Theft Auto 5 for the first time

  1. Real talk tho I missed out big time with this game, it's super fun. I'll be streaming more of it this Sunday, starting at 3pm UTC. And I'll be streaming Minecraft at 7pm UTC on Thursday too!

  2. 0:14 the only man ever who cared about the pedestrians in GTA is RT, a man known for initiating west virginia

  3. "I don't know whats wrong with this guy, every day he comes in covered in bruses and broken bones. says he fell down the mountain when he jumped with his parachute and then goes out to do it the very next day hes out of the hospital!"

  4. Operator: “Hi, this is atomic blimp. Can I help you?”

    Franklin: “Can you hook me up with a blimp?”

    Operator: “Sir, are you the same guy who orders all our other blimps and then destroys them almost immediately afterwards?”





    Franklin: “Hi, this is Atomic Blimp. Can I help you?”

  5. Franklin: Survives falling from a blimp up high

    Franklin: Survives falling off a mountain

    Also Franklin: Dies falling off a car that's on the ground

  6. according to GTA V falling from a blimp about 200 feet and crashing into the concrete likely snapping your spine in multiple places

    costs 15 dollars to repair

  7. “Okay so we just need to get back on the main trail”
    cuts away for 5 seconds and cuts back to him going 300 mph

  8. 4:36
    ABS: "Hi, this is Atomic Blimp. Can I help you?"
    Franklin: "Can you hook me up with a blimp?"
    ABS: "Of course, Sir. I'll get one sent out to the nearest available drop-off point."
    Franklin: "Cool. Thanks, Lady."
    ABS: "Thank you for calling Atomic Blimp Services. Good bye."
    Franklin: (Hangs up) "OOF! OUGH! UGH!" (Dies)

  9. In Cities Skylines: builds a bunch of blimp stations
    In GTA V: constantly orders blimps
    I think I'm seeing a pattern here

  10. An "uncultured swine"?
    Dude, nobody talks like a french diplomat except pretentious uncultured losers trying to act like theyre something theyre not.

  11. Florida man arrested for running over hundreds, says it was due to camera angle, and that he’s actually from Ireland.

  12. "hello, this is atomic blimp services how can i help you"
    "of course, sir"
    10/10 for realism

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