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Hey guys what’s going on? It’s Don here from NovaSpiritTech and recently these topics were popping up on my newsfeed a lot, which is installing Android auto on our Raspberry Pi So I decided to investigate to see how intuitive or how easy it is to install it which leads us to this video So let’s get started Now to begin we are going to need a Raspberry Pi 3 and some sort of touchscreen So, yeah I am using a five-ich touchscreen which I got from Amazon. I’ll leave a link in the description below, this does use the GPIO pins for the touchscreen and as you can see it does work And It is hooked up to my phone right now as Android auto Now you can also get if you’re planning to put this in your car one of these little devices Now this one I bought back in 2007 when I was doing my first car PC And if you guys know anything or OGs about the car pcs you know about these screens the Liliput screens But yes, this is a 8 inch screen for double-din And it has mounting holes for the radio slots and Basically it works right out of the bat It does have multiple inputs or if you have reverse cameras and stuff like that it will work with this guy as well Now the installation process Itself is a little bit tedious I followed the guys instructions and everything it’s not hard But it’s just a lot of commands that you got to go through so instead of doing that I actually wrote a script that you could find on my github, link is in the description below And everything else that we’re talking about This script will actually automatically install all the dependencies, all the software and Everything you need to get Android Auto working Along with installing an auto start script which as soon as you boot up the device will boot right into Android auto Now obviously we’re going to be using the latest version of Stretch with the desktop version And when you’re done installing that using Etcher We’re gonna hop into our Raspberry Pi. All right, so here we are at our desktop, just imagine everything is pre done. Which is connecting to Wi-Fi and keyboard settings and all that The first thing we need to do is download my Git, which is the script that we’re gonna be using to install Android Auto So git clone https://github.com/novaspirit If I can spell correctly ..novaspirit/androidauto_rpi_install Okay once that’s done. We’ll list it change directory over to Android auto Now I’m gonna chmod which is gonna turn into an executable install.sh Once that’s done. We just do ./install.sh And now it’s gonna run all the repositories and install everything you need to do and do everything and once at the end of this it will automatically boot into Android Auto And if you reboot the system it will also automatically reboot into Android Auto So this will take about 20 minutes to half an hour so go grab a drink and we’ll be right back All right, so as you can see everything does work. It is hooked up to my android phone Navigation does work also the traffic information And it’s not too bad as far as speed wise goes if you want to check out the music app you could Use Google Play Music or whatever you want You can also install other apps into it Like Waze and stuff just to get this going, but I’m not gonna talk more about the Android app I’m more so just in showing you guys how easy it is or how nice it actually moves Well I’ll leave a link to another image that you guys could get, called Crankshaft now this guy’s been actually developing this project as an actual image that you could load into the SD card The only problem I found with that was it’s got a limited understanding of what displays you can use So that’s why I went the route of doing it Yourself Now his image supports the official Raspberry Pi display While mine I could just use whatever I want and that’s why I decided to show you this, but yeah again I will leave all the links in the description to the crankshaft and to the build that I’m using Everything you could play around with it’s gonna be in the descriptions below So now that you have everything installed which is awesome The only key feature that is missing and doesn’t work right now is Bluetooth which isn’t a deal-breaker for me because I’m really just using this for navigation and ways Yeah, I mean it’s great. So I’ve been playing around with this guy for the past couple of days, and it’s very smooth I don’t have any issues with low times or the map struggling or anything like that It’s been really good on this Raspberry Pi The graphic seems to be working pretty smoothly Not anything that would bother me Now for me I’m gonna be keeping an eye on this project myself because I actually like where this is headed Remember, this is still in its infancy of the software where a lot of stuff is still being implemented So keep your eyes peeled on the software as well. Well. That’s it for me. So if you guys enjoyed this video Please hit that like button if you guys have any questions about this hit them in the comments below I’ll try to answer as much as I can You guys got any ideas for Nick’s car computer project Hit up in the comments below, I wanna see if it’s something I could attempt If you are new to the channel consider subscribing and also hitting that little Bell notification icon So you know when the next video is gonna be out And as I say my nerd cave Hack til it hertz

100 thoughts on “Android Auto on Raspberry Pi 3

  1. Great video!
    Does this script basically compile and install Android auto from source?
    Another question is can I install any android app (like an image processing application) on this system? Never worked on Android auto, that's why I'm asking.

  2. Hi what I want to know is why do you need your phone to run android auto why can't the ras pi hold the software and the apps instead of connecting to phone like an after market unit would

  3. CMakeFiles/Makefile2:104: set di istruzioni per l'obiettivo "CMakeFiles/autoapp.dir/all" non riuscito
    make[1]: * [CMakeFiles/autoapp.dir/all] Errore 2
    Makefile:83: set di istruzioni per l'obiettivo "all" non riuscito
    make: * [all] Errore 2
    ./install.sh: riga 47: /home/pi/openauto/bin/autoapp: File o directory non esistente

  4. Since the Pi has Bluetooth, is it possible to use that to connect your phone so you don't have to plug your phone in every time?

  5. Hello, i have a 2007 infiniti G35x without navigation, it has a 7" screen that is not touch.|
    my question is, if i replace the screen with an OEM touchscreen for the car, can this be installed to complement the stock features of the car in the same screen? or otherwise would i have to nule the stock features or get a separate screen anyways?

  6. ran the whole Github file but nothing happens. I told my Pi to restart but it just loaded into the desktop. Any help?

  7. Can you use a second Pi with a cellular dongle running the Android OS instead of a cell phone? I use IOS devices, so I would have to add a dedicated Android device to my cellular plan for this use.

  8. how do you connect the Analog Reverse Cameras to the Pi ? Also how do you program the Pi to switch to the Reverse Camera View when you change into Reverse Gear ? I figure you give an input to one of the GPIO pins from the Reverse Lights and program the Pi to switch to the Reverse Camera View. But how do you connect to an Analog Camera….the USB-RCA interfaces have a lag, which is not acceptable, at least not for Reversing ! Any suggestions ?

  9. Hi @Novaspirit, I have an error on your script : line 39: cmake : unknown command and line 47: /home/pi/openauto/bin/autoapp : No file or folder. Can I have your help please? Many thanks !

  10. Mines disconnects from my phone as if i unplug the phone from the pi but i dnt touch it at all. I have to unplug & plug it back in several times in order to get it to work at times. Can anyone help me out?

  11. Will Bluetooth work with a Bluetooth adapter, and if connected through Bluetooth how would android auto run navigation and music apps like spotify?

  12. I was preferring crackshaft all this time cause it works with berryboot as a different os. But now this installation seems pretty easy .I would prefer this method.The only problem is that i want the functionality to switch between raspbian and android auto just like how the berryboot gives me. Or i could also work with the option of running android auto as application on raspbian so i will be in control of when to switch to android auto and raspbian or any such option. Any suggestions or ideas??

  13. So I have currently an no name Android head unit and I'm trying to use realdash to add sensor inputs to monitor non-obd2 devices. Maybe you could do something like this as I'm new to the Arduino world and a little stuck. Realdash had a canbus script too.

  14. HI! i try to do it, and it works! but… How you change the size for your 5" screen.
    I have a 3.5" tft screen and doesnt fit the image. Thanks!

  15. Hey Novaspirit, thanks for the video.
    I just tried to install the whole thing but it gives an error when installing the openauto part. At 60% it got stuck.
    You know how I can fix it?

  16. used to work, but for some reason it is not booting again and do not recognize my phone. I would guess some dependencies changed …

  17. Thinking about going efi on old wagoneer and adding some media players for kids. Maybe pi and sim card for WiFi. Great video.

  18. hi there, I'd like to implement this project in my car too, but I need bluetooth working to connect to my own car stereo BT capable (to avoid cabling management to listen to Spotify, you know…) . How can I add BT capacity to this project?

  19. Is it possible to get 2-DIN screens that also have a small selection of buttons? I like physical buttons for common tasks because they more easily let me change music and such without taking my eyes off the road.

  20. Must be time for a update to Bluetooth. I need a small screen for the cx7 plus reversing camera attachments and steering wheel controls.

  21. I wish Centrafuse would come back for Rpi or Android/etc. All these new single board computers would make that project incredible. Centrafuse was too good too soon.

  22. didnt work for me,finally when installed said plungin phone with android auto – did,nothing happened – rebooted raspberry,then it went back to raspbian stretch WTF

  23. i have a problem.. my Raspberry crash here : https://i.gyazo.com/4ba79c41d965eaa51653c4ed11c1e966.jpg and i try the installation and always crash in that point..

  24. tried 4 times 2 on pi 2 and 2 on pi 3 b+ fails to start after it runs and always getting an error while installing.. once it reboots it goes to raspbian and does not know android auto is even there. and crankshaft does not work either.

  25. installed androidauto on TF Card , but 5inch hdmi 800*480 touch not working, please please please please give me the solution, i am beginner

  26. Is it possible to boot back into rasbian from android auto? that way i can use the rpi for other purposes when not driving. cheers, nice tutorial

  27. Where can i get a standard double din stereo enclosure likiputting 0:47 so i can just hook up an rpi, or similar for if it doesnt just the enclosure for an rpi touch screen?

  28. @novaspirit tech hello!
    i have a problem… i can't install other app from google play…
    how can i do?

  29. I fly drones for fun and dont like walking around with my laptop since here in PR if you leave it in your car it would get stolen even if not visible.
    I would like to Know if there is a way I could use my GUI's on Linux base OS? The GUI's I would like to use are FlightOne, Betaflight and KISS.

  30. Great video. I followed all the steps from the video, however, when I connect my phone, the raspberry pi does not react nor Open Auto opens

  31. I had a Car Pc in my car in the mid-late 90's mainly for Monkey Maps as GPS Nav was New and Small 3.5" and expensive

  32. So I finish running the script. Got to the point where it wants you to connect your android device, then I did that but nothing happened. Not sure what to do here. Also, I don't know how to get back to that connection screen. sorry I am a beginner. This is a cool project. Any help would be great thanks.

  33. The real deal for me is:
    1. Adding affordable gps dongle like GlobalSat BU-353-S4 USB GPS Receiver (USB), or ublox neo (uart), and working offline with google maps, like in the phone.(ofcourse updates from time to time via wifi).
    2. Resistive screen is pain in the as*. We need capacitive one. And, yeah, we can use the official one, but it's expensive and less suitable with this border around it.
    3. Adding radio module with rotary encoders.
    4. Back camera and graph with OBD 2 interface will be the top of the Ice cream. 😀

  34. Hey, thanks for the video.
    I'm a bit confused… is it possibale to use the AndroidAutoPi without a smartphone? I'm searching for a "Car"Pi-System which dont require a smartphone. Any suggestions?

  35. Should we connect the android phone to raspberry pi 3 b+ with usb cable ? Do we really need to connect with ODB2 cable? thank you.

  36. Don Hui great Vid, I have been looking for a touchscreen with the DIN frame cant find any. the link you have by now is broken. any help.

  37. Hey man, came across your video, loved how easy you made it for us NOOBS! i was just wondering if you have kept an eye out for it like you said, is the Github up to date? is Bluetooth working? just curious? recently built a NAS using a raspberry pi 3, and had so much fun, so im looking to add GPS to my truck. and hopefully blue tooth music.

  38. how i install this to 32gb usb stick ? my sd card have wery small 8gb only. or need this be usb hdd ? all navi, maps,music,videos,etc.i has installed this raspi3 now rasbian and virtual keyboard,and have mini keyboard,mouse,32gb usb stick, 10 inch display, reverse cam future.and need navicator to car, offline not google map shit.

  39. cranksack not has working ,only black screen but you wideo install.sh work now longtime has load somethink. sometime has open window and ok need bush. i no know what, haha building cxx object, now uh,same all linux shit, stop 60% and not do anythink, building cxx libus-1.0 warning zero non standard usualwork code. 0.

  40. not install, 60% stop libusb. what usb gps module you use and can use this ? now internal compiler error killed. instal.sh row 47 not have.makefile 83 recipe target all failed. make “` all error 2. JUST THATS, NORMAL LINUX ANYTHINK NOT WORKING NEWER, BIG SHIT.

  41. I’m thinking that you could give me some insight… I have a 1995 Mazda Miata that I’m planning on turbo-ing. I want to install a Raspberry Pi in the dash that runs my Bluetooth radio, navigation, rear view camera, and also will still be able to jump into tuner studio. It seems that running android auto will enable me to do most of that but I don’t think I’d be able to jump back and forth between that and tuner studio. Any suggestions or insight or correction where I may be wrong?

  42. Android on a RPI 4 request… MUCH needed from everyone i know… Need a stable android OS, so where to go… To you ofcourse 🙂 Possible for a automated step by step installation of android on Raspberry pi 4 B?

  43. If the Bluetooth would work with this you could add many other options to include OBDII support and music apps.

  44. I got the open auto screen once, immediately after installing, but now it doesn't start. Anyone know what program it is running? Where will it be in the folder structure?

  45. Let's say I'm trying to hack my OEM navigation to enable AA and it doesn't have a touchscreen but only a regular non-touch screen with knobs and buttons to control the GUI. How do I go about controlling Android Auto ? (assume I have all the rest: I am displaying the RPI onto my OEM nav unit and interfaced my infotainment bus to my RPI to catch the knob turns and translate them into key presses). I know from (https://www.androidcentral.com/android-auto-without-touch-screen-weird-i-kinda-dig-it) that audi have done it.

  46. Hello Novaspirit,

    I have been watching your videos for some time now, and relied on them more times than im glad to admit. Thank you for all your effort.

    But now I want to create a small scream add-on to my car so it has android auto, I wanted to use Pi 3 whit a 3,5inch HDMI hat for the pi

    The screen I’m planning of using is the same as your video here:


    Question is will it be able to work whit this touch screen, and will it be usable ?

    I know that this screen has a fairly low native resolution but it can be scalable via the menu, so will it be eligible ?

    Also about the configuration and the initial setup, will it work out of the box ore will much additional setup be required ?

    And lastly, since this is a small screen does it make sense to use the cheaper 3.5inch screens that don’t have the HDMI input but use the GPIO,

    and if posable how will that work ?

    I think that there are a lot of people like me that would like to see a video like that “cheapest android auto setup” for sure it will be very helpful to me.
    Also if it uses an different variant of the PI ? zero, pi2 ore other alternative

    Again thank you for your videos and I wish you all the best.

  47. So you would need to connect your phone at the end, does that mean it's not independent and you need the phone as the GPS system?

  48. When I run the ./install.sh, it works up until it hits 82%, 84% and or 86%, at that point it just freezes and goes nowhere. How do I fix this???

  49. any projects with raspberry PI 4? i plan to chang out my head unit and i have a couple of rasberry pi 4 here in th eoffice i can play ard with

  50. Thinking about doing this with a 7" display panel from aliexpress.com Connects to rpi3 via hdmi and USB. How would I add GPS function for google maps navigation app? Anyone know if this would work ok with Ham Radio APRS app? APRSdroid is the app I am thinking of.

  51. hi i would like to know the best way to have several rasberry pi and control them from home and be able to display my content from my computer to my rasberry pi

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