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(upbeat rock music) – Hyundai’s been selling
cars in the United States for 30 years now, and over those 30 years, exterior designs have gotten much more advanced, interiors have gotten
much more sophisticated, and also phones went from being just regular phones like
this one to smartphones. Let me show you today how
we integrate smartphones into our vehicles using Android Auto. Knowing all those inappropriate things that people do with their
phones inside their cars, Hyundai and Google thought
there’s gotta be a better way, and that better way is Android Auto. So let me show you how it works. I take my Android phone, I plug it in, it’s reading it’s USB and
Android Auto comes up. Button push, I bring it up. So this is my home screen and it has my different cards
and things throughout the day that I might use and they’re coming straight from my phone. So I’m just gonna go left to right and show you the different features. Google Maps. Everyone loves Google Maps, so we can do all kinds of
things using Google Maps and it’s always up to date. I can either use the
steering wheel buttons to control Android Auto, or I can just press the top button. So I’m gonna use the steering
wheel button in this case to show you how it works. (screen dings) Find me a pizza place nearby. – [Google] Here are the
listings for a pizza place. – So I’ve got several pizza places nearby I can scroll through and if I want to go to Lamppost
Pizza on Warner Avenue, I can just hit it and I’m instantly there. So the next feature I’d like
to show you is the phone. So it’s showing some
recent phone calls here. Again I can use voice commands
to activate the phone. (screen dings) Call Brandon Ramirez. – [Google] Work or mobile? – [Man] Mobile. – [Google] Calling Brandon Ramirez mobile. – [Man] So see it’s dialing,
very easy to read, accurate. I can integrate his picture if I want so I’m not gonna call
Brandon Ramirez actually. I’m just gonna end that call. And that’s how to make a call but I can also text
message Brandon Ramirez using Android Auto. So let me show you how to do that. (screen dings) – Text message Brandon Ramirez. – [Google] Work or mobile? – [Man] Mobile. – [Google] What’s the message? – [Man] Wanna go to lunch today? – [Google] Here’s your
text to Brandon Ramirez. Want to go to lunch today? Do you want to send it? – [Man] Yes. – [Google] Sending message. – [Man] So I can send messages and I can also get messages
in and it’ll read a message if Brandon sends me a message back. The center button is my home screen. This is where my home base is. It gives me the latest
things I’ve been working on, similar to the Google Now that most people are familiar with. So streaming music apps
are very popular right now. Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio,
Google Play Music. I can queue up a song just using an artist name
and the title of the song. So those are just some examples of the power of Android Auto. I can make calls, I can send messages, I can search for destinations,
I can get useful information, and I can play all my favorite music and the beauty of it all is I
can keep my eyes on the road and my hands on the wheel
the entire time I’m doing it. I’m not looking down, I’m not
trying to reach for my phone. My phone is actually down and away. Everything I do is
performed by voice commands or one or two button
presses on the screen.

8 thoughts on “Android Auto Overview | Hyundai Insider | Hyundai

  1. How can I turn phone and text off? I just want navigation and Google music. Don't want passengers seeing or hearing my text

  2. I use it in my 2017 sonata but the data port in the car only works as a data port and does not charge my phone while it is in AA mode. So after 4 hours, my phone is dead and if I use AA for a trip , I couldnt count on it for long. This is a nice feature but a flawed feature as well

  3. Can I use Google navigation (maps) when 2017 Hyundai’s Elantra Limited factory installed nav system is present? I have android auto installed (in car and phone) but it’s grayed out and when you touch the icon it will not activate for any of its features!

  4. Just purchased 2019 Sonata Sport- LOVE THE CAR! As for connecting to Android Auto you must use a USB wire that supports high speed data transfer. I purchased one thru Amazon when I had trouble connecting and the problem was solved when I used the new cable. If you read the manual Hyundai suggests that you use the usb cord that came with the phone. Try that first (as I did, but the cable was worn from use) but I suggest you check out whats available- usually less than $5-10.

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