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26 thoughts on “Android Auto: The Road Ahead – Google I/O 2016

  1. Didn't like the Android Auto Mobile App. Feels like Android Auto is going to get boringgggg.. Expected more than a lot from this video :'(

  2. Rather than opening android auto on mobile, a user can directly put screenshots on home screen and can open apps one by one. Or if the phone support android N, driver or user can directly use split screen. Let Android auto not become boring !!!!! 🙁

  3. Since Apple CarPlay monopolized / oligopolized the market of Taiwan, please allow Android Auto launch for Taiwan as early as possible

  4. I have a question about making apps for Android Auto:
    According to the website, only music&chatting apps are currently supported.
    Is it ok to make an app (which is not music/chat app) that shows a notification on contextual cases (with user confirmation about it of course) ?

  5. I hope along with the already mentioned additions coming to android auto, I hope they add changeable wallpaper and a big one, auto dimming, clock based dimming, or manual dimming because man that Pioneer headunit screen at night is freaking bright.

    I also hope third part diag apps for cars like Torque and Dashcommand that use an obd reader to get engine data will be allowed to work with Android Auto, would love that information to be able to be displayed.

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