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We’re here at EICMA 2017 and we’re stood here
at the Arai stand. Some interesting facts about Arai helmets: the first is that
they’re all handmade, every single one in Japan. And it takes about 16 labour hours
per helmet to create the helmet. Every single helmet builder places a
signature on the inside of the helmet shell. So, if you ever decide to take your
helmet to bits – then that is what you’ll find. Let’s
check out the 2018 collection. To start with the Arai Freeway or Freeway Classic. A
really awesome retro helmet for a custom bike, chopper or maybe a cafe racer. The
helmet has a double D locking chin buckle, it offers the safety that every
Arai helmet guarantees and it is also a really really pleasant fit. It starts at
€299 for the Freeway and €449 for the Freeway Classic. To your right we have
the SZ Urban: which is a city helmet, an open face helmet with very simple
ventilation. But probably more comfortable, on the slightly longer
distances, than the Freeway and the Freeway Classic. And if you would like a
helmet with slightly improved ventilation then to your left we have
the SZ Ram X: which has the ventilation of the RX-7v. The SZ Urban starts
at €429 and the SZ Ram X starts at €599. If you would like the guaranteed safety
and comfort of an Arai helmet, but you don’t want to pay top buck. Then maybe
check out this Axces-3 helmet, a more simple version of a full face Arai helmet
with all the comfort and safety you need. Prices start at €459. A step up from the
Axces-3 would be the Chaser-X. A helmet made more for tour and sporting.
It has improved ventilation, a better visor and also the aerodynamics have
been significantly improved. This helmet starts at €569. Arai also have a
completely new model in the collection this year: the Renegade-V. And the Arai
Renegade-V is a completely new design. As you can see, it’s very recognisable. It’s
been altered quite a bit and the ventilation is also completely new. It
has multiple intakes on the front, the inside, the top and outtakes on the back.
We do not know exactly how much the Renegade-V is going to cost, but we expect
it to be around the same lines of the Chaser-X price wise. We expect the
arrival of this helmet around the lines of March. The tour X-4 is a model for
enduro and adventurous riders. This model has a
very very big visor, it has a peak on the top and it also has extensive
ventilation. It’s very comfortable on the longer off-road rides and the pricing
starts at €599. The absolute state-of-the-art racing helmet by Arai is
the RX-7v: an absolute stunner used by it for example Maverick Viñales
in the MotoGP world – and many other professional riders. The helmet even has
a SNELL certification. The ventilation is absolutely amazing and it is the best
Arai on the market – and more! The pricing starts at €849 and there is
another special version, and I’ll show you that in a moment. If you want to step
up from the RX-7v then maybe you should go for the RX-7v full carbon. This is a
really special helmet and I’ll tell you why. It takes one person a full day to
make this helmet and it’s all handmade in Japan. This helmet has a price tag and
that’s €3000. That pretty much wraps up the Arai 2018 collection. A
nice little fact to end this video with, is that I’m stood next to our kid mr.
Max Verstappen over here – who is Dutch and also rides with Arai helmets. Well,
now you know how it’s made.

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  1. Wow you point to number 26 and Maverick. Do you have any idea who number 26 is. Tisk Tisk. No wonder Dani retired maybe if people showed him more love.

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