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We really, really like the new Aston Martin
Vanquish. How can you not fall for a car that looks, feels, and sounds like this? Some people
have accused the latest Vanquish of not quite delivering on its promise. There are those
that say it’s not quite fast enough, considering it costs the very thick end of £200,000,
and there are others that accuse it of looking a little bit vulgar on the styling front. I’m not sure I agree with that at all, not
in this beautiful green of this test car. There is 565 horsepower from a 6.0-litre V12
under that bonnet, and a really fast paddle-shift gearbox with which to access it. This car only weighs 1700 kilograms. That’s
a lot by sportscar standards, but not when you’ve got 565 horsepower inside. That is
why this car can do this. You can get to 100 miles-an-hour in less than 10 seconds, and
it’ll do way the other side of 180 miles-an-hour. Handling-wise, wow; this car is really, really
nicely balanced. It’s a lovely old-fashioned-type rear-wheel drive, front-engine GT car which
always means you get the best balance from a car, and it means you can do this in it
all day long if you want. Watch; there is no way that you can do this
in a car like this unless the handling is really correctly sorted, and it is. There
is a little touch of understeer, which is nice; that just gives you this safety net,
and then if you turn all the right systems off and you press the Sport button, you can
just muck about with this car for hundreds and hundreds of yards. Maybe the only trouble with the new Vanquish
is that there is a previous Vanquish, and that car was absolutely bursting at the seams
with soul, atmosphere, and charm; call it what you want. I guess the only way to tell
if the new car lives up to that is to get the old one, as well. I can remember really vividly when the Vanquish
first appeared, and it just seemed like such a monster at the time. If you look at the
numbers that it produced and what it cost, it really was a bit of a monster. It cost
£158,000. This was back in 2003-04. It had 460 horsepower from a 6.0-litre V12, and it
weighed with a driver onboard, over 1900 kilograms. It really was a big old beast of a GT car,
and it still feels like that. Do you know what; there’s something about
the old Vanquish that I really quite like; the engine. Do you know it’s not that far
off the new car? Obviously it’s nowhere near as powerful, but the sound it makes, the response
it has, and the performance it delivers, particularly in the mid-range, I don’t know, it doesn’t
feel that old to me in a straight line. It still feels properly fast, this car, but
there are elements, lots of elements I’m afraid, that really do feel absolutely from yesteryear.
This switch-gear is . . . even 10 years ago, you could pick holes in it because you could
go, “That’s from a Fiesta, that’s from a Jaguar XK-8, and that’s from a Focus.” 10 years later,
time has not treated the interior of the Vanquish very well. It feels like an antique in here. The dials; I can’t really see what they say,
but they look beautiful. Bottom line, you downshift a couple of gears with the rather
old-fashioned paddle-shift; manual, auto gearbox, put your foot down and this is what you get.
That is still properly fast. Overall, the driving experience, I don’t know;
it really does feel . . . if you were being polite, you’d call it quaint. If you were
being honest, you’d call it a bit of a dinosaur. Sometimes there’s a place for dinosaurs in
this world, and this car is not without charm. It never was, and it never will be, because
it’s really the last big, hand-built, hairy lairy, not-very-competent Astons. You have
to love it for that, even though in every way imagine it gets mullered by the new car. Conclusion: There is no getting away from
it. The old car feels old, and the new car feels crazy-sharp, absolutely bang up-to-date.
I’d underrated the latest Vanquish a bit until now, but having spent this day in it, I think
that it’s sensational. I think it’s a really, really good GT car worth every single one
of its £190,000. I didn’t think I could ever say that.

100 thoughts on “Aston Martin Vanquish: meet the ancestors – autocar.co.uk

  1. Thbe only cars i've ever dream to have:

    The AM V12 Vanquish
    The new 100th aniverssary Vanquish
    And of course the now 50 year old Aston Martin DB5 1963

  2. styles change over time… I guess people will complement this 2014 vanquish 10 years or so later.

  3. you people dont give any numbers. "its faster than this, its lighter than this…" what is the ACTUAL 0-100, what is the ACTUAL top speed. dont try to talk up the car. let it speak for itself

  4. That's exactly my point: these two should never EVER be in the same league. But the truth is that the M135i is faster than a 1st generation Vanquish. Quite embarrasing for Aston Martin…

  5. your missing the point here, aston martin has never been all about preformance and bangs for the buck doesn't really exist in europe

  6. not quite, the original vanquish had a top speed of a little over 190, the vanquish S had a top speed of a little over 200mph

  7. You can't really compare new cars to old.. For example, a modern V-6 Honda Accord family sedan is faster than most classic V-8 American muscle..

  8. They're 12 years apart. One is one of the most expensive V12 GT cars ever built, the other one is a small family car. Whichever way you look at it, the Aston comes out not looking good…

  9. Well, Astons have never really been all that fast.. But c'mon, are we seriously calling a BMW M135i a "small family car".. I mean, that little bastard is fast!! faster than many sports cars, let alone GT's : )

  10. But they're not in the same league. They're completely different TYPES of car. So what if an M135i is faster? If you're driving an Aston you're not even going to notice legions of insurance salesmen in their look-alike BMWs.

  11. Who the heck cares about a crappy mass produced 1 series bmw. Go and compare it with it's rivals like Focus st, Golf gti etc. In 20yrs time the aston will probably still be around while the bimmer will be rusting in a junk yard somewhere.

  12. Ford, Renault, VW, GM etc probably make hot hatches that are as fast (maybe faster) then a 12yr old bmw M3….Mmm so?

  13. An M3 is not a fucking V12 GT bling bling car. The disproportion between the M135i's segment and the Vanquish's segment is what makes their similar performance embarrassing for Aston. If you can't see that, than I can't help you.

  14. An 8 Series is not an Aston Martin – the brand is a lot less exclusive, it's not in the same segment, it cost a lot less and it never took itself half as serious as the Vanquish did (which, if you've not figured out yet, is my main point). Besides, the 8 Series was introduced 24 years ago – that's late 1980s engineering; the Vanquish was born in the 21st century.

  15. The Aston Martin doesn't have to be fast because it's a British luxury car and it's made mainly just for the looks.

  16. They don't design these things for outright speed; that's not the point. Nobody in a Aston Vanquish is going to race some cocky idiot in a BMW on mountain roads (that's the Ferrari's job).
    You absolutely CANNOT compare a everyman BMW to a handcrafted V12 exotic.

  17. I can and I just did. It bothers Vanquish owners that a small family hatchback beats the shit out of their handcrafted V12 exotic, believe me. I've had two going ape when I beat them in the bends (one in Parque Florestal de Monsanto, the other one in Sintra). Driver input might have helped, but it surely doesn't explain everthing.

  18. Hello Ricardo. I own a 06 Vanquish S and I don´t care about being slower than anybody else, but I think you didn´t EVER drive in a Vanquish as you have no clues about this unique car. No problem, it´s not a mass product and especially the Vanquish is very underrated. And well, I know some nice guys from the AMOC who ARE going to race idiots in a BMW on mountain roads in a Vanquish – because they can and the Vanq as well.

  19. The reviewer did say the Vanquish Mk1 is one of the 'old school' exotics. The M135 follows an entirely new principle in car design (flyweight handling) vs. the Vanquish Mk1's "POWER!!!" and little much else. There exist a large performance gap between cars of different eras.
    I will however, doubt that the M135i will keep up with the 'new design principle' of Astons, take the Vantage S for example. A M3 maybe, but that's another story.

  20. The Vantage S, not the Vantage… I see what you did there, my friend! For how embarrasing it might be, a current M135i also beats a current V8 Vantage. Yes, the 2013 small family hatch M135i beats the "new design principle" 2013 V8 Vantage. You can beat around the bush, but it is what it is.

  21. @Ricardo so you're saying Astons are slow and the M135i is the uber car. Well, I don't think that doesn't need further comments. Maybe you're too young to understand an Aston Martin. No problem, I won't waste time writing about cars, I am going to enjoy mine. Have a nice day.

  22. @Ricardo I have to admit the M135i has a nice sound. Why I know this? Well, I am sitting outside in front of a cafe and here's a guy in a white M135i driving in a circle around the cafe since 30 minutes begging for attention.

  23. I am quite young, yes. By this rate, when I'm your age I'll be able to buy a V12 car that can handle properly and accelerate like a V12 should. Cheers.

  24. i love all astons but i was wondering why in every video with the vanquish the headliner rail stitching has holes

  25. It isn't. It is just a tuned DB9 with the same platform since 2004, not a new model


  26. What a [email protected] comparison. 2 cars built 10 years apart with 10 years worth of different technology, £50,000 difference in price. I could have told you in 7 seconds what he's taken 7 minutes to explain. 2 BEAUTIFUL cars all the same. Will be interesting to look back in 20 years time and see which has aged better and which will be considered the "classic" though

  27. talk about a crap comment

    i can sum up the reason why the got compared in two words: the name, that's it, they're comparing how the new one has evolved compared to the old one

  28. the problem is you're comparing the old car to a new one and as top gear proved in their race cars vs road cars, a audi quattro today can beat the legendary ur-quattro S1

    how does the BMW fair against the new vanquish?

  29. From what I understand from Steve is that there's basically NO CHANGE, or little of it, in just decade, in terms of performance. No wonder Aston needs to depend on Daimler-Benz for hand-me-down engines.

  30. Using the old Vanquish is a bad comparison, they should be using the later Vanquish S model. The older one was not so good, it had a lot of problems, the S however had all of its predecessor's problems amended and as a result was the much better car, and it had a lot more power (522bhp) and had a top speed of 204mph, which is in fact a lot quicker than the new Vanquish. The Vanquish S was supercar royalty, this new one is slower than a Bentley Continental, a bit disappointing if you ask me.

  31. Original Vanquish 2002: 306kph
    Vanquish S 2006: 321kph
    Vanquish 2013: 295kph

    Old Vanquish is prettier, faster and more luxurious, new Vanquish looks like a simple version of DBS…fucking David Richards.

  32. Aston KNOWS how to make a good car, problem is they have so limited funds to DEVELOP them. Unlike Ferrari (Fiat), Lamborghini (Audi), Porsche & Bentley (VW), Aston is INDEPENDENT. This makes Astons feels truly bespoke. but this means that they lack the $ to make something that can keep up with the likes of the F12 Berlinetta, Aventador LP700-4 & Continental Supersports.

    And I find that a bit sad. Given enough funding, I bet the Vanquish mk2 will give those supercars a run for their money.

  33. Anybody wanna tell me why Astons engines are always so weak? Yeah they have amazing sound but there barks are worse than its bites. Only 550 hp from a giant 5.9 liter V12? That is just terrible. An Engine that size should make more than that and especially with the technology present to achieve so much more

  34. I just love that new Vanquish, it looks absolutely gorgeous, it sounds splendid, and every time I look at it, I fall in love, and even though that F12 Berlinetta is very tempting put against the aston, I just know I will just give in to the Aston every time, it's just that gorgeous.

  35. The old vanquish was much better in terms of looks. It still looks unique. The vanquish is just a tinkered DB9.

  36. Once on a german autobahn, an old Vanquish has passed me on full chat. The sound of the V12 has brought tears in my eyes…

  37. Whilst hindsight is easy, the fact that the 2012 Vanquish is not as good as this reviewer suggests is born out by the massive improvements created with the installation of the 8 speed ZF gearbox in 2015.
    The comparison of the 2012 Vanquish with the non S 2002 Vanquish which was replaced by the S version in 2005, is unhelpful and most inappropriate. A more sensible comparable would have been the Vanquish S (2004 – 2007). It had more power, better brakes , improved handling plus a revised gear box (which if one takes time to learn how to use it ) is swift and easy to use.

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