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Hi folks, accident lawyer John Ostroff here to
talk to you about those things that you can recover if you
chose limited tort— even if you don’t fall under one of the
exceptions and you can’t recover for your pain and suffering. First of all you lost wages from your job because of
the injuries you sustained in an accident, the accident was the other guy’s fault, and your doctors disabled you for injuries
that were due to the accident then you can recover those wages from
the other guys insurance. So even if you have wage loss on your
insurance but it only covers say 80 or 70% of your wage loss. That difference,again that twenty or
thirty percent, you can get from the other guys
insurance and limited tort does apply to that. T
Those are economic losses you can recover your economic, your
financial losses, pain and suffering is what’s called a non-economic loss and that’s
what you need an exception to recover from limited tort. Other things that are economic losses
that you can recover regardless of being limited tort: Any out-of-pocket medical you have at
least $5,000 in medical coverage through your company but let’s say you
don’t have health insurance and your medical bills are over the five thousand
dollars and now you owe them personally. The other guys insurance company is responsible for those bills. Anything economic, if you have a copay
for a prescription plan uh… or anything that you get for
your pharmacy even though your insurance company may pay things if you have any kind
of copay they have to reimburse you. Finally as far as your car goes limited tort
doesn’t apply to that if he was at fault and your car was damaged or totaled
you’re entitled to be reimbursed for the the value of your car or if if the value of the repairs is more than
eighty five percent of the value of your far than ever told your car and they
have to pay you the fair market value for your car. If however the car can be repaired for
less than eighty five percent of what it’s worth then that the other carriers going to
have to pay you for the value of those repairs
and you can decide whether or not you want to put them into the car or whether
you want to put in your pocket but these are the economic losses that you’re
still entitled to even though you chose limited tort. I hope this has been helpful because
after helping over twenty thousand accident victims over the
past twenty years I know how to help you. Give me a call
even if you’re limited tort and let me see what I can do.

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