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Hey folks! Great you’re watching again! I’m Milo from Mastermilo No idea why I’m doing this.. But I see those vloggers doing that Who says Mastermilo Says; RollGolf You don’t know what the RollGolf is? Check the video; bang! A lot of you did some great things too! What do you think of the RollGolf for GTA? Nice! I don’t play pc games But I would almost play GTA And as you know; the original RollGolf is lost When our workshop burned down RollGolf gone.. A lot of people tried to copy the RollGolf Even Discovery The Dieselbrothers tried to copy it with a giant pick up truck Didn’t work really They needed to cheat with an extra cylinder under the rear axle Recipe for building a RollGolf; Necessities: One giant pick up truck.. Oh no.. Sorry.. wrong recipe Necessities; One Golf Let’s get that! We’re here! There he is; The proud owner of two VW Golfs Indeed! Nick right? Indeed, well; Nicky There they are; your 2 Golfs, which one can I take? The white, the green one has too much work in it That’s pretty high on its wheels, what did you change? I put springs of a Passat estate underneath and a set of big tires and then you get that I have to do that to that other Golf as well It should be higher too That one looks lowered Or is that original? That’s original It looks like it’s lowered Compared to that one it does Are you going offroad with that? Yeah, pretty often with a group With 4×4’s and then go into the forests You needed a Golf Country undercarriage Yeah, but that’s too expensive We were lucky to find one back then What’s the story about this car? I needed a windshield and an exhaust pipe So I bought this car So the windshield was more expensive then the whole car? You could say so, a windshield cost 80 euros and an exhaust the same And I bought the entire car for 150 euros Ah indeed, this one is broken We decided to take out the windshield first He wanted to pick it up at my place But I don’t want anything happening to that windshield So we take it out now Lucky enough it’s in a rubber, so that’s easy Golf with awco (all windows can open) The first step to make a RollGolf has been done The windshield has gone, so it can’t fall out anymore There he is; the 1300 It’s a 1300, right? Indeed Does it run? It runs and I’m a bit surprised about it when I saw this; It’s a bit greasy.. It coughed back some oil That doesn’t matter It’s strange, the oil refills itself Ow, that’s nice, it’s an oil well! There’s no water in it, it’s black Indeed.. the level gets higher and higher That ideal! You should keep such a car Oil is worth money But if you create blue smoke on the highway.. That’s not a success Normally if you get that blue smoke the oil will get lost But on this one it gain oil.. that’s strange I think a lot of viewers will be very grateful to you for this donation I think that too! I’m looking forward to see that again Indeed What a terrific occasion! It runs like new It even has a towing hook! Nice car, hey? I almost forgot a Golf was this big.. Is this a limousine? You can sit in here with 4! Nicky, thank you and also on behalf of the viewers They will be happy if there will be a new RollGolf Indeed! I’m curious what you’re going to make out of it A RollGolf! Great, thank you You wanted to be there when it is cut in half Yeah, I would like to see that Excellent, we keep in touch Seeya! We’re going home with the Golf! Like a new one! We’re going to loose some weight at first That goes fast! Tooth picks A ‘getting home’ spare But I’m at home allready Sorry Chip & Dale.. See what a nice car lift Excellent Perfect We removed the fuel tank Emergency tank Let’s get it on the ground and get the angle grinder Oh yeah.. the exhaust has been removed too It sounds like the old RollGolf It’s getting recognizable! But we need more grinding Hey folks, thanks for watching! Stay tuned, the sequel is coming! Nice vlogger move Subscribe Keep watching Soon you’ll see a new RollGolf

100 thoughts on “Auto doormidden slijpen!; RollGolf 2.0 #1

  1. Good work, I'm enjoying every Episode. I just took a closer look under the orange RG. Did you scrap a Country or Syncro for this vehicle?

  2. Is auto rodeo in dedemsvaart of nieuwleusen niet wat voor jullie om te doen dat lijkt me wel gaaf plus ik zoek zelf ook weer een golf 2 voor de rodeo of een toyota starlet van 99 98

  3. No vas a entender una verga pero te digo que SOS un genio. Me gustaría tener tu habilidad de trabajar en los coches como tú

  4. Lmao a full running golf that he bought 150 euros that's insane.
    He bought a car to save 10 euros that he would have spent if he only bought the parts.

  5. Anyone else cringe watching them roll the car off the back of the trailer onto single 2×12's perched on top of tire stacks, with no wheel chocks in place.. Its a weight reduced mk2 golf but still heavy enough to crush a person.
    Love all your videos but please work s

  6. I once cut a Ford Anglia van in half and turned it into a double bed caravan and toured, Wales, Scotland and England with it, behind a Jaguar Mk 2. At least that had a point. Your cut up is just pointless. P.S I enjoyed your tank restoration…

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