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Hello my name is Tom Brintzenhofe I’m a certified
master mechanic from Reading, Pennsylvania. Today we are going to talk about how to clean
up battery leakage. First thing you want to keep in mind is your safety. You always want
to wear safety glasses around a batter, batter acid, sulphuric acid is not good if you get
it in your eyes. This particular terminal right here is the negative batter terminal.
It’s got plenty of corrosion on it. I’ve already loosened up the battery terminal. To save
us a little time here. Just loosen up right here this little nut, pull your battery terminal
off. This little tool you can find it’s only two or three dollars at your local parts store.
A little wire brush. It goes up inside here you just turn a little bit,cleans the batter
acid from the inside. Brush it down on the outside. Get as much off as you can. And the
same thing on your battery terminal. Clean as much away as you possibly can. Get yourself
a rag and wipe it off. Stick your terminal back on there. Tighten your terminal down.
They have another product Permatex mix it’s a battery protector and sealer. Just go ahead
and spray it on your battery. And that will keep it from rusting or corroding up on you
again. It dries in a matter of minutes. It’s no big deal. Any do it yourself at home a
couple of minutes, you’ll be good to go.

6 thoughts on “Auto Repair & Maintenance : Clean Battery Leakage

  1. If my car won't turn on right now…. but I clean the corrosion off, will I be able to turn on the car without a charge? – doesn't make sense but I'm hoping to save some money…

  2. I don't think Tom was very interested in making this video… Looked like he had to stay late at work and missed his favourite TV show ☺ still a good video however so thanks Tom for taking the time for us all lol

  3. master mechanic ok, Im a master mech and the very first thing i would have done is put on GLOVES when your working on any acid or chems including gas and oil, unless you like cancer guess it dont matter, right. your thyroid thanks you

  4. Don't have to be a professional mechanic to know battery acid is extremely dangerous and you should definitely not be handling it with bare hands. I hope no one sees this video and thinks battery acid is nothing serious. WEAR GLOVES.

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