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Hello everybody, it’s Lucas the maker of Auto-Rig
Pro. I’m gonna rig this centaur using the new multi-limb
feature. So let’s start by appending the Auto-Rig Pro
armature in the scene. Select every objects and disable active layers. Then scale it up. Enter the
Edit Reference Bones mode. Turn on X-Ray to see it better. Let’s place the foot and the toes. There is no need for other toes so let’s disable
it. And let’s disable the facial as well and
the breast. Let’s place the knee, the thigh, and the heel
bones for the bank motions. Ok just make sure the Z axis is pointing up
for the foot and the toes. Otherwise it can lead to bad rigs. Ok let’s place the spine. It’s possible to add another bone by increasing
the spine value here. Let’s place the arms and the fingers. To duplicate a limb, just select one bone
from the limb, and click the duplicate button here. I turn on the
X axis mirror to symetrize the bones. So it’s not a biped but a multi-ped so click
it, and Match To Rig. Seems to work! Hopefully. Ok just one thing though, the front thigh
should be parented to this bone, instead of the first (Ctrl-P). I bind the mesh by selecting the mesh then
the armature, and click Bind. Ok let’s setup the picker panel. It’s not a perfect skinning but it’s just
a test. Ok if the leg twists, like here, it’s possible
to tweak the Fix Roll value; in the property panel. Just increase or decrease this value. Ok and that’s it! Thanks for watching guys!

15 thoughts on “Auto-Rig Pro: Multi-Limb Feature, Centaur Rig

  1. French accent for my ear, un compatriote francophone? :p
    Very good addon btw, I just bought it today, cartoonish character (with big head and small body) require some heavy fixing but it's still a very big time saver.

  2. Salut Artell, i just bought your addon and i want to rig some animals with it. My question: how can i add tail bones? (ex. horse tail) AND what about extra bones? : like in this case for the Centaur i would place some extra bones on the stomach and chest so deformations are better to control.

  3. Hello artell, when rigging using artell rigger, the elbow should be facing downward or backward away from the front? this is because i have a problem when my model elbow is facing backward and when i'm using the ik, the elbow controller is not facing my elbow but the side of it, which is downward. Its seem ok if i'm using fk but the ik is 90 degrees off, is there a way i can offset the elbow controller for my ik? it is because i had animated alot with the rig and i started noticing the problem when i'm using the ik.

    In this video the elbow seem to be facing backward not downward. I'm confused.

  4. Is an awesome product. One question, pls? Do you have any idea why when I use UI Cam cannot select the bone in 3D view?(I watch the tutorial several time, but when I select the corresponded bone in UI does not select it in 3D view. thx

  5. I have a character who has tube like hair that needs rigging. What can I do? She also has some jewelry like rings around her wrist and the cuffs of her gloves that need to be rigged and generated.

  6. Hello, I saw and spider rig on your documentation, however I wont be able to create an isect rig, could you make a more detailed documentaion for creature rigs, like insects or creatures.

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