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36 thoughts on “Auto Transformer working principle, how Variac works, Uses

  1. hello sir, relay se machine ,T/F, Feeder and transmission line ke protction me kaun-kaun sa relay use kiya jayega uske bare me

  2. Hello sir, I have connected Oscilloscope to 24VAC isolation step down transformer. Scope reads and shows good sine wave with 24AC but if I remove ground clip scope reads and shows sine wave with 240AC, but if I remove probe tip and keep ground clip nothing reads. What is phenomenon

  3. Sir, Disconnected ground measured V RMS reads 80V so Vpk is (80 into square root of 2) so 80X1.4 = 112 so Vpp = 224V this is solved. But why 80V V RMS coming from 24V transformer when ground disconnected from 24V AC transformer.

  4. sir it is generally said that a variac should be vaired slowly. can u please explain the reason behind it.

  5. Awesome video. Covers all types of transformers succinctly; creative use of paper adjustments too! Thumbs up!

  6. I had loads of questions buzzing in my head all now cleared up along with a lot lot more excellent infromation , thanks .

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