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How Automobiles Work

‘I don’t see
any of my fellow auto drivers.’ ‘I guess that auto driver there
is a friend.’ Bro..
Why are you sleeping already? My auto wasn’t hired for a ride
even once in the last two days. I see. I’ll tag along with you
and see to it you find customers. Won’t you lose your own business?
– Forget about me. I’m doing good anyway. Alright then. Get in.
– Let’s go. Don’t worry, bro. I’ll see to it
you find customers. Where to, sir? A ride to Koti.
– It’d cost Rs. 300. Rs. 300? I need a ride only to Koti,
not to Ooty. Neither would you get a ride
till Ooty for Rs. 300. But Rs. 300 is too much.
– I suggest you hop on that bus then. Alright. Let’s go.
– Get in. Let’s go. ‘The Love Birds’ Give us a ride till Tank Bund.
– Sure. We’ll be there in 5 minutes. In only 5 minutes?
Keep driving us for atleast an hour. Screw this love birds. Try putting on ear rings.
Your beauty would enhance that of the ear rings’. Now that’s little extra. You look so beautiful. How I wish we had more privacy. Get down both of you. Stop the auto.
– Why? What’s wrong? I said get down.
– For real? You’ve spoiled my mood.
– I spoiled your mood? ‘The audiophiles’ Hey, there.
Stop. Hold on. A ride till Film Nagar, please.
– Sure. Please, get in. Let’s go.
– Sure. Do you got a music player?
– Yes, we do. Play some music then.
– Sure. Change the track please. This is too slow.
– Sure, sir. This track sucks. Change this track.
– ‘What a pain he is.’ Change this track too.
It is too loud for these speakers. Change the track.. All the songs
you played till now sucked. Play some English songs. “Kiki, do you love me..” Bro, play this song, please.
This is my favorite song. ‘What a dick.’ Are you here to take a ride
or to test our taste in music? Good music turns
every journey memorable. Oh my goodness!
– What a noob. ‘The first love’ Why isn’t she here yet?
– Why did you halt here? To give a ride to a customer.
She’ll be here soon. ‘Who could that customer be?’
– There she comes. Please, get in, ma’am.
– Where to? – I know where to. Ma’am, pay up for the ride.
– Hold on. Hey, you!
What’s going on? Well, she is my..
– Is she in an inter college? Yes, she is.
– Now I know why you’re finding no customers. Wasting your time over
impressionable girls. Move it now! Let’s go. ‘Mixing work and play’ How much for a ride till Charminar?
– Rs. 80 with meter on. Rs. 60 without meter on. Is this meter even working?
– Don’t know about it, but I’m working. Don’t drive me nuts.
– I’m only driving my auto. Forget it. Tell me how much
for the ride. Like I said, it’d be Rs. 60.
– But the app says it’d cost only Rs. 50. Then ask that app to give you the ride.
– Is this what you call driving your auto? No, this is called driving you nuts.
How quick witted I am! I’ll go find another auto.
– Go ahead. Like we care. ‘The mighty ones’ Step out.
– Step out, please. Yeah?
– What do you think you’re doing, sir? I need a ride.
– This is only an auto. Not a lorry. This auto can’t take so much load.
– We should also pick up my brother en route. Even your brother! This auto can’t even take your load.
Forget about your brother. Sorry, but we can’t give you a ride.
– I should now look for another auto. How big that guy was!
– Let’s go before he changes his mind. ‘The skeptics’ Where to, ma’am?
– To Film Nagar. Where in Film Nagar?
– Right there. Right where?
– Right till my destination. It’d cost Rs. 500.
– Rs. 500 for a ride till the temple? So, a ride till Film Nagar’s temple, is it?
Hop in. Let’s go. Where are we headed?
– To the Himalayas. Of course, we’re headed
to the temple. Then why take this route?
– Because this is a short cut sans traffic. I don’t mind traffic. Now, get on the main road.
– This, too, is a road afterall. No. Turn around and get on the main road.
– You’re doubting our integrity? We don’t encourage such skeptic customers.
Bro, pull over the vehicle. Why did you pull over?
– For doubting our integrity. Get down, now. I won’t pay you a penny.
– Neither do we need a penny from you. ‘Self made men’ Not a single bus
is in sight. I’m running late for work.
Can’t even take an auto as they’re expensive. My salary was credited 4 days ago.
All I’m left with is Rs. 50. I’ve to request an auto driver
to give me a ride for Rs. 50. Are you done with your birthday shopping?
– Yes. I shopped from Vero Moda. ‘From Vero Moda?’
– I’ve to now buy matching shoes. How much did it cost?
– Around Rs. 7,000. Rs. 7,000! You too were to go shopping, right?
– Yep. I bought shoes from Aldo. Oh my God!
– Aldo is cool. How much do you earn per day.
– Close to Rs. 1000. It adds up
to Rs. 30,000 per month. I’m only being paid
Rs. 12,000 per month. Bro, what am I to do
to become an auto driver? Neither there are cabs
nor autos online. You’ve been looking for those cheap autos
online all this while? Don’t term autos as cheap. Cabs make you wait. But by merely shouting ‘Auto’,
autos would arrive in a jiffy. Nothing can traverse
the Indian roads like autos. In cabs, one should turn on the AC.
But, in an auto, you’ve got natural AC. You’ll see autos in every Indian street,
without which the economy would collapse. Come to think of it,
even auto-biographies have auto in it. So, don’t term autos
as cheap and dirty. Why are you asleep already?
– I’m too tired having driven the auto around. Alright. Atleast ask the viewers
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