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How Automobiles Work

Here at CRC we have two automotive programs,
we have our traditional program that trains in all different makes and models, and we
have our specialty program in Ford ASSET that trains students for strictly work at Ford
dealerships. I knew I wanted to get into the automotive
industry, I’ve always been passionate about vehicles. So CRC was really the best option
as far as something local, something reasonable in price, and I’ve always been partial to
Ford so the Ford ASSET program was just a perfect fit. I love this program because it’s very quick.
You get in and out in two years, you get a degree, you get certified in many areas by
Ford. You actually go to the dealership, experience the lifestyle, experience the work, and you
know whether it’s for you or not. We offer 9 different certificates based on
what the student wants to do. The student can come in and do all of our automotive classes,
and they receive all 9 certificates. Or they may come in just to do one specific area,
as in brakes, air conditioning, engine repair, whatever just fits what they want to do. Then
if they want to get the degree, they add in the math, english, and the general education
requirements. So they can either get an AS degree or they can get the certificates. The thing I love the most about this program
is the hands-on. I’m not a big fan of reading a text book. If you tell me how something
works and then show my how something works, it sticks in my mind a lot better. With the Ford Program, they’re already employed
at a dealership, they have a sponsoring dealership throughout the program. They will be in school
for half of the semester, and then they will be working in their sponsoring dealership
for the other half of the semester. Once they graduate, they go to work full time at the
dealership with all their Ford certifications. What we do is we put real-world problems into
our cars, and then students have to go through a full diagnostic routine to find these problems
and solve them. I felt very prepared overall, because with
the Ford ASSET program, being able to flip-flop back and forth between school and the dealership,
it gets you really comfortable with the dealership environment, before you actually graduate
and working on your own. So you have an opportunity to work with another technician that’s been
doing it for a number of years, and really get comfortable with the industry. We are fully accredited so our units can transfer
to CSU, or UC, or other community colleges. After I graduate from here I plan to keep
working at Future Ford of Sacramento for a couple years, and then I plan on going back
to school for a mechanical engineering degree. With the Ford ASSET program, you start off
at a dealership and you end up in a dealership, because you learn to adapt to that scenario
and you get to know the techs at your dealership and it really helps with that foot in the

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